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Apple’s billion dollar antitrust fine in France cut to $366 million October 7, 2022

It’s a big discount. | Kristen Radtke / The Verge An appeals court in France has slashed Apple’s antitrust fine from €1.1 billion to €372 million (about $366 million), calling the original penalty “disproportionate” and saying that the new amount was “sufficient” to dissuade the company from bad behavior, according to reports from Reuters and […]

The dark side's newest recruits: Australian police – CNET

An Australian police officer has been sighted doing the dirty work of The Empire. Jedis beware.
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Twitter sale could happen in October – CNET

Twitter told potential buyers it wants to announce a deal when it reports financial results October 27, Reuters reports. That could make Chris Sacca a very happy investor.
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Theranos to close all clinical labs, lay off 340 – CNET

Blood-testing company says it plans to shift its focus to miniLab, a portable blood-analyzing device.
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Ancient kangaroos didn't hop and 15 other weird prehistoric animal facts – CNET

You haven’t lived until you’ve learned how much a woolly mammoth pooped.
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Samsung snaps up AI upstart Viv Labs – CNET

Viv’s voice assistant is designed to accept natural language commands to perform everyday tasks.
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Donald Trump was a top economist, according to Google – CNET

A query for top economist on the search site included Donald Trump in the rankings.
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Apple named world's most valuable brand (again) – CNET

Technically Incorrect: In Interbrand’s annual survey, Apple stays ahead of Google. Facebook, though, is the fastest-growing brand.
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NSA contractor charged with stealing top secret docs – CNET

Harold Thomas Martin III worked for the same consulting firm as Edward Snowden and faces up to 11 years in prison.
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Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: The battle begins – CNET

To reign supreme in the smart home, Google Home has some big shoes to fill.
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Win a trip to Mars, courtesy of T-Mobile's CEO – CNET

T-Mobile CEO John Legere wants to send someone to Mars — but only if he gets 1 million retweets.
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Got a stack of tickets in your glovebox? You may find a Barnacle stuck to your car – Roadshow

This boot replacement attaches to the windshield with industrial-spec suction cups and can be removed immediately after payment.
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Hands-on review: LaCie Rugged USB-C 2TB

Hands-on review: LaCie Rugged USB-C 2TB

LaCie is probably not a name you’d recognise as a popular hard drive vendor. However, the Seagate-owned French brand (‘Cie’ is a shorter version of ‘company’ in French) has carved out a nice little niche in the crowded storage market.

Our review of the Porsche Design Mobile Drive 4TB left us hungry for more. That particular drive wasn’t a cheap model but, being a 4TB portable disk, there was (and still is) very little competition with this capacity.

At the time of writing, the new Rugged USB-C drive has yet to appear on Amazon or indeed any other online retailer in the UK. The recommended retail price of the 2TB model we are reviewing has been set at £170 (around $215, AU$285); you are likely to find it cheaper online when it hits the shelves.

A 1TB version of the drive is available, as well as a 4TB model which is a lot thicker but costs only £230 (around $290, AU$385).

As the name informs you, this portable drive is designed to be tough, but it has been made rugged by the addition of a bright orange rubber sleeve which can be easily taken off.

LaCie Rugged USB-C 2TB without sleeve

The device itself is very compact with overall dimensions (including the sleeve) of 135 x 86 x 18.7mm and a weight of 224g. Remove the sleeve and all you end up with is a stylish storage device with a brushed aluminium enclosure. At 119 x 74 x 13.5mm with a weight of 166g, it slips into a pocket with ease.

The sleeve, imagined by celebrity designer Neil Poulton, makes the drive drop resistant (up to 1.2m); it can also remain functional after being driven over by a 1-ton vehicle.

In addition, the drive is rain-resistant (that doesn’t mean it’s waterproof, though). Some other members of LaCie’s rugged family of drives go a bit further with their protection – the RAID and Thunderbolt models are IP54-rated for example.

LaCie Rugged USB-C 2TB profile

LaCie has used a Seagate hard drive, the ST2000LM007, which is a mobile HDD with a 7mm profile, and that explains why the device is so small. It only has two platters, each with a 1TB capacity.

Having fewer platters means that it is lighter, consumes less energy (500mW when idle, 1.75W average for read/write) and is quieter as well.

Other specs include 128MB of cache, a two-year warranty and a 5400RPM spinning speed. LaCie claims that the drive will reach a max speed of 135MBps (that’s the boast on the outside of the box, anyway).

Note that although the LaCie 2TB uses a USB Type-C connector, it’s a version 1.0 affair, which means that it tops out at 5Gbps, the same as USB 3.0. A USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable is also provided in the box. You can also use the drive with devices equipped with a Thunderbolt 3 connector.

There is precious little that separates this drive from the countless others on the market. LaCie urges you to install an application to determine whether you want to keep the drive as FAT32, an NTFS or a hybrid by moving a slider.

LaCie Rugged USB-C 2TB sleeve

Doing so means that you can choose between legacy (compatibility with more platforms) or performance with NTFS. FAT32 also introduces a 4GB file limit.

Our benchmark using CrystalDiskMark – done under NTFS – showed that it reached 130.1 and 130.4MBps in read/write speeds respectively which indicates that it is using a normal rather than a shingled drive; the latter tend to have abysmal writing speeds.

That’s faster than, say, the Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro that we tested a few weeks ago – albeit not by much.

The difference is due mostly to the high areal density of the platter used by the drive, which despite its tiny dimensions, manages to outflank bigger capacity hard disk drives thanks to fewer spinning platters.

Seagate’s 7mm drives have a maximum capacity of 2TB, with the thickness more than doubling to 15mm for 3TB and 4TB models.

LaCie Rugged USB-C 2TB port

LaCie also provides a free version of Genie Timeline, a reasonably powerful backup application that only runs on Windows – which is slightly puzzling given that LaCie’s primary customers use Macs.

Genie Timeline Free offers Explorer-like file selection, allows you to backup open and locked files, and it offers a no-backup zone and file versioning.

Early verdict

In truth, we’d almost prefer to have the drive without the orange ‘bumper’ case because it looks more stylish, and it’s also more portable without the sleeve.

Of course, then you’d lose out in terms of ruggedness. Equally, you could look at non-rugged rivals and save a fair amount of money going for a 2TB Toshiba Canvio drive or indeed the Seagate Expansion 2TB drive which sells for £63 (around $80, AU$105) and probably uses the same hard drive as this LaCie model.

So it’s difficult to recommend this drive if you don’t need it for use cases where durability and the ability to take a knock or two is paramount.

But even then, an SSD (like the Samsung T3 USB 2TB) is likely to be a better purchase with a marked improvement in durability and speed – although it will cost you far more per GB.

We’d also opt for LaCie’s 4TB model as the best of the bunch here. Although it’s thicker and likely slightly slower on the write speed front, doubling the capacity for a price increase of less than 50% sounds like a real bargain.

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Norway's prime minister caught playing Pokemon Go in parliament – CNET

Gotta catch ’em all, even if you’re also busy running a country. And come on, debates can get pretty boring.
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Hurricane Matthew weather maps reveal sinister skull – CNET

A creepy satellite photo of deadly storm Hurricane Matthew displays what many are interpreting as a devilish sight.
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Geely launches mysterious new global brand Lynk and Co – Roadshow

The automaker claims it’ll be different from anything before it…like we haven’t heard that before.
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Republic Wireless hops on to support Google Pixel and Pixel XL – CNET

The carrier says Google’s new pair of handsets will be compatible with its Wi-Fi hybrid network.
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Galaxy Note 7 ignores 'No Smoking' signs on plane – CNET

Apparently Samsung’s airplane mode involves burning through the plane’s carpet.
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Hurricane Matthew: How to prepare your data for the storm

With a Category 3 storm aiming squarely at the East Coast of the United States, how well have you prepared yourself and your data? David Gewirtz shares some tips and cautions you may not have considered.
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Yahoo calls report of secret email scanning 'misleading'

Yahoo has called a Reuters article about a secret email scanning program “misleading,” and said no such system exists. 

On Tuesday, the Reuters article claimed that Yahoo had created the custom software program after receiving a classified U.S. government order.  That software program is reportedly capable of scanning all incoming emails from Yahoo customers for information provided by U.S. intelligence officials.

However, on Wednesday Yahoo disputed the report.

“We narrowly interpret every government request for user data to minimize disclosure. The mail scanning described in the article does not exist on our systems,” the company said in an email. 

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Paralyzed in crash, athlete goes for Cybathlon gold on robotic legs – CNET

Athletes with disabilities will converge on Switzerland Saturday for the first championships for robot-assisted humans. One of them takes CNET through the pre-competition paces.
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Remembering Steve Jobs: Apple co-founder, typeface fanatic – CNET

Former Apple execs reflect on the leadership skills and attention to detail of Jobs, who died five years ago.
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Roku's channel selection might explode very soon – CNET

A new tool now allows publishers to create channels in “a few simple steps,” bypassing application development.
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YouTube built fake Oval Offices to get you to like, subscribe and vote – CNET

It might look like 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but it’s actually a pair of sets made by YouTube for creators. Who wants to be POTUS?
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Atletico Madrid's stadium will color-shift thanks to Philips LEDs – CNET

Fans visiting the Spanish soccer club’s new arena will enjoy light shows when a goal is scored.
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Microsoft Connect() developer event coming up November 16

Microsoft’s third annual developer event will touch on AI, data, microservices and more traditional .NET and developer-tool topics.
Source: Microsoft