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My Kindle highlights were a mess until I started using Readwise December 3, 2023

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority I’ve been a compulsive highlighter and note-taker on the Kindle ever since I got my first e-reader back in 2010. I go through dozens of books every year and generate hundreds of highlights of interesting quotes, technical data, or just well-written prose. But anyone who’s used a Kindle for […]

See how Yosemite 'firefall' makes waterfall glow like lava – CNET

This rare natural phenomenon makes El Capitan shimmer as if it were an erupting volcano.
Source: CNet

LG G6 to feature new 6.0 mobile user interface – CNET

The forthcoming flagship’s new interface will support a new Square Camera mode that shows two images simultaneously side by side.
Source: CNet

Microsoft to delay its February patches to March 14

Microsoft’s February Patch Tuesday patches are not going to arrive until Tuesday March 14, officials confirm, while providing no reasons for the delay.
Source: Microsoft

Cop selfie saves the day — and the missing purse – CNET

A quick-thinking Seattle police officer texted a photo to prove his identity, and got results.
Source: CNet

PlayStation Now dumps everything but PS4 and Windows PC – CNET

Sony’s streaming service for games will soon be available on just two devices.
Source: CNet

As far as Siri is concerned, you are Lego Batman – CNET

Just address Siri in a certain way, and she’ll treat you as befits the master of the Batcave and Stately Wayne Manor.
Source: CNet

GOP demands inquiry into EPA use of encrypted messaging apps – CNET

A congressional committee says it’s worried the conversations run afoul of federal record-keeping requirements.
Source: CNet

Samsung may announce Galaxy S8 launch date on February 26 – CNET

Samsung could confirm or deny a rumor that it will unveil the GS8 on March 29.
Source: CNet

Google adds fact-check label in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina – CNET

Fact check — that little tag that shows up in front of some articles in Google News — is working its way around the world.
Source: CNet

New Mac malware linked to Russian hackers of US election – CNET

APT28, blamed for the hack of the Democratic Party, releases Xagent malware that can steal iPhone backups.
Source: CNet

Ford blows $200M on new wind tunnel complex – Roadshow

Didn’t Bob Dylan write about this topic at one point?
Source: CNet

D-Link sells first Apple HomeKit security camera – CNET

The camera with a 180-degree wide-angle lens costs $199.95 from the Apple Store.
Source: CNet

AR rocks, as climbing gyms become real-life video games – CNET

Rock climbing comes to grips with augmented reality, the tech that helped make Pokemon Go a sensation.
Source: CNet

Microsoft likely will show off Xbox Project Scorpio on June 11 – CNET

The company hinted at the new gaming console by posting a picture of its components in a tweet.
Source: CNet

BlackBerry accuses Nokia of patent infringement, report says – CNET

The two legacy brands have been battling for customers — now, they’re battling in the court, too, according to Bloomberg.
Source: CNet

What becomes of the broken hearted in the age of apps? – CNET

While technology can make it easier to find love, it’s playing catch-up in curing heartache. Here are some tips for the lovelorn.
Source: CNet

Your next home phone may be an Amazon Echo or Google Home – CNET

Amazon and Google are reportedly looking to bring speakerphone functionality to their smart speakers.
Source: CNet

Trump tweetstorm condemns 'Russian connection non-sense' – CNET

Commentary: After the resignation of his national security adviser, the president offers several tweets that enjoy several institutional targets.
Source: CNet

Hacker knows best: Privacy tips from Kevin Mitnick – CNET

This security expert knows all the tricks for stealing your personal information. His new book tells you how to keep your data safe.
Source: CNet

Security researchers trick 'CEO' email scammer into giving up identity

Businesses targeted in email scams don’t always have to play the victim. They can actually fight back.

Researchers at Dell SecureWorks have documented how they identified a suspected email scammer from Nigeria, by essentially playing along with the scheme to fool the attacker into revealing his true whereabouts.

Anyone can use these tips, said Joe Stewart, director of malware research at SecureWorks. “We’re letting [the scammers] give us all the information about themselves,” he said.

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HTC will launch mobile VR device as follow-up to Vive – CNET

Look for a different kind of virtual reality gadget. Says HTC’s CFO, “it’s not a phone slapped onto a headset.”
Source: CNet

​Weather app works even when disaster takes out the network – CNET

IBM and the Weather Channel have a new app that sends emergency alerts from one phone to another, bypassing overtaxed mobile networks.
Source: CNet

Alien faces on Mars? My search through NASA images – CNET

Join the hunt for alien-looking rock formations as CNET’s Amanda Kooser scours the Mars image archives, and comes away with a new appreciation for the Red Planet.
Source: CNet

This 'Star Trek'-like headset helps the legally blind see again – CNET

Almost like the VISOR in ‘Star Trek,’ the eSight 3 lets low vision wearers do almost anything, from reading a menu to playing basketball.
Source: CNet

Netflix's Oscar-nominated "13th" given green light for screening in schools – CNET

Ava DuVernay’s hard-hitting documentary can be publicly screened in educational settings.
Source: CNet