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Roku launches its free Roku app for the Apple Watch that will allow users to launch channels on their TV, do voice search, and find lost Roku remotes (Zac Hall/9to5Mac) November 8, 2019

Zac Hall / 9to5Mac: Roku launches its free Roku app for the Apple Watch that will allow users to launch channels on their TV, do voice search, and find lost Roku remotes  —  Roku streaming devices gained the Apple TV app last month for viewing Apple TV+ shows as well as content from HBO, Showtime, […]

Robotic tumbleweeds will explore the galaxy for us – CNET

Because what would a frontier be like without ’em?
Source: CNet

Data mined from social media a prize in Clinton-Trump debate – CNET

Social media responds as the two candidates spar over the issues in the first of three planned debates.
Source: CNet

Trumped-up sniffles and other presidential debate memes – CNET

During what was expected to be the most watched debate ever, a case of the sniffles and alternate candidates ranging from berries to quarterbacks dominated the discussion online.
Source: CNet

Lester Holt gets social media sympathy, sarcasm as debate moderator – CNET

Journalist Lester Holt let the presidential candidates have their say in Monday’s debate, and social media had its say about Holt’s moderation as well.
Source: CNet

Trump's debate sniffles spark Twitter parody accounts – CNET

Need a tissue? Monday’s presidential-candidate slugfest brought out the social-media satire.
Source: CNet

No, Trump didn't delete global-warming tweet during debate – CNET

Twitter goes aflutter with an accusation the candidate was deleting damning tweets during the debate. Problem is, he didn’t.
Source: CNet

Are these the new Pixel Phone and Chromecast coming next week? – CNET

Venture Beat publishes photos that may just be a new 4K Chromecast and Google’s new flagship phone.
Source: CNet

Journalists hit with $200 Wi-Fi bill for presidential debates – CNET

Hofstra University is so keen on reporters using its own wireless service that it is reportedly searching reporters for personal hotspots and shutting them down.
Source: CNet

This is your first look at the far more modern 2017 Jeep Compass – Roadshow

The Patriot and Compass of old are gone, swallowed up by a single SUV that takes the Compass name.
Source: CNet

Palantir alleged to have discriminated against Asian job seekers – CNET

The data mining giant might lose its government contracts if it doesn’t comply.
Source: CNet

Google doesn't even know its own birthday (but it's celebrating today) – CNET

Our little internet behemoth is all grown up!
Source: CNet

Want to avoid the presidential debate? Here are four alternatives – CNET

If you just can’t watch, you may want to turn your channel (or mobile phone) to football, or maybe move to “Zootopia.”
Source: CNet

Google shields security reporter targeted by massive cyberattack – CNET

Brian Krebs’ website had been largely unreachable for the past week, the victim of a “record” flood of fake requests for traffic.
Source: CNet

Who's your daddy, Tony Stark? Maybe not who you think – CNET

A newly issued comic book shakes up Iron Man’s family tree. Warning, spoilers ahead.
Source: CNet

Snapchat Spectacles have what Google Glass was sorely missing: Fun – CNET

Commentary: The company’s new video camera-equipped sunglasses are tacky, colorful and look like crappy $8 shades from a souvenir stand. That’s their genius.
Source: CNet

34% off Master Lock Bluetooth Keyless Outdoor Padlock – Deal Alert

Use your smartphone to open this padlock from Master Lock. Share access, monitor access history and receive alerts if someone is tampering. Designed for outdoor use, its shackle offers 2 inch vertical clearance and is made of boron for maximum resistance to cutting and sawing. The lock features alternate methods of access for when Bluetooth isn’t available or the replaceable battery dies. Its typical list price of $89 has been reduced 34% to $59 (see on Amazon). An indoor version is available, also at a discount (28% off, $50 — See on Amazon).

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Source: Security

Disney reportedly eyes Twitter for potential buyout – CNET

The media powerhouse may be the latest company to go after Twitter, Bloomberg News reports. That could pit Disney against Google and Salesforce.
Source: CNet

Titanfall 2: Higher frame rates not ruled out for PC – CNET

There were some problems with “incredibly high frame rates” during testing, however.
Source: CNet

Why you shouldn't get excited about 4K and HDR gaming, at least not yet – CNET

The new PS4 Pro and Xbox One S game consoles finally bring us into the era of high-resolution 4K and high dynamic range gaming. But just barely.
Source: CNet

Legos flushed by Brits alone could build a world-record tower – CNET

You don’t even want to know how many Barbie dolls were turned into Sewer Swim Mermaids.
Source: CNet

Mapping company Here will let drivers use maps from competing automakers – Roadshow

Automakers working together for the common good is a welcome, albeit rare, sight.
Source: CNet

Samsung calls dibs on Department of Energy's screen coatings – CNET

Electronics giant licenses a superhydrophobic film for glass screens developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory that’s supposed to repel water, reduce light reflection and resist fingerprints and smudges.
Source: CNet

Watch the Trump-Clinton debate, or football, for free via Sling TV – CNET

The streaming service’s free 18-hour trial runs through tonight’s presidential debate, as well as the Monday Night Football game on ESPN. You don’t even need a credit card.
Source: CNet

Do Snapchat Spectacles look dumber than Google Glass? (The 3:59, Ep. 112) – CNET

We also talk about Hillary Clinton’s big selfie moment and where to watch the presidential debate.
Source: CNet

McLaren built an affordable, electric P1, but you won't fit in it – Roadshow

This should rustle some jimmies at Tesla and Radio Flyer.
Source: CNet

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