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Wolfenstein 3D Clone Makes Arduboy Debut December 3, 2023

The 8-bit Arduboy isn’t exactly a powerhouse by modern gaming standards, or even really by old school standards for that matter. But for the talented developers that produce software for the system, that’s just part of the challenge. To date the monochromatic handheld has seen miniaturized takes on many well-known games, with several taxing the […]

MSI Net, Inc.

MSI Net has been in the Communications, Networking, and Intranet/Extranets field since 1987.

MSI Net has shown a steady increase in revenues over the past 25 years and has consistently maintained a profit throughout every quarter over these years.

MSI Net has undertaken various projects where they have supervised/coordinated with managers, vendors and end-users. Benefits range from creating & structuring a project, thru implementation & progress reporting, including functional analysis, design, programming, testing, implementation, documentation and training.

MSI Net has provided many educational institutions with many solutions and services, this allowed us to serve the schools and provide them with the necessary tools to reach the next level in technology. This being said many of our schools are models when it comes to “Classroom / Smart Technology’ implementation. Being a pioneer in this field we have managed to place our mark within the past 25 years.

MSI Net has established a very strong technology backbone from Broadband/ Fiber Optic solutions to solve the growing need of technology and Internet connectivity.

The MSI Net client list continues to grow, mostly through referrals from our existing clientele and contacts.

News Flash:

MSI Net is has been chosen to test both the Lenovo Android Tablet and Lenovo x130e ThinkPad. Play Our video and discover what the new Lenovo PCs have to offer

Major Announcement: NEW venture in NYC between Lenovo & MSI Net

MSI Net strives to deliver the best in the information technology industry.

Lenovo is one of the top 2 PC makers in the world and they are the preferred choice with NYC DOE

For 25 years MSI Net has been the leading technology service provider in NYC, past holder of many hardware & software contracts in NYC and teaming up to enhance the Lenovo relationship in NYC and in the PRIVATE / Parochial Schools.

MSI Net is one of the main systems integrators who sell their integration services into the NY Dept. of Education, Nonpublic charter schools which are about 200 in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

We continue to head towards being a strong advocate in the educational industry, and as integration solutions experts we have been involved in setting up school classroom lab and build huge server infrastructure.

The teaming up of Lenovo and MSI net is a pure example of superior minds collectively providing solutions for schools, and how committed we in protecting the one investment that matters the most, and that being our children’s education.




Windows Release Dates: A little History (- :

Windows 2.0 (1987), Windows 3.0 (1990), Windows 95 (1995), Windows 98 (1998), Windows XP (2001), Windows Vista (2007), Windows 7 (2009)

What does MSI Net have in common with these dates?

We were there then and now supporting and maintaining every Windows OS version since their inception. We have 22 Years’ worth of experience and counting.

SMART Class Rooms

“Smart” Class Rooms are The Next level. MSI Net has been building Smart Class Rooms and has continued to cultivate the educational industry.

EMR Technology Solutions

For over 15 years CEO John Abi – Habib has managed to lead his Experienced “EMR “ Technology Solutions Team. With his talented and experienced group of professionals driven by one focus; to ensure successful solutions


The Ipad or Android Tablets are not an alternative to desktop or laptop computers. They are an example of computing evolution. Touch technology is the feature that will soon replace the mouse.

NEWS FLASH: Windows 8 touchscreen-inspired interface

NEWS FLASH: Windows 8 which is the latest desktop operating systems, have learned from their mobile counterparts. These new interfaces essentially impose a touchscreen-inspired interface over the traditional desktop environment.