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Wolfenstein 3D Clone Makes Arduboy Debut December 3, 2023

The 8-bit Arduboy isn’t exactly a powerhouse by modern gaming standards, or even really by old school standards for that matter. But for the talented developers that produce software for the system, that’s just part of the challenge. To date the monochromatic handheld has seen miniaturized takes on many well-known games, with several taxing the […]

Samsung Pay could come to more non-premium smartphones – CNET

Samsung Pay could soon make its way to J series phones in India, says report.
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'Buffy' alum Clare Kramer on her Glory days, and Whedon's best advice – CNET

As “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” turns 20, the actor talks about her role as the out-of-place goddess Glorificus who loved to cause chaos while looking fashionable.
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For 'Buffy' at 20, Amber Benson conjures teen witch memories – CNET

As “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” turns 20, the actor talks about her role as the shy witch Tara whose kiss with girlfriend Willow made TV history.
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Next stop Geneva: Running McLaren's Sports Series through all four seasons in three days – Roadshow

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow could stop us from crossing six countries in three days in the McLaren 570S and 570GT.
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How to survive deadly animal attacks – CNET

Hippos are killers. So are lions, jellyfish and tigers. We’ve even got you covered in case of otter attack.
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IDG Contributor Network: Mobile devices: The 'last mile' to enterprise biometrics

Authenticating who is truly behind any action, whether it’s logging into Twitter or accessing a bank account, is the biggest challenge in security today.

At the enterprise level, this reality is infinitely more critical: businesses need to completely secure access to their systems and data, and be certain that only those who are granted access have it. At the same time, companies must also make sure their employees are able to work as productively as possible — and constant and stringent security protections would certainly get in the way of “business as usual.” These situations create a dichotomy that firms and security experts have struggled to overcome.

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Pokemon Go CEO vows more top-requested features coming – CNET

I saw CEO John Hanke of Niantic, maker of Pokemon Go, and all I got were two lousy Pidgeys and no details about what to expect this year.
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Volkswagen pleads guilty in US for Dieselgate-related charges – Roadshow

It was the first time Volkswagen admitted criminal guilt in any court around the world.
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CA set to allow self-driving-car tests without ride-along human – CNET

The state’s DMV hopes to loosen rules around autonomous-vehicle testing, but it appears the Uber snafu didn’t have anything to do with it.
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​Congress to Trump: Your tweet deletes might be breaking the law – CNET

Members of the House Oversight Committee warn that the president’s habit of deleting tweets might violate the Presidential Records Act.
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'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' stars thank fans on 20th anniversary – CNET

The cast and crew who made a vampire slayer into a feminist icon chime in to thank showrunner Joss Whedon and the fans who’ve loved the show for two decades.
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Arguments break out on social media over jobs report – CNET

Social Cues: Also trending on Twitter are Nicki Minaj’s three new songs.
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Best sound bars under $300 – CNET

A good sound bar doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are the sound bars and sound bases under $300 that we liked best in our reviews.
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'Fate of the Furious' trailer shows self-driving cars used as weapons – CNET

The eighth “Fast and Furious” movie cheekily explores the potential dark side of driverless cars when put in the hands of a cyberterrorist.
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NASA's Jupiter moon mission gets a super-retro name – CNET

NASA’s official name for its Europa moon mission turns back the clock to evoke a time when masted ships flew across the oceans.
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Land Rover's Project Hero combines a drone with the Discovery SUV to save lives – Roadshow

Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations built this car specifically for the Austrian Red Cross.
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SecuritySpy: A quick fix for orphaned Logitech Alert owners

What happens when the hardware you have still works, but the software has gone to the great bit bucket in the sky? In the case of Logitech Alert owners, they move to a better replacement product. Here’s how.
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Microsoft's Windows Server on ARM move: More questions and answers

Microsoft’s official acknowledgement that it has Windows Server running on ARM for use in its own, and potentially others’, datacenters generated a number of questions. Here are a few answers.
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Latest Intelligence for February 2017

Number of new malware variants reaches highest level since October 2016 and Symantec uncovers a wider campaign carried out by Shamoon attackers.

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Some of the key takeaways from February’s Latest Intelligence, and the threat landscape in general, include the highest increase in malware variants since October 2016, more Symantec research into the Shamoon attackers, and some unconventional tactics used by Android.Lockdroid.E variants.&nb

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Number of new malware variants reaches highest level since October 2016

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Source: Symantec

Subaru recalls 26,000 Imprezas for backup camera gremlins – Roadshow

A quick software reflash should solve the problem.
Source: CNet

Hasbro's DropMix is a mad blend of Rock Band and Magic the Gathering – CNET

NFC cards and on-the-fly mashups: Harmonix and Hasbro have created a card game for party DJs that makes its own music. I played a few rounds.
Source: CNet

CIA hacking? Hooray! Privacy advocates see an upside – CNET

It appears US spies are using targeted hacking tools in their investigations. The surprise: That could mean your data is safer.
Source: CNet

WikiLeaks will share CIA hacking details with companies, but can they use it?

WikiLeaks plans to share details about what it says are CIA hacking tools with the tech companies so that software fixes can be developed.

But will software companies want it?

The information WikiLeaks plans to share comes from 8,700-plus documents it says were stolen from an internal CIA server. If the data is classified—and it almost certainly is—possessing it would be a crime.

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Google tries to beat AWS at cloud security

Google knows that if enterprises are going to move their critical services to its cloud, then it has to offer something that AWS doesn’t. At Google Cloud Next, the company’s leadership made the case that Google Cloud was the most secure cloud.

At the conference this week, Google unveiled tools that would let IT teams provide granular access to applications, better manage encryption keys, and enforce stronger authentication mechanisms for applications running on Google Cloud. While some of the features, such as Key Management Service, is similar to the security tools AWS has already rolled out (in this case, the AWS Key Management Service), others, such as DLP API for GCP (Google Cloud Platform), go beyond the infrastructure to protect individual applications.

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Hacktivist or script kiddy? Know your 10 types of hacker

Different shapes and sizes
Different shapes and sizes

Image by Thinkstock

Hackers, like the attacks they perpetrate, come in many forms, with motivations that range from monetary to political to ethical. Understanding the different types of hackers that exist and what motivates them can help you identify the attackers you are most susceptible to and properly defend yourself and your organization against cyberattacks. Travis Farral, director of security strategy at Anomali, outlines the top 10 types of hackers you should have on your radar.

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