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You may want to unlock the iPhone 8 with your face, not finger – CNET August 22, 2017

The iPhone 8’s facial recognition is rumored to sense faces in millionths of a second — faster than you can say “cheese.” Source: CNet

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Politician disses Hawking's research analysis (it doesn't go well) – CNET

Commentary: As the renowned physicist defends the UK’s health services, a government minister says on Twitter that Hawking doesn’t know good science when he sees it. Oh.
Source: CNet

Namecheap pulls the plug on neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer – CNET

Webhost notes site’s violent and anti-Semitic content in decision to become the latest to delete the hate site’s domain registration.
Source: CNet

Why tech still can't save kids in hot cars – Roadshow

In spite of recent innovations, preventing this one’s still on you.
Source: CNet

Startups could be key to fixing tech's diversity problem – CNET

Experts say that if Silicon Valley wants to eliminate pervasive sexism and racism, growing companies need to put inclusion at their core.
Source: CNet

Solar eclipse: Desperate brands leap on the sunny side – CNET

Commentary: So many brands squeezing their products into the solar eclipse frenzy, hoping to make a buck. But a small brand does something delightful.
Source: CNet

Google brings video previews to search results on phones – CNET

In Google’s Android app and in Chrome for Android, you’ll now have an idea of what’s in a clip before you bother playing it.
Source: CNet

For speakers or headphones, how much bass is enough? – CNET

Bass is the guiltiest of guilty pleasures for audiophiles.
Source: CNet

Here’s a pint-size speaker with a big sound – CNET

The little Vanatoo Transparent Zero speaker has a big heart, says the Audiophiliac.
Source: CNet

Want more women in tech at your company? Make it a focus – CNET

Commentary: The design thinking process behind tech development should be applied to diversity efforts, says one of Intuit’s top technologists.
Source: CNet

How to photograph the eclipse with your phone – CNET

Not sure how to go about shooting photos of the solar eclipse? We got you.
Source: CNet

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