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'Game of Thrones' author says spinoffs are 'moving forward' – CNET June 26, 2017

George R.R. Martin isn’t revealing much, but us “Thrones” fans will take any tidbits we can get about the mysterious new shows. Source: CNet

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Instagram 'Favorites' list lets you control who sees your pics – CNET

Not everything on Instagram is worth sharing to the world.
Source: CNet

Tweeters riled by CEOs 'experiencing' homelessness via VR – CNET

Commentary: A video of business people donning VR headsets posted to Twitter by a homelessness charity in Australia makes many think of a painful dystopian future.
Source: CNet

New Apple Store gets a MacBook roof – CNET

The roof of Chicago’s new Apple Store has been revealed. The real question is: Is it an Air or a Pro?
Source: CNet

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 said to cost $900, launch in September – CNET

If rumors are true, the Note 8 will be Samsung’s most expensive Galaxy phone to date.
Source: CNet

The 3:59 extended edition: Are you an iPad Pro or Surface Pro? – CNET

Here’s the full podcast and YouTube post-show from one of our favorite episodes this week.
Source: CNet

20 of the best 'Game of Thrones' fan theories – CNET

Who’s going to kill who? Who’s already dead? And who will ride the dragons?
Source: CNet

The 404 Show 1704: What is Amazon gonna do with all these Whole Foods? (podcast) – CNET

Who else better to talk about Amazon’s jaw-dropping purchase of Whole Foods than the man who covers the company for CNET? Ben Fox Rubin is back to share his thoughts on the deal and sticks around long enough to get an E3 2017 debriefing.
Source: CNet

Microsoft ransomware-protected Windows 10 S gets hack-tested – CNET

We asked a leading security researcher to test Microsoft’s claim that “no known ransomware” installs on its newest, locked down version of Windows 10.
Source: CNet

How to use your Amazon Echo as a personal fitness trainer – CNET

Amazon’s Alexa speakers can help you get a good workout. Here’s how.
Source: CNet

Google will not scan your Gmail anymore for ad targeting – CNET

The tech giant will stop combing through emails to tailor ads. But it’s not like they don’t have all your info anyway.
Source: CNet

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