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The new Last of Us trailer shows what Ellie and Joel are up against December 3, 2022

Image: HBO HBO’s official trailer for The Last of Us shows off the dynamic between Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) as the two traverse a post-apocalyptic US amidst the outbreak of a mutant fungus that turns humans into zombie-like beings. It offers a much more detailed look at the dangers the two come […]

The jet-black iPhone 7 gets a scratch test – CNET

What does it take to visibly scuff the iPhone’s new shiny finish?
Source: CNet

Oliver Stone's cautionary 'Snowden' will leave you paranoid – CNET

A restrained Joseph Gordon-Levitt anchors Stone’s bold biopic, which sometimes seems like a long public service announcement about privacy.
Source: CNet

Survios' Raw Data may be VR's first hit game, with more $1 million in sales – CNET

The virtual-reality startup’s competition fighting game has hit a new milestone in sales and offered a datapoint of the industry’s health.
Source: CNet

The 21 most powerful, and powerfully important Star Wars spaceships, ranked – CNET

What’s your ride? The X-wing or the TIE fighter? The N-1 Starfighter or the Republic attack cruiser?
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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey joins push to #PardonSnowden – CNET

Dorsey joins a growing list of public figures calling for a presidential pardon for NSA leaker Edward Snowden.
Source: CNet

Amazon is building an Alexa army – CNET

Pitching the power of its voice-controlled cloud interface to home tech dealers in Dallas, Amazon is on the march to get Alexa into as many homes as possible.
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The 404 Show 1676: Exploding Samsungs and the History of Tetris (podcast) – CNET

Jeff’s vacation continues, so Russ continues hosting duties! This week we’ve got CNET editor Dan Ackerman to talk about his new book, “The Tetris Effect.” We’ve also got exploding Galaxy Notes and Pokemon Go Plus!
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Uber begins mapping the streets of London – Roadshow

The ride-sharing service’s cartographic cars will create maps to help improve its ability to get a car to you when you need one.
Source: CNet

Did Russian police arrest a robot? – CNET

A device called Promobot has a habit of getting in trouble, if the company’s press releases are to be believed. The latest example: Politics.
Source: CNet

Relief! iPhone 7 doesn't bend – CNET

Technically Incorrect: In one of the first stress tests, Apple’s new phone stands firm. But will it sit too firmly in your pocket?
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Crestron joins a growing list of Alexa-friendly smart-home providers – CNET

The high-end home automation service is one of several that’s jumping on board with Amazon’s voice-activated virtual assistant.
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A short guide to the harvest moon lunar eclipse – CNET

The moon might appear bigger and brighter across much of the world tonight, until the shadow of Earth itself tries to put it back in its place.
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Thousands sign petition to put Steve Irwin on Australian money – CNET

Crikey! A ship and a snail have been named for the famed “Crocodile Hunter,” but fans want his face on their cash.
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'This stupid hole!' Today's kids react to Atari 2600 games – CNET

Watch the next generation play vintage video games Asteroids and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial with mixed results in this latest “Kids React” video.
Source: CNet

Microsoft cloud chief: Our early IoT investment sets us apart from Amazon

Microsoft is touting not just its hybrid cloud capabilities, but also its early investments in Internet of Things (IoT) as key differentiators from its competition.
Source: Microsoft

1st Lebanese Diaspora Energy Conference for North America

John Abi-Habib, CEO of MSI Net Inc., sponsoring and supporting the 1st Lebanese Diaspora Energy Conference for North America in NY.


Live streaming technology, TV commercials and video broadcasting, providing wireless connectivity and WIFI to all guests.


The Conference launched with 400 attendees, dignitaries, elected officials and foreign diplomats makes our presence essential.


John Abi-Habib, CEO of MSI Net Inc, sponsoring and supporting the 1st Lebanese Diaspora Energy Conference for North America in NY.

A Speaker at the 1st Lebanese Diaspora Energy Conference for North America in NY.

For the first time, iPhone Plus models are buyers' fave – CNET

The iPhone 7 Plus, with its nifty dual camera, won the majority of preorders in the first 48 hours, a role reversal from previous years.
Source: CNet

Meeting the refugees tech forgot – CNET

Commentary: Traveling to Hungary for Road Trip 2016, I knew I’d meet people facing dire odds. I didn’t expect how much tech would fail them.
Source: CNet

Here's what young Steve Jobs and Bill Gates looked like – CNET

Photographer Doug Menuez focused his lens on early Silicon Valley and tech’s pioneers. We now can see 100 of those photos online.
Source: CNet

iPhone 7 teardown confirms Apple put Intel inside – CNET

Reports earlier this year anticipated Intel would supply components for some new iPhones, rather than rival Qualcomm.
Source: CNet

When headphone jacks disappear, how will we listen to music? Chat with us live at 3:30 p.m. ET – CNET

Ask CNET’s audio experts about how to listen to music if your next phone no longer includes the headphone jack.
Source: CNet

This robot will get your beer pong party started (Open_Tab) – CNET

Pongbot, an electronic twist on the age-old game of beer pong, is currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter.
Source: CNet

The real threat to our elections: Disinformation and doubt

Security through obscurity has been trumped. Let’s hear it for security through “clunky.”

In an attempt to assuage concerns that Russian hackers might succeed in hijacking U.S. presidential election results, FBI Director James Comey said recently that “the beauty of the American voting system is that it is dispersed among the 50 states, and it is clunky as heck.”

Comey has proven himself a master of clunky statements and often appears baffled by technology. One story about his misinformed campaign against encryption was summed up in the URL slug: “FBI Dude Dumb Dumb.” In addition to his incessant rants about terrorists “going dark,” Comey infamously dismissed constitutional protections against illegal searches, calling them a “typo” in the law. Then there was his over-the-top bluster about how only Apple was capable of breaking into a terrorist’s iPhone — right up until the moment the phone was cracked without Apple’s help.

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Emerging technologies are poking holes in security

Accelerated change challenges change management, security devops, and emerging technologies that enable business innovation and opportunities demand fast, frequent change from the enterprise. The speed and regularity as well as the kinds of change challenge change management and ultimately security.

To secure the enterprise in environments of unwieldy change, the business needs to know how each new technology affects change management and the organization’s security defenses.

Organizations can then begin to evolve change management and security to close those gaps and avoid impacts on security.

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New Google API cryptographically secures Chromebooks

Google is making it possible for enterprises to cryptographically validate Chrome OS devices before letting them connect to secure networks with its new Verified Access for Chrome OS.

With Verified Access, network services — VPN gateways, sensitive servers, an enterprise certificate authority, enterprise Wi-Fi access points — can get a hardware-backed cryptographic guarantee from the client machine that it has not been compromised and the user is who he or she claims to be.

Verified Access uses the Trusted Platform Module chip present on all Chrome OS devices to confirm the device is unmodified and complies with existing security policies. The network service uses that information to determine what level of access the device gets to sensitive corporate systems and applications.

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