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Facebook agrees to brief House Judiciary on data misuse – CNET March 20, 2018

In the wake of the discovery of Cambridge Analytica’s gathering of Facebook user data, the US House Judiciary wants to talk. Source: CNet

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Weinstein Company files for bankruptcy, staff can break silence – CNET

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements may see more women share sexual harassment claims by Harvey Weinstein after his ex-company ends non-disclosure agreements.
Source: CNet

IBM offers up Watson Assistant, its answer to Amazon’s Alexa – CNET

The business software giant unveils its digital helper a few months after Amazon introduced a rival service, Alexa for Business.
Source: CNet

Ford tries to simplify car buying with Ready.Shop.Go. – Roadshow

In a bid to take some of the discomfort out of the car buying process, Ford is trying to make it as simple and transparent as possible by using the power of the internet.
Source: CNet

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos takes a robot dog for a walk – CNET

Bezos tweeted the Boston Robotics dog from MARS, Amazon’s invite-only robotics conference in California.
Source: CNet

Facebook security chief reportedly leaving the company – CNET

Alex Stamos says he’s “still fully engaged” with his work at Facebook, though his role has changed. Questions about Stamos come as Facebook deals with a privacy flap linked to Cambridge Analytica.
Source: CNet

UK authorities seek warrant for Cambridge Analytica offices – CNET

Data analytics firm is at the center of a scandal over its misuse of Facebook data during the 2016 US election.
Source: CNet

Google will let you play Android games before downloading them – CNET

Google Play Instant is part of a redesign of the Google Play Games app.
Source: CNet

TSA searches inflatable pink flamingo for weapons – CNET

What the flock? This airport security employee had to put his foot down: Floatie birds need to be scanned, even if they’re not flying anywhere.
Source: CNet

How far will Cambridge Analytica go for an election win? – CNET

The consultancy firm, in hot water over its misuse of Facebook data, told UK’s Channel 4 that it was willing to go beyond using data to hurt a candidate.
Source: CNet

Uber halts self-driving cars after first pedestrian fatality – Roadshow

The ride-hailing company puts the brakes on its self-driving operations in the US and Canada after a woman is killed by an autonomous vehicle in Tempe, Arizona.
Source: CNet

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