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Google to fix Wi-Fi-slaying Chromecast bug on Thursday – CNET January 18, 2018

An Android update should keep your home network from succumbing to potentially crippling data bursts. Source: CNet

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How weed dispensaries fight for higher awareness through tech – CNET

Marijuana businesses need to find creative workarounds to get attention on Google or Facebook, since tech companies still treat them as illegal operations.
Source: CNet

OnePlus disables credit card payment after fraud reports – CNET

Customers reported suspicious activity on their credit cards after making purchases on OnePlus’ website.
Source: CNet

Samsung gifts 2018 Winter Olympics athletes a special Note 8 – CNET

The company only made around 4,000. Sadly, it looks like you have to be a world-class athlete to get one.
Source: CNet

MacBook Air. Apple’s best product ever – CNET

The Air is celebrating its 10th anniversary and I’m celebrating the one Apple product that’s never let me down.
Source: CNet

Origin PC invites you to gear up and see its etchings – CNET

At CES 2018, the custom system builder showed off new ways to jazz up its systems as well as updates to the hardware.
Source: CNet

YouTube adds stricter rules for creator ad monetization – CNET

Every video in its elite ad program will be scrutinized by human reviewers, while the bar has been raised for joining the program.
Source: CNet

Google photo-matching art app finds twins for CNET staffers – CNET

The latest viral craze matches your photo to works from museums and galleries from 70 countries. We asked CNET staffers to try it out and the results aren’t always pretty.
Source: CNet

The first lawsuits to save net neutrality have been filed – CNET

Several groups, including attorneys general from 22 states and the browser maker Mozilla, filed suit against the FCC, which voted last month to gut the 2015 net neutrality rules protecting the open internet.
Source: CNet

'Solo: A Star Wars Story' synopsis teases Han, Chewie and Lando – CNET

Looks like we’ll see the origin of the galactic friendship between Han Solo, Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian.
Source: CNet

'Last Jedi' screenings in Japan let you choose between light, dark sides – CNET

Screenings of the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in 4DX offer completely different viewing experiences.
Source: CNet

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