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Meta tells US officials that it will block new political ads on Facebook and Instagram one week before the 2024 US election, similar to past election cycles (Bloomberg) November 29, 2023

Bloomberg: Meta tells US officials that it will block new political ads on Facebook and Instagram one week before the 2024 US election, similar to past election cycles  —  – Facebook owner to block political ads one week before US vote  — First US election with broad generative AI will test democracy

Wanted: A better economy class – CNET

Though passengers and airlines say they want a better economy experience, actually bringing it to the skies won’t be easy.
Source: CNet

​'Firefly' fan makes animated tribute worthy of a real series – CNET

Shiny! Watch this short homage to the Serenity crew that will make every Browncoat wish this was actually in production.
Source: CNet

Sushi-making robot answers one of our weirdest prayers (Tomorrow Daily 409 show notes) – CNET

We’re not saying a sushi-making robot is at the top of our robotic wish list…but it’s close.
Source: CNet

​New international 'Rogue One' trailer reveals more Star Wars secrets – CNET

See new footage from “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” with more Mon Mothma, battle scenes and a cryptic message about Jyn Erso’s father.
Source: CNet

Apple reportedly lands music deal with Cash Money Records – CNET

Apple Music is making a “power move” with the popular rap and hip-hop record label, according to Cash Money’s co-founder.
Source: CNet

​Intel expects USB Type-C could help kill the 3.5mm audio jack – CNET

The tech giant says at its IDF show there are good reasons the to bring the headphones, earbuds and microphones into the digital era.
Source: CNet

Apple store opens its doors at World Trade Center Hub – CNET

Apple is one of the key retailers as the historic mall reopens 15 years after the September 11 attacks.
Source: CNet

Univision snaps up Gawker's assets at auction for $135 million – CNET

Online media company filed for bankruptcy after losing a $140 million judgment to former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan.
Source: CNet

Google Glass flopped, but Intel still likes smart glasses – CNET

A tiny new computer system called Joule powers smart safety glasses — for assembly-line workers, not the general public.
Source: CNet

GoPro strapped to Hot Wheels car captures rocketing road trip – CNET

This is the four-wheeled toy adventure you dreamed of as a kid, complete with a detour into the swimming pool.
Source: CNet

Olympian Shaunae Miller's finish-line dive creates yet another golden meme – CNET

Usain Bolt’s meme is so yesterday. The Bahamanian runner’s controversial dive is social media’s new obsession.
Source: CNet

FCC spectrum auction reaches next round – CNET

The agency starts auctioning off airwaves that TV broadcasters agreed to give up earlier this summer, but the process is likely to drag on into 2017.
Source: CNet

Fitbit, Apple Watch and now McDonald's – CNET

The world’s biggest fast-food chain has been pushing health and wellness after decades of being criticized for selling junk food and encouraging bad eating habits.
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Equation: Has secretive cyberespionage group been breached?

A new attack group has released a data dump of leaked exploits and hacking tools they claim belong to the Equation group.

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An attack group calling itself the Shadow Brokers has released a trove of data it claims to have stolen from the Equation cyberespionage group. The data contains a range of exploits and tools they state were used by Equation.

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Source: Symantec

'Empire Strikes Back' trailer recut in stunning 'Rogue One' style – CNET

A Star Wars fan with a keen eye for trailers updates “The Empire Strikes Back” by mashing it up with the music and feel of the “Rogue One” trailer.
Source: CNet

Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update for phones

Microsoft is starting to roll out the Anniversary Update version of Windows 10 Mobile, beginning with those who have unlocked devices.
Source: Microsoft

Intel's Project Alloy does VR without pesky wires or controllers – CNET

Don’t get too excited: it’s just a reference design for PC partners, and they won’t get it till late 2017.
Source: CNet

Microsoft laughs at Apple's claim that iPad Pro is a computer – CNET

Technically Incorrect: In a new Surface ad, Microsoft chuckles at the idea that Apple’s iPad Pro is something other than a tablet with a keyboard.
Source: CNet

Microsoft fleshes out its Windows 10 mixed-reality roadmap

Microsoft is readying a new spec and a Windows 10 update that will allow mainstream PCs and head-mounted displays to run the Windows Holographic shell and mixed-reality applications.
Source: Microsoft

Apoocalypse now: when Roomba meets crap – CNET

One maxim apparently not programmed into the robot vacuum’s prime directives? “If it’s brown, don’t spread it around.”
Source: CNet

Buick's 'sportier' Cascada ST can be had in blue, blue and also blue – Roadshow

Eiffel 65 would be proud of this one.
Source: CNet

Microsoft's new ad pits Surface Pro against iPad Pro

Microsoft’s new ad contends that an iPad Pro with a keyboard is still inferior to a Surface Pro 4.
Source: Microsoft

Plug in, turn on, head off (grid) in the Bowlus Road Chief Lithium+ – Roadshow

Bowlus claims it’s the greenest and most advanced travel trailer in the world, and it’s hooked up to a hell of a tow vehicle.
Source: CNet

Ford and Baidu team up for $150M investment in Velodyne LiDAR – Roadshow

Lidar leader Velodyne has secured a pair of valuable partners in its quest to develop autonomous car sensors.
Source: CNet

Faraday Future's next big hire is from Apple, of all places – Roadshow

Apple’s “special projects” division is finally on the other end of one of these stories, for once.
Source: CNet