Integrated Access and VOIP provides a full communications solution by combining local, long distance and Dedicated Internet Access – all over a single facility.

With maintenance, support and equipment included in one monthly fee, MSI Net Integrated Access gives your business new levels of speed, reliability and affordability.

With Integrated Access you can: be flexible to meet individual demands and scalable to grow with your business, Integrated Access is ideally suited for any small or growing company with moderate bandwidth (128 Kbps to 1.024 Mbps) and voice (6* to 23 lines) requirements.

For T-1 access, a minimum of 6 lines/trunks with a minimum of 14 channels on the T-1 must be utilized.

Your Integrated Access Service Includes:

  • Local Services
  • Long Distance
  • Internet Access
  • Web Basics
  • Delivered on your choice of T1 or Integrated Access PRI
    Strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • 24 x 7 Network Monitoring and Customer Support

Select the ideal balance between number of voice lines and data speeds for your business and scale your service as your business grows.

Reduce administration by letting MSI Net and its provider to install and manage your customer premises equipment (CPE) and communication facilities.

Reduce costs and benefit from single-source accountability for your voice and Internet access services – even enjoy convenient, one invoice billing for all your MSI Net services.