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Samsung's Galaxy A7 sports company's first triple camera – CNET September 20, 2018

Rear camera offers trio of settings, including a 120-degree view. Source: CNet

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Fitbit said to be buying smartwatch maker Pebble – CNET

Deal to acquire troubled Pebble said to be for a “small amount,” The Intercept reports.
Source: CNet

​Samsung works with Australian carriers to cut Note 7 network access – CNET

Samsung is desperate to get the faulty phones out of customers’ hands, and to do so it’s willing to make seemingly functional Note 7 devices useless.
Source: CNet

Coinbase ordered to turn over customers' records to IRS – CNET

Federal judge grants request for “John Doe” summons, demanding three years of customer records from the bitcoin exchange.
Source: CNet

12 funny things that we're fascinated by on Twitter – CNET

Social Studies: Today’s hashtag game from Twitter ended up having people contemplating what they find interesting. Some of the answers were serious, but there were also plenty of jokes.
Source: CNet

Reddit aims to 'heal' amid comment-editing scandal – CNET

The social-networking site is targeting a community of Donald Trump supporters as part of a crackdown on abusive behavior on the site.
Source: CNet

Beyonce gives YouTube another splash of 'Lemonade' – CNET

“All Night” is the latest song from Beyonce’s visual album to land as a standalone video on YouTube.
Source: CNet

iPhone 7 tops holiday wishlist – CNET

According to a new survey, the iPhone ranks as the most wanted gift of 2016.
Source: CNet

​Happy holiday shopping! Now here's your SSD price increase – CNET

With flash chip supplies tight, you won’t get as many gigabytes for your money when buying a new PC, analyst firms say.
Source: CNet, still kicking, open sources self-driving cars – Roadshow

The self-driving car startup has released its software platform and plans for a hardware module, the Comma Neo, freely to the public.
Source: CNet

7 reasons 'Rogue One' stands out in the Star Wars saga – CNET

Commentary: The upcoming Star Wars movie appears to have it all: a female lead, a diverse cast, Darth Vader, the Death Star origin story and a mysterious new robot.
Source: CNet