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Calling Hawkins Power will give you 'Stranger Things' clues – CNET October 23, 2017

Fans of the Netflix series can call the fictional company Hawkins Power and Light to discover more clues of what may happen in the second season. Source: CNet

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Apple climbs past Samsung as world's top phone vendor – CNET

The iPhone maker captured 18 percent of the global smartphone market in the final months of 2016, says Strategy Analytics.
Source: CNet

Facebook weeds out more fake news – CNET

Called out for a raft of fake news stories that allegedly affected the 2016 US election, Facebook is systematically adding steps to show what’s real.
Source: CNet

Microsoft campus has a nude jogger – CNET

Commentary: And the police say he had a very scientific explanation for why he was doing it.
Source: CNet

For Super Bowl, Budweiser addresses immigration – CNET

Commentary: Already trending on YouTube is Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad, which shows the arduous journey to America of founder Adolphus Busch.
Source: CNet

Trump names Supreme Court nominee on Facebook Live – CNET

President Donald Trump took to social media to announce Neil Gorsuch as his pick for the next justice of the Supreme Court.
Source: CNet

Prince's music expected back on Spotify and Apple Music soon – CNET

Inside sources and coy Spotify ads point to The Purple One’s music becoming available on all streaming services very soon.
Source: CNet

Samsung officially launching something next month, just not the Galaxy S8 phone – CNET

Samsung isn’t launching a phone at MobileWorld Congress, but it’s unveiling something. Perhaps a tablet rumored to have a 9.6-inch screen and 12-megapixel camera.
Source: CNet

Super-old sea creature discovered, gives us super-new creeps – CNET

A 500-million-year-old creature adds to the fascinating chain of early life on Earth.
Source: CNet

Sandberg: Trump's immigration ban defies American values – CNET

The Facebook exec says the president’s executive orders put the dreams, futures and safety of immigrant women and children at risk.
Source: CNet

iPhone 7 propels Apple to record-shattering sales – CNET

Who says the iPhone is boring? The company reports record unit sales despite few changes to the look of its flagship device.
Source: CNet