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Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul, dies at 76 – CNET August 16, 2018

Her career spanned more than six decades and included hits like “Respect” and “A Natural Woman.” Source: CNet

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We celebrate 10 years of the iPhone … with more iPhone 8 rumors! (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 90) – CNET

A look back at the iPhone and its origins: Who could forget the Motorola Rokr? Plus, new iPhone 8 rumors and what its fingerprint sensor could be like.
Source: CNet

This website lets you create your very own cat purr – CNET

If your allergy-prone roommate won’t let you have a cat, Purrli’s the next best thing.
Source: CNet

Is this Microsoft’s cancelled Surface Mini? – CNET

Back in 2014 Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 3, but was there another Surface it cancelled at the last minute? And are these its specs?
Source: CNet

Twitter investor Chris Sacca apologizes for VC sexism – CNET

Sacca’s Medium post offers an apology and takes responsibility for participating in sexism in the industry.
Source: CNet

Chris Barr set CNET's compass – CNET

Our first editor in chief, who died last month at age 64, laid solid groundwork for our fledgling news site and the web around it.
Source: CNet

4K games go cheap in Sony's midyear PSN sale – CNET

PlayStation 4 Pro owners with 4K TVs can pick up some PS4 Pro-enhanced games at deep discounts during Sony’s big summer sale.
Source: CNet

Elon Musk's Boring Company digs into (and under) LA – CNET

The man behind SpaceX and Tesla tweeted this week that the machine has started to create underground tunnels.
Source: CNet

Germany could fine social media companies millions for hate speech – CNET

Companies must remove or block “unlawful content” within 24 hours or face fines, according to a new law.
Source: CNet

NASA promises there aren't any child slaves on Mars – CNET

On his show “Infowars,” conspiracy peddler Alex Jones discusses claims of an interplanetary child slave trade. When asked, NASA has something to say about it.
Source: CNet

Daimler's new bus tech will automatically brake for pedestrians – Roadshow

It’s the first bus in the world to do so.
Source: CNet