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Calling Hawkins Power will give you 'Stranger Things' clues – CNET October 23, 2017

Fans of the Netflix series can call the fictional company Hawkins Power and Light to discover more clues of what may happen in the second season. Source: CNet

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$99 gizmo kicks up your headphones' sound at home – CNET

Would you drop $99 on a Schiit Magni 3 if it could make your headphones sound better?
Source: CNet

Our favorite zombie movies and TV shows – CNET

Every week we ask people around the office a question about pop culture to see what makes them tick. With “The Walking Dead” returning this Sunday on AMC, we wanted to know which zombie movies or shows are their favorites.
Source: CNet

iPhone 8 Plus vs. Pixel 2 photos: Is one better than the other? – CNET

A photo comparison between Apple’s iPhone Plus and Google’s Pixel 2. The results are interesting.
Source: CNet

Here's how we can help Mother Nature save the Great Barrier Reef – CNET

The reef is big, beautiful and on its deathbed. Nature can heal it, but she needs our help.
Source: CNet

How 'Blade Runner 2049' made Sean Young young again – CNET

Cutting-edge visual effects resurrect a character from the original film for a pivotal scene in the sequel.
Source: CNet

Project Loon brings limited internet access to Puerto Rico – CNET

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, teams up with AT&T to fly internet balloons over the storm-ravaged island.
Source: CNet

'Golden Compass' author Philip Pullman touts 'darker' prequel – CNET

It’s been 17 years since Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy wrapped up, and a decade since “Compass” hit the big screen. The wait for a follow-up is over.
Source: CNet

What to play this weekend: South Park, Gran Turismo, Fire Emblem Warriors – CNET

Sean gets a little help from Sean this week.
Source: CNet

Apple gets sued over Animoji trademark – CNET

A Japanese company says it claimed rights to animated emoji before Apple did.
Source: CNet

Q Acoustics brings $350 soundbase and $6000 speakers into the world – CNET

Q Acoustics has announced its first sound base with HDMI, the M2, while also announcing an new sound bar and high-end floorstanders.
Source: CNet

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