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A US judge denies the FTC’s bid to stop Meta’s acquisition of Within, rejecting the regulator’s concerns of the deal reducing competition in the AR/VR market (Diane Bartz/Reuters) February 4, 2023

Diane Bartz / Reuters: A US judge denies the FTC’s bid to stop Meta’s acquisition of Within, rejecting the regulator’s concerns of the deal reducing competition in the AR/VR market  —  A judge on Friday released a ruling denying the Federal Trade Commission’s request to stop Meta Platforms Inc (META.O) …

US reportedly ready to charge 4 in Yahoo's massive hacks – CNET

One suspect was near arrest in Canada, while the other three are in Russia, Bloomberg reports.
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Snoop's 'Trump clown' YouTube video causes outrage – CNET

Commentary: Snoop Dogg’s music video in which the rapper ‘shoots’ a clown Donald Trump with a toy gun is getting a lot of reaction, even from Sen. Marco Rubio.
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Netflix will help complete unfinished Orson Welles opus – CNET

The streaming service commits to distributing the famous director’s satirical “The Other Side of the Wind.”
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Samsung's new Android tablet may cost as much as iPad Pro – CNET

A listing on Best Buy’s website indicates that the tablet will cost $600.
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Jane Foster isn't in 'Thor: Ragnarok' for a simple reason – CNET

In the superheroic world of the Avengers, the reason for Natalie Portman’s absence will likely be a rather ordinary one.
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The iPhone 8 may not get that curved screen, but it'll still cost you – CNET

Even without a curved display, other iPhone 8 components could drive up the cost.
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AirPods vs. BeatsX vs. Powerbeats3: Which is best for you? – CNET

We tested Apple’s three W1-enabled Bluetooth earbuds to help you find the right fit.
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These researchers can hack your phone with sound waves – CNET

This hack is more cool than scary, but it shows how hard it is to anticipate every security flaw in our increasingly complex devices.
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How to cook 'Bob's Burgers' for real – CNET

I love food, and I love watching “Bob’s Burgers.” A popular YouTube channel shows you how to grill up some of Bob’s favorite burgers.
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MMMStop! Hanson's 25th-anniversary tour confirms you're old – CNET

Hey, 1990s kids, now it’s your turn to feel ancient: The baby-faced band of brothers has been MMMBopping for decades.
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Here's how Nintendo lovingly crafted Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – CNET

A new (mini)documentary shows off just how Nintendo created the latest Zelda entry.
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​This iPhone case is an Android phone, and it's madness – CNET

The beast with two screens and OS versions exists, perhaps
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Steve Jobs was semi-obsessed with fur, says Pixar exec – CNET

The Apple founder was so pleased by a test of Sullivan’s fur for “Monsters, Inc.,” the team celebrated with beer, says Pixar CTO Steve May at SXSW.
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Microsoft Patch Tuesday – March 2017

This month the vendor is releasing 18 bulletins, nine of which are rated Critical.

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Hello, welcome to this month’s blog on the Microsoft patch release. This month the vendor is releasing 18 bulletins, nine of which are rated Critical.

As always, customers are advised to follow these security best practices:

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Microsoft adds LinkedIn co-founder Hoffman to its board

Microsoft is continuing to bring its LinkedIn integration deeper into the fold with the appointment of its co-founder Reid Hoffman, to the Microsoft board of directors.
Source: Microsoft

Spotify gives you driving directions through Waze – CNET

The music streaming app is partnering with the Google-owned navigation app to let users access the features of both services.
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The NSA's foreign surveillance: 5 things to know

A contentious piece of U.S. law giving the National Security Agency broad authority to spy on people overseas expires at the end of the year. Expect heated debate about the scope of U.S. surveillance law leading up to Dec. 31.

One major issue to watch involves the way the surveillance treats communications from U.S. residents. Critics say U.S. emails, texts, and chat logs — potentially millions of them — are caught up in surveillance authorized by Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

U.S. residents who communicate with foreign targets of the NSA surveillance have their data swept up in what the NSA calls “incidental” collection. The FBI can then search those communications, but it’s unclear how often that happens.

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Sony's first Atmos sound bar way more expensive than rivals – CNET

​Sony has announced pricing and availability on three high-profile audio products: its first Atmos sound bar, a micro sound bar and a receiver.
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Maker of connected sex toy We-Vibe settles privacy case – CNET

A suit alleged the app-enabled vibrator was uploading sensitive information to the cloud without users’ consent. Some customers may get up to $10,000.
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Google reportedly cracks down on inaccurate and offensive content – CNET

The search giant is trying to better train its algorithms using a new flag for “Upsetting-Offensive” search results.
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Germany warns Facebook and Twitter: Regulate fake news or pay up – CNET

The German government is proposing new legislation that would fine social media platforms up to $53 million for failing to regulate and delete “criminal” content.
Source: CNet

Facebook bars developers from using data feeds for spying tools

Law enforcement officials are interested in software tools that can scan social media feeds for information that could be used to track and monitor potential criminals. To deter developers from building such tools, Facebook and Instagram have updated their policies explicitly banning developers from using user data from their platforms.

“Developers cannot ‘use data obtained from us to provide tools that are used for surveillance.’ Our goal is to make our policy explicit,” Facebook’s deputy chief privacy officer Rob Sherman wrote in a post announcing the company’s latest update to terms and conditions.

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Microsoft Teams goes live with new email integration, enterprise bots

Microsoft’s Slack competitor is rolling out to Office 365 business users worldwide starting March 14. More features are still to come, including guest access, in late June.
Source: Microsoft

Sony prices XBR-A1E OLED TV higher than LG, starting at $5,000 – CNET

After LG, Sony is the second major TV maker to sell OLED TVs in the US this year, starting in April. They’ll be a lot more expensive though.
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NYC sues Verizon for unfinished fiber-optic rollout – CNET

In 2008, Verizon entered a contract with New York City to provide all NYC households with access to its fiber-optic FiOS service by 2014. Three years later and nearly one million households shy of the goal, the city is sick of waiting.
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