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Alameda Research sues Voyager Digital for $445.8M, seeking to recover loan repayments that Alameda made after Voyager filed for bankruptcy in July 2022 (Stephanie Murray/The Block) January 31, 2023

Stephanie Murray / The Block: Alameda Research sues Voyager Digital for $445.8M, seeking to recover loan repayments that Alameda made after Voyager filed for bankruptcy in July 2022  —  – Alameda Research is suing Voyager Digital for $445.8 million, seeking to recover loan repayments it made after Voyager filed for bankruptcy protection in July.

Google marks rare pairing of solstice, 'strawberry moon' with doodle – CNET

The last time these two phenomena coincided was back in 1967, and it won’t happen again until 2062.
Source: CNet

Go behind the scenes of the 'Game of Thrones' mega-battle – CNET

From Sansa Stark’s smile to Wun Wun’s horse punch, producers and stars explain how the “Battle of the Bastards” came together.
Source: CNet

More powerful PS4 Neo will launch this year, report says – CNET

Sony’s new and improved console could debut a year before Microsoft’s Project Scorpio.
Source: CNet

Final Fantasy 15 director on PS4/Xbox One upgrades, possibility of PC release – CNET

Hajime Tabata says he likes the idea of making the RPG available on the new, more-powerful systems.
Source: CNet

Some Ticketmaster vouchers put on a vanishing act – CNET

Vouchers for free tickets are part of lawsuit settlement, but they aren’t sticking around for long, some customers report.
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Apple CEO Tim Cook to reportedly throw Paul Ryan fundraiser – CNET

Apple may not be supporting the Republican National Convention, but Politico reports its CEO wants to keep relationships open with key members of the party.
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The 4moms self-installing car seat adds serious smarts to baby's ride – Roadshow

The $500 car seat will automatically keep itself level throughout the ride.
Source: CNet

Facebook stays friends with Peter Thiel – CNET

Facebook shareholders vote to keep PayPal’s co-founder on the board of directors, one month after he acknowledged funding lawsuits against Gawker Media in an effort to drive it out of business.
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5G gets a shot in the arm from FCC – CNET

Chairman Tom Wheeler wants to make sure the US stays No. 1 in wireless with a proposal to free up additional spectrum for 5G wireless technology.
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Facebook delights as woman pranks soccer-mad boyfriend with smashing results – CNET

Technically Incorrect: A Turkish woman decides to rig her boyfriend’s TV so that it goes on and off during a Euro 2016 game. He loses it and smashes the TV… and a laptop for good measure. Now, 2 million people like it on Facebook.
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Apple's iPhone 7 might include dual SIMs, keep standard audio jack – CNET

A dual SIM can hold two numbers and profiles at once, a first for Apple. Retaining the standard 3.5mm audio jack would mean you could still use your existing headsets with the new iPhone.
Source: CNet

'The Flash' star confirms season 3 will kick off by adapting DC's Flashpoint event – CNET

A re-creation of the 2011 comic series that started off a re-launched version of the DC Comics universe will begin The CW show’s new season, lead actor Grant Gustin confirms.
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Blue wine? Toast to the latest colorful tipple – CNET

Spanish winemaker Gik Live produces an electric-blue beverage that looks like something out of science fiction.
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New Docker betas for Azure, Windows 10 now available

Docker is rolling out new public betas of its Docker app for Windows 10 and Mac, as well as private betas of Docker 1.12 for Azure and AWS.
Source: Microsoft

Get your free Prince of Persia game – CNET

Game developer Ubisoft is offering the classic title free of charge for PC gamers today, as long as they create an account and use its Uplay software.
Source: CNet

Solar Impulse 2 begins four-day Atlantic crossing – CNET

Powered only by the sun, the record-breaking airplane takes off from New York for a transatlantic flight to Seville, Spain.
Source: CNet

Apple stores will open in India after all – CNET

A new ruling by the country reportedly means that Apple’s physical retail stores, previously denied due to insufficient local sourcing, are now free to open.
Source: CNet

At last, the gross 'Game of Thrones' revenge we've been waiting for – CNET

A much-hated character gets what’s coming to him, but the satisfying moment gets delivered in especially graphic fashion, even for a show that doesn’t shy away from blood.
Source: CNet

Microsoft adding more teacher-focused Office 365 Education updates

Microsoft is adding more classroom management and collaboration capabilities to Office 365 Education as part of its back-to-school wave of teacher-focused apps and services.
Source: Microsoft

Twitter buys itself a Magic Pony – CNET

The social media company acquires the London-based company to bolster its visual processing chops. Because machine learning.
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​Chinese trifecta sweeps US aside in top supercomputer list – CNET

With a home-grown processor, the new Sunway TaihuLight triples the performance of the previous fastest machine.
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Microsoft Edge saves power versus Chrome (says Microsoft) – CNET

The company’s Edge browser, bundled for free with its latest Windows 10 operating system, is said to sip less precious juice than rivals.
Source: CNet

Spotify music service passes 100 million active listeners – CNET

Milestone reached amid rapid growth from Apple Music.
Source: CNet

Microsoft kicks off campaign touting battery savings of Windows 10's Edge browser

Microsoft is going on the browser offensive with new test results showing Windows 10 Edge bests Google, Opera and Firefox on battery life.
Source: Microsoft

Review: Downloads: aTube Catcher review

Review: Downloads: aTube Catcher review

aTube Catcher is one of a growing number of tools that download videos from the likes of YouTube, Dailymotion and Metacafe. While it’s often easy to browse the web on your phone will you travel, there are times when there’s no connection available – this is when it pays to have downloaded videos in advance!

Download aTube Catcher freeThe videos you download can be converted to a number of popular formats, suitable for playback on a variety of devices. So whether you’re looking for the best possible quality to view on a high resolution monitor, or the emphasis is on smaller file size to fit on your smartphone, aTube Catcher can do the job for you.

There’s also a screen recorder that can be used to capture video from your screen, and a disc burning option.

aTube Catcher menu

User experience

As with many free tools these days, you need to take care during the installation process to ensure that you aren’t accidentally duped into also installing a browser toolbar. Thankfully, this is not selected by default, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

After firing up the program, a neat splash screen provides an inviting introduction to what aTube Catcher has to offer. Rather than forcing you to hunt through endless menus to find what you’re looking for, a series of clear buttons provide instant access so you can get to work without delay. The initial interface is pleasingly unintimidating, and downloading videos from any of the supported sites – of which there are many – is a simple matter of copying and pasting the URL, choosing the format you’d like to save the video in, and clicking ‘Download’. There are several formats to choose from, and in many cases there’s a variety of preset resolutions to choose from.

The screen recorder feature is a very nice, and can be used in a number of ways. You could use it to record whatever you’re doing on your computer, but it is also possible to use to capture live streaming video that you would not otherwise be able to download. Just draw a selection box around the video you want and you’re good to go.

aTube Catcher screen recorder

We liked

You might not expect it from what many people would not consider ‘serious’ software, but aTube Catcher includes an automatic updater that ensures you’re always using the most recent, most secure, and most feature-packed version of the program.

For hardcore users, there is the option of batch processing files so you can download multiple videos at once. This is a somewhat hands-on task that requires the creation of a text files to tell the software what to do. It’s a little inelegant and long-winded, but it works.

It’s nice to see the option to not only convert videos between formats, but also to create VCDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs from the content you record or download.

aTube Catcher audio

We disliked

The bundled browser toolbar is a little off-putting, but as long as you (slightly confusingly, perhaps) click ‘Cancel’ when it presents itself, it won’t be installed.

The program interface, while approachable, does hide the fact that this is a very powerful program. There are lots of extra options and settings – such as the ability to create time-saving video profiles – that aren’t immediately apparent, and anyone who doesn’t investigate the menu system could miss out on valuable tools.

Final verdict

aTube Catcher has so many bases covered, it’s hard to consider it anything other than essential. Even if you’re not a prodigious video downloader and converter, this is a great piece of software to hand installed for when you will inevitably need it.


Developer: Diego Uscanga

Licence: Freeware

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Processor: Any x86 or compatible
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Disk space: 17MB

Alternatives to consider


You should only download videos when you have the copyright owner’s permission to do so. YouTube’s terms of service prohibit unauthorised downloading.

Source: Tech Radar