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Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul, dies at 76 – CNET August 16, 2018

Her career spanned more than six decades and included hits like “Respect” and “A Natural Woman.” Source: CNet

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Apple climbs past Samsung as world's top phone vendor – CNET

The iPhone maker captured 18 percent of the global smartphone market in the final months of 2016, says Strategy Analytics.
Source: CNet

Facebook weeds out more fake news – CNET

Called out for a raft of fake news stories that allegedly affected the 2016 US election, Facebook is systematically adding steps to show what’s real.
Source: CNet

Microsoft campus has a nude jogger – CNET

Commentary: And the police say he had a very scientific explanation for why he was doing it.
Source: CNet

For Super Bowl, Budweiser addresses immigration – CNET

Commentary: Already trending on YouTube is Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad, which shows the arduous journey to America of founder Adolphus Busch.
Source: CNet

Trump names Supreme Court nominee on Facebook Live – CNET

President Donald Trump took to social media to announce Neil Gorsuch as his pick for the next justice of the Supreme Court.
Source: CNet

Prince's music expected back on Spotify and Apple Music soon – CNET

Inside sources and coy Spotify ads point to The Purple One’s music becoming available on all streaming services very soon.
Source: CNet

Samsung officially launching something next month, just not the Galaxy S8 phone – CNET

Samsung isn’t launching a phone at MobileWorld Congress, but it’s unveiling something. Perhaps a tablet rumored to have a 9.6-inch screen and 12-megapixel camera.
Source: CNet

Super-old sea creature discovered, gives us super-new creeps – CNET

A 500-million-year-old creature adds to the fascinating chain of early life on Earth.
Source: CNet

Sandberg: Trump's immigration ban defies American values – CNET

The Facebook exec says the president’s executive orders put the dreams, futures and safety of immigrant women and children at risk.
Source: CNet

iPhone 7 propels Apple to record-shattering sales – CNET

Who says the iPhone is boring? The company reports record unit sales despite few changes to the look of its flagship device.
Source: CNet