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Google to fix Wi-Fi-slaying Chromecast bug on Thursday – CNET January 18, 2018

An Android update should keep your home network from succumbing to potentially crippling data bursts. Source: CNet

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Norwegian lawmaker caught playing Pokemon Go in parliament – CNET

Technically Incorrect: Trine Skei Grande, leader of the liberal party, just can’t get enough of monsters.
Source: CNet

Ultrarare Apple-1 falls short of expected $1M auction price – CNET

Computer believed to be a prototype sells for $815,000 in an auction that sees a portion of the sale price being donated to charity.
Source: CNet

Artist submerges black dress in Dead Sea, salt turns it white – CNET

Salt crystals not only changed the color of the dress, but added hundreds of pounds to its weight.
Source: CNet

Texas students fight new campus gun law with sex toys – CNET

Technically Incorrect: At the University of Texas, some students decided that gadgets of pleasure were the way to protest a new state law that allows guns in classrooms. The campaign has quite some name.
Source: CNet

All hail Octobot! Harvard debuts adorable 3D-printed soft robot – CNET

Harvard researchers build a tentacled little robot made entirely of flexible parts. No electronics needed.
Source: CNet

Google Fiber reportedly ordered to cut costs, downsize – CNET

Building a fiber-based network is expensive and time-consuming. The company is said to have fallen “well short” of its subscriber goals.
Source: CNet

Meet the (alleged) aliens of Proxima b – CNET

Almost 60 years ago, an account emerged of aliens from a planet around Proxima Centauri. It’s been largely forgotten, but now that we know the planet is real, does the wild story deserve another look?
Source: CNet

Sportswriter gets Twitter account back after flap over posting Olympics GIF – CNET

The social network restores the account of a sports writer suspended for posting a GIF of US gymnast Aly Raisman.
Source: CNet

New emoji are on the way, including airline pilot and rainbow flag – CNET

The list of hugely popular little drawings on your phone are going to expand again, making your life a little more colorful, one message at a time.
Source: CNet

Pie in the sky: Drones to deliver Domino's pizza in New Zealand – CNET

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a hand-tossed Hawaiian with mushrooms. And you don’t even have to tip the delivery drone.
Source: CNet

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