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Best Amazon Prime Day 2018 gaming deals: Switch, Xbox and PC accessories – CNET July 16, 2018

Discounts on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S, PC hardware and more. Source: CNet

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Facebook celebrates New Year with virtual firework displays – CNET

Sparks will be flying this New Year’s Eve on Facebook, where its millions of users can send good tidings to loved ones.
Source: CNet

Russian hackers strike at US electrical grid, report says – CNET

Code associated with a Russian hacking operation, known as ‘Grizzly Steppe,’ is found at a Vermont utility.
Source: CNet

See Wolverine 'Logan' movie trailer re-created with Legos – CNET

This impressive fan-made trailer makes Wolverine look even more weary in Lego form.
Source: CNet

Ultimate Dungeons & Dragons table features embedded monitor – CNET

The “Super-Fan Builds” webseries makes the kind of D&D table that would impress even the pickiest dungeon master.
Source: CNet

Parents' lawsuit claims FaceTime caused daughter's death – CNET

Commentary: A Texas family claims that because the driver of a car that crashed into theirs, killing their daughter, was on FaceTime, Apple should pay.
Source: CNet

Trump calls Putin smart, tweets good wishes to enemies, losers – CNET

Commentary: To end the year, the president-elect shows magnanimity. Of a kind.
Source: CNet

Sea-Monkeys documentary explores toy creator's dark side – CNET

Watch this mini-documentary on the history of the pop culture pet sensation Sea-Monkeys and how they swam into the imaginations of kids worldwide.
Source: CNet

Oscar Isaac posts 'Star Wars VIII' set photo of Fisher, Hamill – CNET

The actor who plays Poe Dameron posts a candid behind-the-scenes photo of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker with the late Carrie Fisher as General Leia.
Source: CNet

Google doodle eagerly awaits new year – CNET

Web giant has a balloon drop to help you put 2016 to rest and ring in 2017.
Source: CNet

Is 2016 really the year of death? We ask a Dead Pool boss – CNET

When celebrity deaths are your business, this horrible year actually comes in a little below average, the commissioner tells CNET.
Source: CNet