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Google to fix Wi-Fi-slaying Chromecast bug on Thursday – CNET January 18, 2018

An Android update should keep your home network from succumbing to potentially crippling data bursts. Source: CNet

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The 10 best covers of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' – CNET

Celebrate the memory of a musical legend with my favorite renditions of his most famous song, “Hallelujah.”
Source: CNet

Facebook Workplace gets a new customer: Singapore – CNET

The Singaporean government will migrate over 140,000 workers to Facebook Workplace by March next year.
Source: CNet

CNET UK podcast 505: Samsung apologises, Daydreaming is fun – CNET

On the UK’s greatest tech show are Samsung’s apology to the world, how Amazon’s Alexa gets on with Brits and how a lonely snail found love.
Source: CNet

Nude aliens? Space swears? This is not your father's Star Trek – CNET

Ready to boldly go where broadcast television has never gone before? Stay tuned, says CBS digital chief.
Source: CNet

Buick, Porsche reign supreme in JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index – Roadshow

It’s a good year for Buick when it comes to industry awards.
Source: CNet

New USB stick HIV test promises results in 30 minutes – CNET

Scientists have developed an HIV test on a USB stick that could improve monitoring and treatment of the virus in remote areas.
Source: CNet

Is the HTC Bolt a Sprint exclusive you actually care about? – CNET

Exclusive phones are passé, but HTC believes this one deserves a second look because it’s so damned fast.
Source: CNet

How Linux can save small businesses (and old hardware)

Many small businesses with tight budgets are facing a tough choice: Stick with obsolete systems and remain vulnerable to hackers, or spend a lot to install new gear. David Gewirtz shows how Linux can help you preserve your investment while staying safe and secure.
Source: DIY IT

Can Amazon Echo (and Alexa) speak like a Brit? – CNET

From Monty Python to “God Save the Queen”, we test how well Amazon’s voice-controlled Alexa understands British words, phrases and accents. Tally-ho, chaps!
Source: CNet

​How you'll meet VR: Museums and concerts, not war games – CNET

Google and Facebook VR leaders say most people will lean back and gaze at virtual worlds, not race through immersive games. Also: an end to textbooks?
Source: CNet

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