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'Game of Thrones' author says spinoffs are 'moving forward' – CNET June 26, 2017

George R.R. Martin isn’t revealing much, but us “Thrones” fans will take any tidbits we can get about the mysterious new shows. Source: CNet

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How the iPhone came to be (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 89) – CNET

It’s the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, and Scott Forstall talks about how the iPhone happened. So which came first — The iPhone or the iPad?
Source: CNet

Mozilla offering $2M to anyone who can decentralize the web – CNET

This is not a Silicon Valley plot line. Mozilla wants to make a free and accessible internet for everyone.
Source: CNet

A sticky situation: Legal weed linked to increased collisions – Roadshow

The crash rate isn’t that much higher, but drivers could very well be.
Source: CNet

Alleged robocall scammer faces $120 million fine – CNET

The Florida man made up to 96 million calls in three months last year, according to the FCC.
Source: CNet

Catching the new and classic aircraft at the Paris Air Show – CNET

You can catch all kinds of aircraft at the world’s biggest aviation party, from a vintage Concorde to a new regional jet from Mitsubishi.
Source: CNet

Wheelchairs at the water park bring fun in the sun for all – CNET

In hot and sunny Texas, Morgan’s Inspiration Island calls itself a park of inclusion for those with special needs of all kinds — and everyone else, too.
Source: CNet

People are now looking to WhatsApp for news, study says – CNET

A new study shows that while Facebook continues to dominate as people’s top choice for news consumption, WhatsApp is catching up.
Source: CNet

Chinese media told to 'shut down' talk that makes country look bad – CNET

Weibo and two other sites were hit with an order from the Chinese government to block any “negative talk” about the country’s affairs.
Source: CNet

'Preacher' season 2 makes 'Game of Thrones' seem like 'Downton Abbey' – CNET

“Preacher” star Graham McTavish on how season 2 raises the stakes of the demented AMC and Amazon action series.
Source: CNet

'Preacher' season 2: Meet the new characters – CNET

Villain Herr Starr heads a cast of new faces joining the blasphemous AMC romp from Star Wars, “Better Call Saul” and “Game of Thrones.”
Source: CNet

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