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Samsung's Galaxy A7 sports company's first triple camera – CNET September 20, 2018

Rear camera offers trio of settings, including a 120-degree view. Source: CNet

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Spotify: Lorde got famous thanks to Sean Parker's playlist – CNET

Commentary: Delve deep into the Spotify IPO filing and you’ll find music legend.
Source: CNet

#DeleteVero campaign spawned by concerns over founder's past – CNET

The social media app has skyrocketed in popularity, but questions about the co-founder’s previous experience has led to a backlash.
Source: CNet

New 'Wonder Woman 2' villain could be Kristen Wiig – CNET

The “Saturday Night Live” alum is in talks to show her evil side as the DC Comics comic book character Cheetah, according to a report.
Source: CNet

'Guardians of the Galaxy' director: Groot died in first film – CNET

Were we supposed to know this? Because some of us thought Baby Groot was just a reborn version of big Groot…
Source: CNet

Bill Gates warns cryptocurrency has a deadly side – CNET

Microsoft co-founder says criminals, terrorists and tax evaders benefit from cryptocurrencies’ anonymous transactions.
Source: CNet

Hyundai scoops up more ex-M talent to help build fast cars – Roadshow

Maybe Hyundai figured that Albert Biermann needed some company, so it hired ex-BMW M USA head Thomas Schemera to run its performance and motorsport division.
Source: CNet

'Wreck-It Ralph 2' trailer takes aim at clickbait and eBay – CNET

A Disney movie lampooning the internet. What could go wrong?
Source: CNet

Nissan celebrates 'A Wrinkle in Time' with a magical trio of Leaf EVs – Roadshow

Custom wraps, fabrication and high-tech touchscreen windows feature on these fancy show cars inspired by characters in Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time.”
Source: CNet

New episodes of 'Roseanne' hit Hulu starting in March 2018 – CNET

Everything old is new again at Hulu. After 21 years, new episodes of “Roseanne” will stream.
Source: CNet

Uber discriminates against people in wheelchairs, lawsuit says – CNET

The ride-hailing company is sued in California for allegedly not providing enough wheelchair-accessible vehicles.
Source: CNet