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Getting Shredded Plastic…and Legs September 23, 2023

While electric motors have taken the drudgery out of many tasks, human power has its advantages. [Precious Plastic Torino] has developed a human-powered plastic shredder for those times when an electric motor just won’t do. Designed primarily for educational purposes at venues where electricity can be difficult to source, but also useful for off-grid environments, […]

Why social media couldn't call Trump's victory – CNET

Spredfast, a social media analysis firm, used its data to attempt to pick Trump or Clinton for president. Here’s what happened.
Source: CNet

Yahoo admits some employees knew of massive hack in 2014 – CNET

SEC filing reveals the company is investigating what was known about the hack two years ago.
Source: CNet

Microsoft quietly fixes second Surface Pro 3 battery problem

Microsoft has issued a firmware fix meant to fix a second Surface Pro 3 battery issue affecting some users.
Source: Microsoft

Millennial voters would turn US blue? Viral map may be misleading – CNET

Bluer than blue? Young people did favor Democrat Hillary Clinton, but the viral map you may have seen isn’t that simple.
Source: CNet

Twitter COO Adam Bain leaves with a flurry of tweets – CNET

Bain says he’ll be doing something new outside the company. Twitter executive Anthony Noto will take over the role of chief operating officer.
Source: CNet

​Microsoft adds virtual touchpad to Windows 10 – CNET

The latest test version of the operating system makes it easier to control external monitors from tablets, mouse-free.
Source: CNet

How Trump's victory disrupts the tech disruptors – CNET

Technically Incorrect: Was it the deplorables who brought Donald Trump to power? Or was it the expendables?
Source: CNet

Samsung thinks foldable phones are the new flip phones – CNET

A patent application gives us a good look at the company’s plans for a foldable smartphone.
Source: CNet

Naim updates high-end Uniti range with eye-catching design, Google Cast – CNET

Following the success of the mu-so streaming speaker, Naim has announced updates to its high-end Uniti streaming amps, which now include Google Cast capability.
Source: CNet

#Calexit secession movement trends on Twitter – CNET

If you can’t beat ’em, leave ’em, or so goes the Brexit-inspired movement for California to secede from the US in response to Donald Trump’s win Tuesday.
Source: CNet

T-Mobile will sell you two Samsung Galaxy S7s for the price of one – CNET

The buy-one, get-one sale takes place this weekend.
Source: CNet

These powerful PCs may cure your MacBook Pro spec blues – CNET

If you’re a creative professional disappointed by the specs of Apple’s new MacBook Pro, you have options — take a look at how these powerful Windows laptops compare.
Source: CNet

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Creators Update test build 14965

The latest Windows 10 Creators Update test build for PCs and phones, No. 14965, adds some new monitor-control, inking and other capabilities.
Source: Microsoft

Pandora rocks a redesigned web interface with new features – CNET

The music-streaming service’s revamped website includes features designed to help you interact with your music in new ways.
Source: CNet

​Adobe Lightroom for Android makes it easier to dump your PC – CNET

A new feature, the ability to edit raw photos, makes tablets and phones a more powerful option for Adobe’s software for editing and cataloging photos.
Source: CNet

Europe gets a blacked-out Nissan Leaf model with a Wi-Fi hotspot – Roadshow

Sadly, it’s not coming to the US, like so many other neat things.
Source: CNet

Los Angeles: Warm weather, movie stars — and 100 million monthly cyber attacks

Los Angeles is famous for its warm weather and movie stars. But what may not be as well known is that it’s also one of the largest targets for cyber attacks in the world.

The city’s infrastructure in highways, water and power — and all the data behind it — supports 4 million residents in the nation’s second largest city. The city also collects data about Los Angeles International Airport as well as about the largest shipping port in the western hemisphere, where 43 percent of imported goods enter the U.S. The city government is even responsible for data related to elections, including yesterday’s national election.

It’s not difficult to see the enormity of the city’s security challenge, which includes protecting the personal data of city workers and residents.

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Source: Security

Kissy 'alien face' spotted in Mars formation – CNET

Pucker up. An alien-looking face appears in a Mars rock and it looks like it wants to give you a peck on the cheek.
Source: CNet

Celebrate 'Frenemies Day' with pals you dropped over election – CNET

Did you unfriend the Hillary supporter next door or drop your Trump fan pal? It’s time to reconnect the day after the election and make your feed great again.
Source: CNet

President Donald Trump and the social media fallout – CNET

Social Cues: The Election Day hangover is hitting hard across Facebook and Twitter.
Source: CNet

New BEC scams seek to build trust first, request wire transfer later

Business email compromise scammers have gradually changed their tactics to improve their scam success rate.

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Symantec has been continuously tracking scam emails targeting businesses with fake wire transfer requests, and found that scammers behind these Business Email Compromise (BEC) emails have added some tricks to increase their chances of success.

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New wave of #BEC scams seek to build trust with victims before making wire transfer requests

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Source: Symantec

Trump's first election victory tweet: 'We will all come together' – CNET

The president-elect strikes a more moderate tone than his usual incendiary tweets after defeating Hillary Clinton at the polls.
Source: CNet

Samsung raided in South Korean political scandal – CNET

The Galaxy Note 7 manufacturer has been dragged into a scandal involving South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye.
Source: CNet

Donald Trump win hailed, assailed and ribbed on social media – CNET

The presidential election results surprised many and thrilled some. Others, of course, just couldn’t resist making jokes.
Source: CNet