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Here’s where scientists think the next epidemic is most likely to start September 27, 2020

Viruses jumping from animals to humans have been the starting point of numerous outbreaks, from Ebola to Zika. Given the similarity of SARS-CoV-2 to coronaviruses found in bats, this probably marked the beginning of COVID-19 too. We know that viruses have passed from animals to humans throughout history, and will continue to do so. But […]

​GoPro found in water with intact footage of a crab selfie – CNET

Watch video of underwater life captured on a lost GoPro found by a fisherman.
Source: CNet

A few insights on Amazon's Prime Day, from the guy running it (Q&A) – CNET

The head of Amazon Prime discusses this Tuesday’s sales event and future expectations for the membership program.
Source: CNet

This $250 turntable totally rocks – CNET

The Fluance RT81 turntable looks and feels a lot more expensive than it is.
Source: CNet

Who's more passionate about the sound of music: Audiophiles or musicians? – CNET

You might think they’re on the same page, the Audiophiliac ponders the question.
Source: CNet

What the heck's a hyperloop? – CNET

From CNET Magazine: If Elon Musk has his way, we could soon travel at nearly the speed of sound.
Source: CNet

Tidal adds Google Chromecast support to updated app – CNET

Tidal refreshed its media streaming app today with an update that finally lets users send audio and video to a Google Chromecast dongle.
Source: CNet

Helping save endangered species? There's an app for that – CNET

Two endangered birds, the western snowy plover and the California least tern, are getting an assist from San Diego Zoo Global and a custom mobile app.
Source: CNet

For Pokemon Go, it's stop — at least temporarily – CNET

The crazy-popular mobile game from Nintendo is crashing servers, so its rollout has been paused in some countries.
Source: CNet

These are the best-selling Nintendo consoles and games of all time – CNET

These are the classic video games and systems that defined your childhood.
Source: CNet

'Ghostbusters' laughs back at YouTube trolls in added scene – CNET

Who ya gonna call when haters leave mean comments on your videos? “Ghostbusters” actors Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig reveal that they mock angry online fans in a scene from the new film.
Source: CNet

In matters of life and death, how should Facebook decide what you see? – CNET

Live streams of shootings in Minnesota and Dallas raise questions about the social network’s responsibilities.
Source: CNet

PlayStation executive leaving to become game developer – CNET

After more than four years at Sony, Boyes parts ways.
Source: CNet

Amazon's latest Prime Day tease: Budget Fire tablets for under $35 – CNET

The tablets usually sell for just $50.
Source: CNet

Our impressions of the iPhone's iOS 10 and Apple Watch watchOS 3 beta 2 (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy, Ep. 45) – CNET

Apple releases iOS 10’s Public Beta, but all we can talk about is Bedtime. Plus, Pokemon Go is taking over the world. holder
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IDG Contributor Network: When your security products are insecure: Takeaways from the Symantec disclosure

Tavis Ormandy, a member of Google’s Project Zero initiative, recently discovered a series of vulnerabilities in Symantec’s security products that he describes as “as bad as it gets.” Affecting both the company’s consumer and enterprise products, these vulnerabilities are far-reaching and can’t all be patched with automatic updates.

Ormandy writes of these vulnerabilities, “They don’t require any user interaction, they affect the default configuration, and the software runs at the highest privilege levels possible. In certain cases on Windows, vulnerable code is even loaded into the kernel, resulting in remote kernel memory corruption.”

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With acquisition, Google's cloud team thinks video stream – CNET

Google’s Cloud Platform unit buys up a firm that helps entertainment and other companies get their video to the masses, regardless of the gadget a viewer is using.
Source: CNet

Super affordable Alcatel Dawn rises up at Boost Mobile and Virgin – CNET

The $70 handset features Android Marshmallow, a 4.5-inch display and it’s available from both prepaid carriers.
Source: CNet

Hands-on review: Canon Pixma MG2450

Hands-on review: Canon Pixma MG2450

The past few months have seen the emergence of the first all-in-one printer that costs under £20 (around $26, AU$34) delivered. That’s quite a feat given how expensive couriering and mailing are.

The Canon Pixma MG2450, which is already more than 24 months old, usually costs around £25 but a voucher from popular online retailer Ebuyer regularly brings the price down to £19.99 including delivery. (Note that this review unit of the Canon Pixma MG2450 was provided by Ebuyer).

For that price you get a working, brand new printer, complete with cartridges but no USB cable; in an era of cost-cutting, that’s only to be expected.

Other obvious missing features include the lack of a network port, no Wi-Fi, no borderless/duplex printing, no card readers and no display, and this device uses two cartridges rather than one.

Canon Pixma MG2450 angle

When we removed this printer from the box, what surprised us is how light and small the MG2450 is compared to others we’ve reviewed recently.

There seems to be an unspoken law in printing – a direct correlation between size or weight and the price of your device. At 3.5kg, this Canon effort is lighter than some laptops we’ve reviewed and its footprint, barely larger than an A3 sheet, makes it ideal for a cramped desk in a small office/home office environment.

Canon Pixma MG2450 scan bed

The printer itself is entirely made of plastic with a two-tone grey colour scheme. Controls are kept to a strict minimum: four big buttons offer the ability to copy in colour/black, scan, and there’s the obligatory power button. A few status lights complement the control buttons.

Another untold rule in the printing industry is that CAPEX is inversely proportional to OPEX. In other words, the cheaper the printer, the more likely the consumables or cost of printing will be high.

A cartridge multi-pack (Canon PG-545 and CL-546) might cost under £17 (around $22, AU$29) but each of them will print only 180 pages. Swap it for the more expensive but bigger PG-545XL and CL-546XL combo for £25.95 (around $34, AU$45) to get around 400 pages and 300 pages.

Canon Pixma MG2450 front

To put that in perspective, a full set of XL cartridges is actually more expensive than the printer itself. Also bear in mind that using too much of one particular colour means that you will end up having to replace an entire colour cartridge in order to get the full set again.

Accessing the cartridges to swap them is also a rather convoluted exercise. You will have trouble inserting the two cartridges if you have fat fingers.

The MG2450 comes with a CD containing the manual in PDF format plus a number of utilities which vary in terms of their usefulness (Quick Menu, My Printer, Easy-WebPrint EX, My Image Garden and Easy-PhotoPrint Ex).

Canon Pixma MG2450 inside

As expected you don’t need to install any of them in order to get your printer to work properly. The latest printer driver and software package can also be downloaded straight from Canon’s support page; the latest one dates from January 2016.

The MG2450 has a rated print resolution of up to 4800 x 600 dpi thanks to an ink system that can deliver 2pl ink droplets, with a claimed speed of around 8 pages per minute for mono documents and 4 pages per minute for colour ones.

There are no paper cassettes, just paper trays – the one at the rear can handle up to 60 sheets up to A4 in size. It can also accommodate photo paper and envelopes as well; both trays fold nicely when not in use (just a word of caution that these can best be described as being a tad flimsy, so bear that in mind).

Canon Pixma MG2450 underneath

Sadly, we couldn’t test the print quality or speed (or the copy feature). The MG2450 was automatically recognised by our computer but a "user intervention" message popped up without any details regarding what intervention was required.

Troubleshooting it, though, brought up a worrying error: the printer is not compatible with USB 3.0 ports – "USB Composite Device is an older USB device and might not work with USB 3.0".

Since we didn’t have any available USB 2.0 ports to hand or another USB printer cable, we contacted Canon for further details and will update this hands-on as soon as we’ve got more information.

Curiously, the scanner did work. It uses CIS technology which helps reduce costs and power consumption by reducing the size and number of components. With a 600 x 1200 dpi resolution (optical), it scans an A4 sheet in around 15 seconds.

The printer also automatically wakes up from standby mode and conveniently switches off when not in use after as little as 15 minutes. Canon also claims that it uses a mere 1W in standby mode, jumping to 9W when using its copy feature.

Canon Pixma MG2450 options

The driver settings were pretty good as well with options for cleaning (and deep cleaning), bottom plate cleaning (to prevent paper smudges during printing), roller cleaning (for smoother paper feeding) and a quiet mode which may reduce the printing speed.

Early verdict

Clearly, this is an entry-level all-in-one printer and one that performed relatively well for the outlay. It would be a great sidekick for a cheap monochrome laser printer, adding the occasional dash of colour to documents as well as the one-off ability to copy and scan.

It is a true plug-and-play peripheral and we had no problem getting it to work without installing the bundled software (who has an optical drive in this day and age?). No problem, that is, except getting it to print – which is a real shame.

An interesting point to note: the cheapest standalone flatbed scanner on the market (the Canon CanoScan Lide 120) costs more than twice the price of the MG2450. So the latter would also effectively double as a scanner with copying and printing features thrown in for free.

Source: Tech Radar

Cersei wants to be murdered by one of these 'Game of Thrones' characters – CNET

Actress Lena Headey knows her character’s reign on the Iron Throne won’t last, and she has some ideas on who should take her out.
Source: CNet

ESPN's next play: Direct to web? – CNET

The cable sports giant is reportedly planning a direct-to-web live-sports package. It would be a small-scale offering though, meant as a test.
Source: CNet

Hypercars, sports cars, SUVs and bags of mulch: Our week on Instagram – Roadshow

Yeah, you read that last part right.
Source: CNet

The truth about bug finders: They're essentially useless

Today’s popular bug finders catch only about two percent of the vulnerabilities lurking in software code, researchers have found, despite the millions of dollars companies spend on them each year.

Bug finders are commonly used by software engineers to root out problems in code that could turn into vulnerabilities. They’ll typically report back how many bugs they found — what you don’t know is how many were missed, leaving success rates an open mystery.

So researchers at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering in collaboration with the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and Northeastern University decided to find out how much they are missing.

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Source: Security

Dallas shooter killed by bomb-equipped robot in first for law enforcement – CNET

Dallas’ chief of police says his department rigged an explosive device to a robot to take out a suspect. “Other options would have exposed our officers to great danger,” he says.
Source: CNet

Twitter may soon bring live NBA, MLS games to your timeline – CNET

The news comes after Twitter strikes a deal with the NFL to stream 10 football games this fall.
Source: CNet

George Takei isn't thrilled about Sulu being gay, Simon Pegg responds – CNET

The original Mr. Sulu actor describes the character’s coming out in “Star Trek Beyond” as “unfortunate.” Actor and co-writer Simon Pegg respectfully disagrees.
Source: CNet

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