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Samsung's Galaxy A7 sports company's first triple camera – CNET September 20, 2018

Rear camera offers trio of settings, including a 120-degree view. Source: CNet

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NVIDIA's new GPU is better than the Titan X and $500 cheaper – CNET

Available from March 10, the $700 GPU has 11GB of GDDR5X memory and is designed for 4K gaming.
Source: CNet

Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge honored with UFO award – CNET

Didn’t know the rock star had a thing for aliens? DeLonge’s passion to find proof of their existence — including creating a news site dedicated to UFO research — earns him an accolade.
Source: CNet

​Uber CEO battles driver over falling fares and low pay – CNET

A dashboard cam catches Travis Kalanick getting into a heated argument with his driver. This comes on top of weeks of criticism for the ride-hailing company.
Source: CNet

Look at this amazing smart-home tech for kitchens – CNET

Robot chefs! Sinks that appear — and disappear! Cups that defy gravity! Want a smarter kitchen? Here it comes.
Source: CNet

Is angry video the end for Uber's CEO? – CNET

Commentary: In a video obtained by Bloomberg, Travis Kalanick gets into an argument with an Uber Black driver. He doesn’t come out of it well. Is it time for him to go?
Source: CNet

CNET asks: Will the nostalgic Nokia 3310 candy-bar phone win you back? – CNET

The Nokia 3310 is back! Updated and long on nostalgia but not nearly as smart as your average smartphone — is this phone enticing enough for you to buy it?
Source: CNet

Rolls-Royce builds bespoke ride-on for hospitalized children – Roadshow

I have a lot of dust in my eyes all of a sudden.
Source: CNet

Trump signs laws to promote women in STEM – CNET

Two new laws will let NASA and the National Science Foundation push for women and girls to get into STEM.
Source: CNet

Nintendo Switch needs a big dose of NES Classic – CNET

Commentary: The Switch should be a retro paradise. But it isn’t. Yet.
Source: CNet

No, you're not crazy. Part of the internet broke – CNET

Amazon’s cloud service, which hosts some of your favorite sites, had a bad day.
Source: CNet