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Facebook privacy settings make you work to stop the data sharing – CNET March 22, 2018

Your Facebook friends can still share your info with third-party apps, though not as much data as researchers gleaned in the Cambridge Analytica case. Source: CNet

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Huawei dealt a blow, loses Best Buy as smartphone retailer – CNET

The Chinese company, the world’s third-largest smartphone maker, can’t catch a break in the US. It’s already shut out of the US carriers.
Source: CNet

Zuckerberg vows changes to Facebook after Cambridge Analytica scandal – CNET

In his first public statement on the controversy, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits to mistakes involving misused data affecting more than 50 million user accounts.
Source: CNet

Facebook hit with $369M fine in South Korea over internet speed – CNET

The social network slowed users’ internet connections by rerouting access to the site through Hong Kong and the US, the country’s telecommunications regulator says.
Source: CNet

iPhone SE 2: Rumored specs, price, release date – CNET

Apple might release a sequel to its scrappy iPhone SE “budget” phone. Here’s what we know.
Source: CNet

Facebook, Google and Amazon face digital tax blow in Europe – CNET

Online companies don’t pay tax in European countries where they operate without a physical presence. But that could all be about to change.
Source: CNet

What to know before you buy vintage-style LED light bulbs – CNET

A new crop of LED light bulbs wants to combine modern technology with old-school looks. Here’s what to look for as you pick one out.
Source: CNet

Dodge Viper plant to house historic vehicle collection, meeting space – Roadshow

The Conner Avenue Assembly Plant has been dormant since the Viper ceased production last year, but it won’t stay that way for long as nearly 100,000 square-feet of the plant have been set aside as a private museum and corporate meeting facility.
Source: CNet

Aston Martin returns to F1, plans "core" mid-engine production car in 2021 – Roadshow

A partnership with Red Bull Racing means the Aston Martin name will appear on an F1 car for the first time in 59 years… and that’s just the beginning of the automaker’s plans.
Source: CNet

Should you be paranoid around Amazon's Alexa? – CNET

9 questions you’ve had about Alexa but were too afraid to ask.
Source: CNet

Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg mercilessly mocked by Stephen Colbert – CNET

Commentary: Cambridge Analytica doesn’t escape the late-night host’s scorn either, as Colbert can’t help marveling at the mess.
Source: CNet

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