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Facebook agrees to brief House Judiciary on data misuse – CNET March 20, 2018

In the wake of the discovery of Cambridge Analytica’s gathering of Facebook user data, the US House Judiciary wants to talk. Source: CNet

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Amazon breaks out streaming music in a duet with Echo – CNET

Amazon launches a Spotify-style stand-alone music service at a price few can beat: full-fledged streaming tunes for $4 a month, as long as its voice-activated speaker is the only way you play.
Source: CNet

Sponges hold the key to the batteries of the future – CNET

A new energy storage device developed by MIT researchers that uses sponge-like structures could outstrip the current carbon-based tech.
Source: CNet

Boy teased for facial birthmarks gets heartfelt internet love – CNET

A young Israeli boy teased for his rare skin condition gets a touching show of support from strangers online.
Source: CNet

Overwatch celebrates 20 million players with Halloween tricks and treats – CNET

A whole bundle of Halloween-themed cosmetic items and new a game mode are out in time to celebrate Overwatch passing another big milestone.
Source: CNet

Bill Gates says mosquitoes scare him more than sharks – CNET

The Microsoft billionaire would rather cuddle with Jaws than wander outside into a cloud of skeeters.
Source: CNet

Facebook, Twitter accused of providing user data for police surveillance – CNET

Data provided through a third-party social-media monitoring program allowed authorities to track civil unrest, says the ACLU.
Source: CNet

Owner releases footage of smoking Note 7 – CNET

Technically Incorrect: In Hawaii, a replacement Note 7 is in its owner’s hands. Then it tries to choke her.
Source: CNet

Internet puts best face forward for boy with rare skin condition – CNET

A young Israeli boy teased for his many birthmarks gets a touching show of support from strangers online.
Source: CNet

Dear Ken Bone, please don't accept X-rated site's $100K offer – CNET

Keep the sweater on, please, sudden star of Sunday’s presidential debate. Your country needs you.
Source: CNet

Mysterious 'ghost ship' spotted shimmering on a lake – CNET

An atmospheric video taken on Lake Superior shows a distant, strange object hovering at the water line, but it probably has a mundane explanation.
Source: CNet

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