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Capacitive Rainmeter Measures The Sky Water Just Fine November 28, 2023

If you’ve got a smart home, or you just want to know how soaked your garden is getting in the winter, you might want to measure rainfall. There are a bunch of ways to go about it, and this capacitive rainmeter solution from [Magnus Thome] might just be the perfect solution you’re looking for. Like […]

Sony has announced the fastest SD card ever – CNET

The SF-G Series of SD cards will be available in sizes up to 128GB from spring 2017.
Source: CNet

'Rogue One' home video is about to land — with no deleted scenes – CNET

List of extras mystifies some fans, as deleted scenes exist — they were even in the movie trailers.
Source: CNet

Google Doodle celebrates Trappist-1 planetary discovery – CNET

The incredible discovery of seven Earth-like planets in a single star system is being signal-boosted by a celebratory Doodle.
Source: CNet

Fitbit paid $23 million for wearable startup Pebble – CNET

The sales price of the struggling startup was finally revealed in a quarterly financial results statement.
Source: CNet

Touring Trappist-1: 'Incredible' star system could host life – CNET

A dim dwarf star only 39 light-years away is circled by seven Earth-sized planets, including three that might be right for liquid water and perhaps, E.T.
Source: CNet

New MacOS ransomware spotted in the wild

A new file-encrypting ransomware program for MacOS is being distributed through bittorrent websites and users who fall victim to it won’t be able to recover their files, even if they pay.

Crypto ransomware programs for MacOS are rare. This is the second such threat found in the wild so far, and it’s a poorly designed one. The program was named OSX/Filecoder.E by the malware researchers from antivirus vendor ESET who found it.

OSX/Filecoder.E masquerades as a cracking tool for commercial software like Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Microsoft Office for Mac and is being distributed as a bittorrent download. It is written in Apple’s Swift programming language by what appears to be an inexperienced developer, judging from the many mistakes made in its implementation.

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Source: Security

The Earth-like planets of Trappist-1 already appear in sci-fi – CNET

Scientists say they’ve found the best place to search for life beyond our solar system. The first science fiction story about it has already been published, in the journal Nature.
Source: CNet

7 Earth-like planets could be best bet to find alien life – CNET

Astronomers call Trappist-1 the most incredible star system they’ve ever seen. A newly discovered set of exoplanets only 39 light-years away could be the perfect lab for finally proving we aren’t alone.
Source: CNet

Trump aides use special tactics to keep him off Twitter, report says – CNET

Commentary: Campaign officials who talked to Politico suggest that the president must not be left alone for too long. They also take advantage of the fact that he still prefers print to online.
Source: CNet

Zombie film, sea-crossing bouncy castle top UK's creative ideas – CNET

Accelerator Creative England names its Future Leaders, 10 exciting up-and-coming British businesses.
Source: CNet

Are you kitten me? Shelter cats' dating-style profiles go viral – CNET

A prank gets laughs by giving shelter cats goofy dislikes. But the critters still need homes.
Source: CNet

​Google Waze takes on Uber, Lyft with more carpooling – CNET

A twist on ride sharing, Waze is reportedly ready to expand its carpooling services beyond San Francisco and Israel into the US and Latin America.
Source: CNet

PewDiePie's apology sequel: A video about shooting Hitler – CNET

Felix Kjellberg, the most-subscribed star on YouTube, was at the center of a controversy last week over past jokes about Nazis and Jews.
Source: CNet

Netflix Stethoscope gives users a BYOD security checkup

Medical professionals use stethoscopes to help diagnose problems inside the body. With Netflix’s newly open-sourced Stethoscope web application, users receive a security checkup for their mobile and computing devices without having to call IT.

Although device management platforms like MobileIron or VMware AirWatch for mobile devices, JAMF for Macs, and LANdesk for Windows let IT teams apply security controls to employee devices, there are few tools available for users interested in securing their own personal devices, and most are focused on viruses or are platform-specific.

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The 64GB iPhone 8 could put an end to low-storage iPhones – CNET

A recent report suggests 64GB and 256GB storage capacities, and that’s it.
Source: CNet

You can't look cool wearing a VR backpack (The 3:59, Ep. 183) – CNET

Plus: Verizon’s 5G tests and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden gets smarter.
Source: CNet

Facebook Messenger adds foreign money transfers via Transferwise – CNET

Facebook’s messaging app is the latest to offer currency exchanges and payments using a bot.
Source: CNet

Aston Martin adds Red Bull Racing touches to V8, V12 Vantage – Roadshow

You can even have the car signed by Daniel Ricciardo or Max Verstappen.
Source: CNet

The world may not need Pop-Tarts nachos, but they're here – CNET

Prepare for a Pop-Tartspocalypse. Kellogg’s opens a pop-up cafe in NYC that transforms the breakfast pastries into burritos, pizzas and tacos.
Source: CNet

Drones: A new way for UPS to maybe lose your package – Roadshow

Or, if you’re not bitter about that, it’s a way to reach rural customers better.
Source: CNet

SpaceX supply run aborts ISS rendezvous – CNET

The Dragon capsule, loaded with food and equipment for the International Space Station crew, will have another go Thursday.
Source: CNet

Verizon offers taste of 5G as it expands network trials – CNET

The company plans to offer 5G to some customers in 11 cities by midyear. It’s not full mobile wireless. Instead it’s a replacement for fixed broadband.
Source: CNet

Futuristic Apple Park headquarters to open in April – CNET

The first employees will soon arrive in the new campus, which will also be open to the public.
Source: CNet

'OK Google, lemme help Beyoncé beat Adele in iHeart awards' – CNET

The iHeartRadio Music Awards’ “Most Powerful Female Voice” title will go to the star with the most votes cast via a Google Home smart speaker.
Source: CNet

Android ransomware requires victim to speak unlock code

Latest Android.Lockdroid.E variant uses speech recognition instead of typing for unlock code input.

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Being a good listener is normally considered an admirable quality in a person; however, it isn’t a quality you necessarily want to find in a piece of malware. The latest variant of the Android ransomware threat Android.Lockdroid.E is a great listener.

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Android.Lockdroid.E variant uses speech recognition APIs for passcode input

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Source: Symantec