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Facebook agrees to brief House Judiciary on data misuse – CNET March 20, 2018

In the wake of the discovery of Cambridge Analytica’s gathering of Facebook user data, the US House Judiciary wants to talk. Source: CNet

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See just how smart large appliances can get at CES – CNET

It’s not only small gadgets that promise slick smart-home capabilities, smart design or both at CES 2017. There are plenty of impressively constructed and connected large appliances on display here too.
Source: CNet

11 CES videos you have to watch – CNET

From a gigantic laptop to a car that parks itself, these videos tell the story of the show. As CES winds down, here’s the coolest and weirdest tech we saw.
Source: CNet

Audi gives details about driver automation features in upcoming A8 – Roadshow

During a demo drive of Audi and Nvidia’s driverless car technology in a Q7, Audi offered some details of how this technology will work in the upcoming A8 flagship sedan.
Source: CNet

Panasonic looks to Android OS for new car navigation, enterainment system – Roadshow

In a next generation concept infotainment system shown at CES, Panasonic’s automotive division relied on Android as the base OS.
Source: CNet

Notion's new Alexa email controls sound kind of amazing – CNET

The AI email service already parses through your inbox to pull out the most important details and keep you organized. Now, it’ll let Alexa pitch in — and even summarize any long-winded messages for you.
Source: CNet

Gaming laptops get an extra life at CES 2017 – CNET

New Nvidia and Intel tech push PC makers to make better laptops for gaming and VR.
Source: CNet

Our robot overlords have arrived and conquered our hearts – CNET

Robots were impossible to avoid at CES 2017, taking many different forms and serving all sorts of purposes.
Source: CNet

Alexa smart home dominance is fragile without global launch – CNET

Commentary: Amazon Alexa is the talk of CES 2017, but there’s seven billion people out there open to another friendly voice setting a world standard.
Source: CNet

These unsung heroes make CES possible (and tolerable) – CNET

Behind the CEOs, salespeople and press attending the tech confab, cab drivers, bartenders and stagehands help prop up the action — and make sure you keep your sanity.
Source: CNet

How robots bring the mob life to you – CNET

Special telepresence machines outfitted with cameras and displays means people with physical disabilities have a chance to experience museums just like everyone else.
Source: CNet

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