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Getting Shredded Plastic…and Legs September 23, 2023

While electric motors have taken the drudgery out of many tasks, human power has its advantages. [Precious Plastic Torino] has developed a human-powered plastic shredder for those times when an electric motor just won’t do. Designed primarily for educational purposes at venues where electricity can be difficult to source, but also useful for off-grid environments, […]

Massive industrial robot arm doubles as tattoo artist (Tomorrow Daily 404 show notes) – CNET

We don’t think robots will ever replace a great tattoo artist, but it might be nice for tattoo shops to leave the most basic ink work to a robotic arm.
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Hackers infect Oracle's credit card reading machines – CNET

The company says any customer information exposed was unreadable.
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​Politics vs cute cats: John Oliver warns about real journalism's demise – CNET

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” takes a closer look at print newspapers’ quest to stay relevant in a digital era when readers get the news they want instead of need.
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iHome's Zenergy clock radios could turn you into a morning person – CNET

The line features LED lights that will match warm or cool tones to help your sleep cycle.
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No Man's Sky is (almost) here: 11 things you need to know – CNET

This universe-spanning exploration game is so incredibly ambitious, there are major changes coming even before the official launch.
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Basswall conceals 200-watts of wireless "hide-fi" behind your wall art – CNET

The Basswall campaign on Kickstarter is a practical solution for cramped spaces that hides a big sound system behind a 24-by-36-inch picture frame.
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Turn it up, Westeros! 'Game of Thrones' concert tour on the way – CNET

Just like winter, a “Game of Thrones” music tour is coming. The composer for the hit HBO series will tour with a full orchestra and choir.
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Now let us never speak of that horrifying Lucille Ball statue again – CNET

A more pleasing rendition of comedian Lucille Ball replaces the alien “Scary Lucy” version in her hometown park.
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Hey DC films, stop treating us like we're dumb – CNET

Commentary: “Suicide Squad” is exactly as bad as you think it is, says CNET’s Caitlin Petrakovitz. Why? Probably because DC’s writers and directors think we’re idiots.
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Amazon dishes out details on Woody Allen TV series – CNET

Entitled “Crisis in Six Scenes,” the six-part series is scheduled to debut this fall as Amazon looks to Allen to help draw in viewers.
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Samsung may release future Galaxy S phones with curved display only – CNET

The company might dump the flat-screen variant of its flagship lineup, hints a Samsung exec.
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Google Drive suffers service disruption – CNET

Users are reporting an error message when trying to access Google’s file storage service. “The server encountered an error. Please try again later.” (Yep, still trying!)
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Sorry 'Stranger Things' fans, electricity isn't monster-powered – CNET

A government blog post from the real Energy Department claims the Netflix show is no documentary. Sure, that’s what they WANT you to think.
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90% off Become an Ethical Hacker With This Complete eLearning Bundle – Deal Alert

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Mom was wrong: Study shows gaming is good for school – CNET

New research yields some surprising results on how students spend their time online, and what it means for their test scores.
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AT&T to refund customers $6.8 million for 'directory assistance' scams – CNET

The telecommunications company will also pay a $950,000 fine to the US Treasury for allowing scammers to charge customers for phony directory assistance services.
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How to pick a lock

At the DEFCON Lockpick Village, CSO’s Steve Ragan gets a quick lesson on the basics of lockpicking.
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How to take the mystery out of managing multiple projects successfully

Making sure projects complete on time and on budget may seem like magic. But managing multiple projects can be quite doable with a few simple techniques.
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iPhone 7 may sport pressure-sensitive home button, Space Black paint job – CNET

And circling back to previous rumors, Bloomberg reports that the new phones will ditch the headphone jack in favor of stereo speakers.
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NBCUniversal believes in magic, acquires TV rights to 'Harry Potter' franchise – CNET

Beginning in 2018, fans of the boy wizard can watch the eight “Harry Potter” movies and additional J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World films on the USA Network and Syfy.
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Delta cancels, delays massive number of flights due to computer issues – CNET

A power outage at its headquarters affected its computer system for hours and grounded flights, the airline said.
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Walmart scoops up to better battle Amazon – CNET

The $3 billion deal is designed to give Walmart a more nimble online presence.
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Bitfinex asks users to share losses of bitcoin theft

Bitfinex, the digital currency exchange in Hong Kong that reported a bitcoin theft last week, has decided to shave a little over 36 percent from its customers’ accounts and assets to make up for losses from the hack.

“Upon logging into the platform, customers will see that they have experienced a generalized loss percentage of 36.067%,” Bitfinex said in a blog post Saturday. It promised an announcement later on the details of the methodology used to arrive at the losses.

“This is the closest approximation to what would happen in a liquidation context,” Bitfinex wrote. Customers will be issued a token labeled BFX to record their losses, though the exchange is still not clear about how it will compensate them.

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Apple Watch 2 with GPS and better processor coming this year, report says – CNET

KGI Security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who previously correctly predicted the iPhone SE, says two new Apple Watches are coming in the second half of the year.
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Squad goals: 'Suicide Squad' brings in $260 million on opening weekend – CNET

The flick has earned back its production budget and then some — despite it not being a popular choice among critics.
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