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When is episode 2 of The Mandalorian released on Disney Plus? – CNET November 13, 2019

You might think The Mandalorian is on a weekly schedule. Not exactly… When is episode 2 of The Mandalorian released on Disney Plus? – CNET Source: CNet

We unlocked an escape room's hidden secrets – CNET

What happens when you mix a Myst, Mouse Trap and a Rubik’s Cube? An escape room!
Source: CNet

Snap's Spectacles come with an impressive pedigree – CNET

The person behind the upcoming camera-sunglasses is reportedly Steve Horowitz, a hardware veteran who has worked at Apple, Google and Motorola.
Source: CNet

Microsoft OneDrive roadmap: A slide is worth a thousand words

Here’s what the Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint teams have coming, feature-wise, over the next few quarters.
Source: Microsoft

Make your final ride dead silent with this Tesla Model S hearse – Roadshow

It takes a lot of chutzpah to chop up an electric car like this.
Source: CNet

BlackBerry bails on building its own phones – CNET

The struggling company will cease the internal development of hardware, instead outsourcing it to partners. It will focus instead on security and software.
Source: CNet

White House: Your logins have to be better than this – CNET

In a campaign backed by the Obama administration, tech companies and internet security advocates urge Americans to use two-factor authentication.
Source: CNet

Facebook at Work to start doing the business next month – CNET

Facebook’s tool for businesses is reported to be ready to take on Slack and other business-focussed rivals.
Source: CNet

Financial sector expands use of blockchain databases

Banks and financial markets are adopting blockchain distributed database software for their payments and lending services at a pace faster than once expected, according to a survey of 400 such businesses globally.

Blockchain software is the basis of bitcoin, first developed in 2009, and acts as an automatic public ledger for transactions, primarily financial transactions.

The survey, conducted by a research division of IBM, found that 15 percent of the banks and 14 percent of financial market institutions intend to implement full-scale, commercial blockchain-based services in 2017.

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Analysts laud and lance new Microsoft browser armor

Analysts today gave mixed reviews to Microsoft’s new security model for its Edge browser, labeling it as both a landmark move and an attempt to mask the underlying problems of Windows that the company has refused to address.

“This is one of those ideas where you say, ‘Why didn’t someone do this before?'” said Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst of Moor Insights & Strategy.

Moorhead was talking about Windows Defender Application Guard, a new security feature that will roll out to some enterprise customers next year. Only organizations that subscribe to Windows Enterprise E3 or E5 — plans under which businesses pay an annual fee to run the operating system — will be offered Application Guard.

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Drake's 'Views' is the first album to hit 1 billion Apple Music streams – CNET

Drake’s year of domination continues as his once Apple-exclusive album hits another milestone.
Source: CNet

'Safe' Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes in China, claims owner – CNET

Samsung has spent untold millions recalling the Galaxy Note 7, but one of the “safe” units has reportedly exploded in China.
Source: CNet

YouTube Go brings data-light video to a phone near you – CNET

The India-first YouTube Go app brings video-streaming within reach for data-free sharing of cat videos with your nearby friends.
Source: CNet

Ancient Roman coins turn up in Japanese ruins – CNET

A haul of coins from halfway across the world turned up on an archaeological site in Japan. Exactly how they got there is a fascinating mystery.
Source: CNet

New projector creates VR without a headset – CNET

Panoworks’ screen enclosure lets you experience VR games and movies across a 150 degree field of vision.
Source: CNet

Twitter wants you to be a Periscope VIP – CNET

Twitter’s livestreaming service is rolling out a new membership tier that will help grow audiences and collaborate with other users.
Source: CNet

Google could soon bring free Wi-Fi to your bus – CNET

The company originally helped connect Indian train stations with free Wi-Fi, and now wants to bring that service to the world.
Source: CNet

Hit the road, headphone jack. USB wants your job – CNET

A trade group is done creating a technology to let ordinary USB ports take over from the 3.5mm audio jack on laptops and PCs.
Source: CNet

Airbnb rentals 'dangerously' crowded, senators say – CNET

New York state senators release a report describing illegal “rentals of doom” that feature air mattresses crowded into kitchens and beds stuffed into laundry rooms.
Source: CNet

Android.Lockscreen ransomware now using pseudorandom numbers

The latest Android.Lockscreen variants are using new techniques to improve their chances of obtaining ransom money.

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New variants of Android.Lockscreen are using pseudorandom passcodes to prevent victims from unlocking devices without paying the ransom.

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Source: Symantec

Check out DARPA's new podcast — so far, no insane killer robots – CNET

The government agency that brings you new military tech, now brings you its first podcast: “Voices from DARPA.”
Source: CNet

A visual look at Elon Musk's plan to move us to Mars (pictures) – CNET

The SpaceX founder has an audacious plan to build the first Martian metropolis, and he just might have the rockets to pull it off.
Source: CNet

Witcher dev invites players to 'kill' Gwent's servers yet again – CNET

The second server stress test kicks off today; here’s what you need to know.
Source: CNet

Teen suspended for taking picture of school's dirty water – CNET

A Michigan teen is told she’s sanctioned for inappropriate use of an electronic device. She posted a picture of bathroom water that was urine-colored to Twitter.
Source: CNet

Let's fill a toilet with 240 pounds of mercury and then flush it – CNET

A YouTube channel dedicated to unusual science experiments takes a bathroom break with a special toilet system and a whole lot of liquid mercury.
Source: CNet

Trump-Clinton debate sets records online and on TV – CNET

An estimated 84 million people watched the presidential debate on television, says Nielsen. Millions more joined the fray online.
Source: CNet

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