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Android 14 update tracker: When will your phone get it? October 4, 2023

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority In February 2023, Google officially announced the first developer preview of Android 14. Bizarrely, after Google delayed the release of the stable version, it decided to release the QPR1 beta. But now the tech giant has finally launched the stable build. Which phones will get Android 14? When can […]

Airbnb dealt blow as judge rejects bid to block SF law – CNET

The battle between the home-rental site and San Francisco rages on as judge rules in favor of the city.
Source: CNet

GoPro hits return home on Karma drone with recall of 2,500 units – CNET

In a small number of cases, the quadcopters lost power during operation, says GoPro.
Source: CNet

CNET's Farsighted takes the long view on Election Day (CNET's Farsighted Podcast, Ep 1) – CNET

Our newest show looks at how the Internet shaped this bizarre election and what’s next for 2020 and beyond.
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​Google's drone reportedly won't deliver your Starbucks coffee – CNET

Project Wing, now an Alphabet X effort, suffers a hiring freeze and budget cut, too, Bloomberg reports.
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​Apple now sells refurbished iPhones — with a new battery – CNET

Its used but spruced-up iPhones aren’t heavily discounted from new models, but they do get a new battery and shell.
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Watch tiny-penis-Trump painter Illma Gore go nuts for tech – CNET

The artist’s latest project, timed for Election Day, harnesses her art to technology. Like, three different kinds of technology
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Microsoft Patch Tuesday – November 2016

This month the vendor is releasing 14 bulletins, six of which are rated Critical.

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Hello, welcome to this month’s blog on the Microsoft patch release. This month the vendor is releasing 14 bulletins, six of which are rated Critical.

As always, customers are advised to follow these security best practices:

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Source: Symantec

Apple MacBook Pro sales already set to surpass 2015 MacBook​​​ – CNET

After just five days of online sales, the newest Apple laptop already is close to matching a year and half of Apple’s ultralight model.
Source: CNet

Colbert and Stewart perform musical to get out the vote – CNET

Technically Incorrect: As a final gesture before Election Day, the two comedians go all “Hamilton.”
Source: CNet

Could and should Microsoft enable Windows 10 Mobile on Intel?

Windows 10 Mobile, for now at least, is an operating system for ARM-based devices only. But could — and should — it one day also power Intel-based tablets and phones?
Source: Microsoft

Hillary Clinton, Jon Bon Jovi conquer the Mannequin Challenge – CNET

A US presidential candidate and a rock star freeze in place together in celebration of both Election Day and the viral Mannequin Challenge.
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Reminder: When it comes to heart-rate tracking, consumer fitness trackers are not medically accurate – CNET

And that’s not really a problem.
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Microsoft rolls out first SharePoint Server 2016 Feature Pack

The first Feature Pack for the on-premises version of SharePoint Server 2016 is available for download and includes features for both admins and end-user customers.
Source: Microsoft

Adobe fixes flaws in Flash Player and Adobe Connect

Adobe Systems has released scheduled security patches for its widely used Flash Player software as well as the Adobe Connect web conferencing platform, which is  popular in enterprise environments.

The Flash Player security updates fix nine critical vulnerabilities that could be exploited remotely to execute malicious code on computers. All of them were privately reported by researchers through Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative, an exploit acquisition program.

Users should upgrade to Flash Player for Windows and Mac and to Flash Player for Linux. The Flash Player builds bundled with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 will be upgraded automatically through those browsers’ update mechanisms.

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Can social media call the election? – CNET

CNET is working with Spredfast, a social media analysis firm, to monitor what people are saying about the election in seven battleground states. We’ll update throughout the day.
Source: CNet

NBCUniversal to take over ad sales on Apple News – CNET

Apple will stop handling ad sales on the news app starting next year.
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AT&T's GoPhone customers are getting a data boost – CNET

Just before the holiday season kicks off, the telecommunications giant will be giving more data to some of its prepaid customers.
Source: CNet

Soon, every Ferrari will be a hybrid – Roadshow

Even the storied supercar manufacturer can’t outrun the tide.
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Election Day fever takes over social media – CNET

Social Cues: Facebook and Twitter are obsessed with who will become the next president of the United States.
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What's happening with Microsoft's Skype messaging everywhere feature

The Skype messaging everywhere (SMS Relay) feature is slowly but surely moving ahead, and not just for Windows or Skype Insiders only.
Source: Microsoft

Android patches fix Drammer RAM attack, but not Dirty Cow exploit

Google released a new monthly batch of security patches for Android, fixing a dozen critical vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to compromise devices. One of the mitigated issues is a bit-flipping attack against memory chips that could lead to privilege escalation, but a more widespread rooting vulnerability in the Linux kernel remains unpatched.

While Google releases firmware updates for its Nexus and Pixel devices on the first Monday of every month, the security patches are shared with third-party device manufacturers one month in advance and are also contributed later to the Android Open Source Project to benefit the entire ecosystem.

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Get a special edition Sennheiser HD 650 headphone for $200 – CNET

It’s not even Black Friday yet but Massdrop is selling pairs of the Sennheiser HD 6xx for $200, and they sound really good.
Source: CNet

Samsung writes open letter of apology to Galaxy Note 7 buyers – CNET

“We are truly sorry,” Samsung says in the letter, addressing the defective and dangerous Note 7 devices.
Source: CNet

No, you still don't need an RFID-blocking wallet

Back in January, I wrote one of my most popular posts ever: “Why you don’t need an RFID-blocking wallet.” As the title suggests, I argued that it’s a waste of money to buy a wallet with special shielding to protect your chipped credit card from RFID scanners wielded by street criminals seeking to snatch your credit card number.

Since then, in true internet tradition, I’ve been called an idiot by dozens of people and received emails from RFID vendors saying I’m a disgrace—the latter begging me to tell people they also need a Faraday bag for their cellphones. (Tip: If you don’t want anyone tracking you via GPS, turn off your cellphone’s GPS feature.) I’ve also been emailed by people who are 100 percent sure, without any real evidence, that they were the victims of RFID-scanning criminals.

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China's new cybersecurity bill alarms human rights experts – CNET

The new measures, set to go into effect on June 1 2017, could make the internet less safe for both users and businesses.
Source: CNet