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Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says it is not considering the UK for its upcoming chip factories due to Brexit; the company is investing $95B to open European plants (BBC) October 7, 2021

BBC: Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says it is not considering the UK for its upcoming chip factories due to Brexit; the company is investing $95B to open European plants  —  The boss of Intel says the US chipmaker is no longer considering building a factory in the UK because of Brexit.

Teen builds robot that shines laser into his own eye – CNET

Commentary: Using facial recognition software, a laser and a pizza box, a university student creates something that is, hopefully, one of a kind.
Source: CNet

Frogger, anyone? Play the oldest Mac games in your browser – CNET

You can now play classic Mac versions of Airborne and Lode Runner in your browser. Yes, even on a PC.
Source: CNet

All of NASA's out-of-this-world images are now in one place – CNET

Finding a particular NASA image used to mean digging around a bunch of separate websites. Not anymore!
Source: CNet

PetSmart to acquire online pet store – CNET

The Florida-based online pet supplies retailer has attracted 3 million customers since its founding in 2011.
Source: CNet

18 shapely shots from an architecture-focused photographer – CNET

This Swedish photographer’s fascination with shapes, angles and buildings is eye-catching and makes this Instagram account stand out.
Source: CNet

Details leak on Android creator's mysterious Essential phone – CNET

After helping create the Android OS, Andy Rubin is creating an Android phone of his own.
Source: CNet

3D TV may be dying, but 'Rogue One' 3D Blu-ray is sold out – CNET

Best Buy and Target, exclusive retailers for the 3D Blu-ray release of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” have apparently sold through their stock of discs.
Source: CNet

CNET Show Us Yours: Submit photos of your home theater now! – CNET

Want your kickass home theater setup featured on CNET? We’re looking for submissions, so get your photos ready and show us what you got.
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At $175, this ransomware service is a boon to cybercriminals

Cybercriminals have another easy-to-use ransomware kit to add to their arsenals, thanks to a new variant called Karmen that hackers can buy on the black market for $175.

A Russian-speaking user called DevBitox has been advertising the ransomware in underground forums, security firm Recorded Future said in a blog post on Tuesday.  

Karmen is what experts call ransomware-as-a-service — a particularly worrisome trend. Amateur hackers with little technical know-how can buy access to them, and in return, they’ll receive a whole suite of web-based tools to develop their own ransomware attacks.

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Source: Security

Facebook F8, day 1: Facebook goes all in on AR and VR – CNET

The social network kicks off its annual F8 developer conference with a heavy focus on augmented reality and virtual reality.
Source: CNet

Facebook Messenger wants to be the new Yellow Pages – CNET

The bots have invaded Facebook’s chat app. Now there are 100,000 of them waiting to book you a table or surface headlines at your beck and call.
Source: CNet

Facebook Spaces makes virtual reality a social experience – CNET

You’ll be able to hang out with friends in 3D with the social media giant’s new VR platform, released to software developers Tuesday at the F8 conference.
Source: CNet

Facebook's next act: Bridging AR to the real world – CNET

The same technology that made Pokemon Go so successful has a central role in the social network’s vision for the future.
Source: CNet

Microsoft is testing new battery-saving technology in its latest Windows 10 'Redstone 3' build

Microsoft is working to add a new battery-saving feature to Windows 10 ‘Redstone 3’, and it has begun testing it on machines with Intel sixth-generation and beyond Core processors.
Source: Microsoft

​Facebook brings augmented reality to your phone – CNET

Your phone will blend the digital and physical worlds with technology Facebook is testing this year, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says at the F8 conference.
Source: CNet

Facebook's Zuck: 'We have work to do to prevent tragedies' – CNET

CEO Mark Zuckerberg addresses Cleveland murder video and sends condolences to the victim’s family during the opening remarks of the company’s developer conference.
Source: CNet

Facebook moves ahead with account recovery for any site – CNET

Soon, you’ll be able to get back into accounts on multiple sites using Facebook instead of email for recovery. Facebook releases the tool at its F8 event.
Source: CNet

Facebook tries to make it easier to log into other apps – CNET

With updates to Facebook Login, the social network hopes to ease the hassle associated with forgotten passwords.
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Facebook's Developer Circles program tries to hook 'em early – CNET

The social network wants to help people interested in computer programming — and teach them how to use Facebook’s tools in the process.
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Hajime worm battles Mirai for control of the Internet of Things

The Hajime worm appears to be the work of a white hat hacker attempting to wrestle control of IoT devices from Mirai and other malicious threats.

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A battle is raging for control of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. There are many contenders, but two families stand out: the remains of the Mirai botnet, and a new similar family called Hajime.

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Source: Symantec

Here's how Steve Ballmer is building a huge US government data repository

USAFacts, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s latest venture, is an initiative that only a true Excel and SQLServer fan would undertake.
Source: Microsoft

Steve Ballmer's USAFacts site surfaces government spending – CNET

The former Microsoft CEO has built a database using government data so you can track just where money goes.
Source: CNet

Android Pay, PayPal aim to make paying with your phone easier – CNET

Or did mobile payments just get that much more confusing?
Source: CNet

Pandora's $10 Spotify rival opens up for anyone to join – CNET

Pandora Premium, a $10-a-month service that lets you listen to any song without ads, had been available since last month by invitation only.
Source: CNet

Microsoft buys Intentional Software; Simonyi to rejoin Microsoft

Microsoft is acquiring Intentional Software, a Bellevue, Wash.-based productivity-app vendor whose well-known founder is a programming expert and former Microsoft manager.
Source: Microsoft