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Crypto Investing 101: Tips and Strategies for Maximizing Your Returns May 31, 2023

Venturing into the dynamic realm of Cryptocurrency Investing? Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have surfaced as a lucrative yet perilous asset class over the decade, offering immense potential returns. But, without the right expertise and tactics, crypto investment can prove daunting and hazardous. This article equips you with the necessary means to thrive in the dynamic universe […]

NVIDIA's new GPU is better than the Titan X and $500 cheaper – CNET

Available from March 10, the $700 GPU has 11GB of GDDR5X memory and is designed for 4K gaming.
Source: CNet

Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge honored with UFO award – CNET

Didn’t know the rock star had a thing for aliens? DeLonge’s passion to find proof of their existence — including creating a news site dedicated to UFO research — earns him an accolade.
Source: CNet

​Uber CEO battles driver over falling fares and low pay – CNET

A dashboard cam catches Travis Kalanick getting into a heated argument with his driver. This comes on top of weeks of criticism for the ride-hailing company.
Source: CNet

Look at this amazing smart-home tech for kitchens – CNET

Robot chefs! Sinks that appear — and disappear! Cups that defy gravity! Want a smarter kitchen? Here it comes.
Source: CNet

Is angry video the end for Uber's CEO? – CNET

Commentary: In a video obtained by Bloomberg, Travis Kalanick gets into an argument with an Uber Black driver. He doesn’t come out of it well. Is it time for him to go?
Source: CNet

CNET asks: Will the nostalgic Nokia 3310 candy-bar phone win you back? – CNET

The Nokia 3310 is back! Updated and long on nostalgia but not nearly as smart as your average smartphone — is this phone enticing enough for you to buy it?
Source: CNet

Rolls-Royce builds bespoke ride-on for hospitalized children – Roadshow

I have a lot of dust in my eyes all of a sudden.
Source: CNet

Trump signs laws to promote women in STEM – CNET

Two new laws will let NASA and the National Science Foundation push for women and girls to get into STEM.
Source: CNet

Nintendo Switch needs a big dose of NES Classic – CNET

Commentary: The Switch should be a retro paradise. But it isn’t. Yet.
Source: CNet

No, you're not crazy. Part of the internet broke – CNET

Amazon’s cloud service, which hosts some of your favorite sites, had a bad day.
Source: CNet

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 test build supports ability to block non-Store apps

Microsoft’s Creators Update test build 15046 for PCs adds a few more feature tweaks, including the ability to control more granularly how users install apps.
Source: Microsoft

Microsoft to discontinue Skype WiFi as of March 31

Microsoft is discontinuing its Skype WiFi service globally at the end of March, with officials citing a desire to focus on ‘core’ features as the reason.
Source: Microsoft

YouTube, angling to be 'real' TV, will launch live networks – CNET

Confirming a poorly kept secret, Google’s YouTube will roll out live TV channels in the next few months, taking on cable companies and web TV like Sling.
Source: CNet

The kookiest tech at MWC 2017 comes from startups – CNET

From cute robots to a composite phone, we check the coolest and craziest tech from the startup world at the 4YFN show at Mobile World Congress.
Source: CNet

No, you're not crazy. Part of the internet *is* broken – CNET

Amazon’s cloud service, which hosts some of your favorite sites, is having a bad day … you might get some work done!
Source: CNet

Zelda at 30,000 feet: Playing the Nintendo Switch on a plane – CNET

Planes are cramped enough, but what happens when you throw in a tall reporter, a 9-month-old baby and the new Nintendo Switch video game console?
Source: CNet

You'll be able to watch live TV in your 2018 Ford Expedition – Roadshow

Ford placed an increased focus on streaming services when building the entertainment system for its latest family hauler.
Source: CNet

IDG Contributor Network: The dangers of the public internet

The Internet is under attack.

It has been for many years, ever since “hacker” and “malware” first crept into our vocabulary. But, the internet has grown exponentially since those days. It was never meant to handle the level of data it traffics today, a level that exceeded 1 zettabyte last year.

The internet was originally built just to share files between users. The fact that it has grown into the massive web of data and endpoints we enjoy now — one where smartphones, tablets and smart TVs will account for nearly 70 percent of Internet traffic by 2019 — is an enormous convenience to how we work, communicate and live.

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Source: Security

See a rare lightning strike hit Seattle's Space Needle – CNET

A sizzling lightning strike cuts through the sky around the landmark Space Needle in a eye-opening video.
Source: CNet

Halo 5 Guardians headlines new Xbox subscription service – CNET

Xbox Game Pass will put more than 100 games at your fingertips.
Source: CNet

How to turn AT&T's Stream Saver feature off – CNET

Unlimited data plans are now available, so turn this feature off to get HD-quality streaming video.
Source: CNet

Google Home prepares for its UK debut – CNET

Google’s smart speaker will be available in the UK by the end of June, according to BBC News.
Source: CNet

Report: Alexa could pick up your next customer service call – CNET

According to The Information, Amazon Web Services is preparing to sell Alexa-based software to call centers.
Source: CNet

Microsoft, Intel, banks form Enterprise Ethereum blockchain alliance

Microsoft is expanding on its Azure Blockchain-as-a-Service work by joining the new Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, along with Intel and a number of leading banks.
Source: Microsoft

Apple's next iPhone to ditch Lightning for USB-C, report says – CNET

The next iPhone could have a screen similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge — and could ditch the Lightning cable, according to a new report.
Source: CNet