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Hirokazu Kore-eda is so back December 9, 2023

Well Go USA The director of Monster talks about the complexities (and simplicities) of portraying multiple points of view Continue reading…

Are we all just living in a holographic universe? Maybe – CNET

Since the 1990s, some physicists have suggested our reality is like a 3D projection of a two-dimensional universe. Now one team says it has evidence to support the wild idea.
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You actually need to win the lottery to get PSVR in Japan – CNET

Japan, home of PlayStation, is struggling to keep up with demand for PlayStation’s virtual reality platform.
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Every WWE star you need to know about – CNET

Want to get into pro wrestling but don’t who to look out for? These are the faces you’ll want to be familiar with.
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Apple Watch 'theater mode' is real – CNET

WatchOS 3.2, now in beta for developers, lets you quickly mute the sound on your Apple Watch and avoid waking the screen when you raise your wrist.
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Your family tree begins with this ugly wrinkled sea sack – CNET

No, your grandma isn’t the oldest bag going round.
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What the WWE Royal Rumble told us about WrestleMania – CNET

Did you think Roman Reigns would be wrestling for a title at WrestleMania? Think again.
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Thousands of Googlers protest Trump's immigration order – CNET

Google employees, including cofounder Sergey Brin, from offices worldwide gathered to speak out against President Trump’s immigration restrictions.
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​Lyft tops Apple App Store, because…#DeleteUber – CNET

Uber reportedly buys promoted tweets and Facebook ads to say it’s helping immigrants, while Lyft’s app grows in popularity.
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Peter Capaldi leaving 'Doctor Who' – CNET

“It’s been cosmic”, says the TARDIS star as he announces plans to make way for a new Doctor at Christmas.
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Nextbit Robin phone will be no more as new owner Razer steps in – CNET

Robin phones will see software support for the next year, but don’t expect a sequel soon.
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Play Netflix's Atari-style 'Stranger Things' video game – CNET

Now you can run around the Upside Down and save the day from Demogorgon in 8-bit glory.
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Trump's next target? Work visas tech firms rely on – CNET

A newly drafted executive order could dramatically change hiring practices in the tech industry, reports Bloomberg.
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​Airbnb: Stranded refugees can stay with us for free – CNET

The home-rental site creates a webpage that lets people volunteer their homes to immigrants who’ve been affected by President Trump’s executive order.
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Feel a drone's terror at being stalked by a house cat – CNET

Watch as a ruthless hunter tries to swipe a tiny drone out of the air in a battle of machine versus feline.
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Here's what tech has to say about Trump's immigration ban – CNET

Over the weekend, nearly all the tech industry spoke out against President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. Here’s what they had to say.
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Nothing says Trump-Putin bromance like gold-plated iPhones – CNET

From luxury smartphone maker Caviar comes a limited-edition pair of phones honoring a lovefest of global proportions.
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Ransomware disrupts Washington DC's CCTV system

About 70 percent of the cameras hooked up to the police’s closed-circuit TV (CCTV) system in Washington, D.C., were reportedly unable to record footage for several days before President Trump’s inauguration due to a ransomware attack.

The attack affected 123 of the 187 network video recorders that form the city’s CCTV system, the Washington Post reported Saturday. Each of these devices is used to store video footage captured by up to four cameras installed in public spaces.

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Video game classic Psychonauts is back… in VR – CNET

The Rhombus of Ruin will release in February, bridging the original game to the forthcoming sequel.
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Amazon gives 'Mozart in the Jungle' a fourth-season reprise – CNET

The award-winning show will premiere later in 2017, according to Amazon, along with the third and final season of “Red Oaks.”
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Asteroid whizzing by Earth six times closer than the moon – CNET

A newly discovered space rock the size of a truck makes the closest pass-by Earth of any asteroid since last September.
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Exploring the tech-infused world of Horizon: Zero Dawn – CNET

All aboard the hype train for this open-world action RPG. Our extended preview was a blast.
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Google creates $4M crisis fund to support immigration causes – CNET

The move follows criticism by Google’s CEO of President Trump’s controversial executive order to restrict entry to the US by citizens of seven countries.
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​Meet Gordon, your gleaming white robot barista – CNET

Startup Cafe X opens its first machine-operated cafe in San Francisco. Human baristas may shudder, but tech has been replacing humans for decades.
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3 reasons this Samsung Galaxy S8 exclusive isn't necessarily a slam dunk – CNET

Being the first out with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 835 chip is a real win. But there are plenty of ifs, ands and buts.
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Google celebrates immigrant rights activist in Doodle – CNET

The Doodle comes only three days after President Trump issued an order banning citizens of seven Muslim countries from entering the US. Coincidence?
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