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Hirokazu Kore-eda is so back December 9, 2023

Well Go USA The director of Monster talks about the complexities (and simplicities) of portraying multiple points of view Continue reading…

Man sues Papa John's for texting him too much – CNET

Commentary: Just how many promotional texts from a pizza joint can one human being bear?
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Silicon Valley investors offer $10M to boost diversity in tech – CNET

Aiming to bring more women and people of color into engineering jobs, Learners Guild launches a unique training program — and some investors are sold on it.
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Nintendo made a new 8-bit Legend of Zelda, and you'll never get to play it – CNET

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'Hunted': Can a reality show spark a digital privacy debate? – CNET

Former White House CIO Theresa Payton hunts down reality show contestants on TV. She hopes viewers at home are entertained — and outraged.
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Yahoo says forged cookie attack accessed about 32M accounts – CNET

The company suspects the attack is connected to the same “state-sponsored actor” believed to be behind a massive 2014 breach.
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Take your pizza-ordering shoes and walk into the sea: It's over – CNET

​Introducing the Pie Tops — Pizza Hut’s answer to the question,”Why won’t my shoes feed me?”
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Your eyes are liars: These strawberries aren't red – CNET

Sure, this pie looks like it’s decorated with red strawberries, but it’s all an illusion. They’re actually blue-grey.
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Did tweeting really cause that Best Picture gaffe? – CNET

PricewaterhouseCoopers says one of its execs handed Warren Beatty the wrong envelope. The question remains: Was it because the exec was too busy tweeting?
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Sorry Marissa, no bonus due to massive Yahoo hacks – CNET

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer loses her bonus, and the company’s top lawyer resigns following an investigation into security breaches.
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FCC puts data security protections on hold – CNET

Chairman Ajit Pai followed through on a promise to stop a new rule from taking effect, one which would have required internet service providers to take steps to protect consumer personal data.
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Snap is latest tech spectacle at nearly $24 billion – CNET

Snapchat’s parent company prices at $17 a share and will start trading Thursday.
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Border agents at JFK give engineer a written test, he says – CNET

Commentary: A Nigerian software engineer coming to work at a US tech startup says he was subjected to the test to prove his ID and purpose of travel, according to a report and his tweets.
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Microsoft to begin shipping Windows Mixed Reality development kits in March

Microsoft will begin rolling out WIndows Mixed Reality (Windows Holographic) development kits this month that will feature prototype Acer headsets.
Source: Microsoft

Old Windows malware may have tampered with 132 Android apps

More than 130 Android apps on the Google Play store have been found to contain malicious coding, possibly because the developers were using infected computers, according to security researchers.

The 132 apps were found generating hidden iframes, or an HTML document embedded inside a webpage, linking to two domains that have hosted malware, according to security firm Palo Alto Networks.

Google has already removed the apps from its Play store. But what’s interesting is the developers behind the apps probably aren’t to blame for including the malicious code, Palo Alto Networks said in a Wednesday blog post.

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Source: Security

A single text may cost you your license in the UK starting today – Roadshow

More established drivers won’t lose it right away, but six points is hardly an offense to brush off.
Source: CNet

Get ready for some 'Game of Thrones' with your baseball – CNET

Winter is on deck: Major League Baseball will be promoting HBO’s hit fantasy show this summer, and we have some ideas.
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Spotify might be rolling out a Hi-Fi option – CNET

Yesterday a few Spotify Premium users were offered a Hi-Fi option, but the the tier doesn’t exist — yet.
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Here's what's in a $25,000 taco – CNET

A resort’s chef cooks up a taco you’d want to stash in a safe deposit box rather than eat. Want some gold with that salsa?
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Phones will be back in vogue this year, research firm predicts – CNET

Coming off slow growth last year, worldwide phone shipments should rebound in 2017, according to market researcher IDC.
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Shifty quality: Consumer Reports docks automakers with 'unique' shifters – Roadshow

Some cars even lost their Recommended status after this points adjustment.
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Sorry, the new Nokia 3310 won't work in the US – CNET

But bringing the phones Stateside is very much “on our radar”.
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Microsoft promises more user control around privacy, update installation with Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft is highlighting its plans for adding more user controls around privacy and update installation with its Windows 10 Creators Update.
Source: Microsoft

When startups step in it: Silicon Valley deals, reels with scandal – CNET

Can tech shed its bro culture? Scandals from Silicon Valley say “not yet.”
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Microsoft Azure Stack reaches final preview before its mid-2017 debut

Microsoft is releasing Technical Preview 3 of its hybrid-computing Azure Stack platform, paving the way for mid-2017 general availability.
Source: Microsoft

Moto Z, this is your mission: Make Motorola relevant again – CNET

Lenovo executives are embracing the classic name again, while looking for more ways to put their modular phone in front of you.
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