MSI – Past, Present and Ongoing Relationships & Partnerships

MSI Net has partnered up with many of today’s industry leaders to provide the best service when it comes to your technology demands.

Microsoft Partner    Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Partners    Microsoft Surface

Microsoft an industry leader and innovator who has proved us with its Windows operating systems and Office cloud & software suite. The company is the industry leader in a broad range of solutions for businesses covering desktop, server and business application areas. MSI has been teamed up with Microsoft since the early days of the 1990’s to deliver Windows solutions, server solutions and security. Today, MSI is a proud leader in Office 365 cloud solutions and Azure partner leader.  In addition to delivering solutions in classrooms based on the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet devices and cloud services.

Cisco PartnerCisco Meraki Partner

Cisco systems has been an Enterprise and Small Business service provider for over a decade. It has evolved into a company that provides you with the best when it comes to Routers, Switches, and Wireless Solutions. MSI has been a proud and active Cisco partner for many years. In addition, MSI joined the Meraki team after Cisco acquired Meraki and we have been deploying solutions and cloud managed services since. We are proud to be a Cisco Meraki technology partner.

Dell Registered Partner      Dell Sonicwall Partner   Dell PartnerDirect Premier

We provide many Dell products for your small educational, business and enterprise computing. Dell has set the trends in the PC market, as a Dell partner we provide you the best equipment from a top industry technology suppliers and manufacturers. Dell SonicWALL is a leader in direct content control and network security. A vital key between SonicWALL and MSI Net – We provide you with the solutions that address issues surrounding CIPA, HIPAA and PCI compliance issues.


Lenovo PartnerWhen it comes to laptops Lenovo makes one of the best machines that are easy to pick up and start with work in Windows 7, 8 & 10 extremely quick, the processor makes for a power platform in a small package. Good quality TN panel with good brightness and contrast. It is well built and their Battery life is excellent at 6-8 hours of moderate usage. No flex in lid or keyboard, which is also spill-resistant. Very light, portable, and a Fast boot-up time which will deliver great multi-tasking performance. It runs cool and never uncomfortable on your lap. Lenovo is one of the top PC makers in the world and they are the preferred choice with NYC DOE.

HP Business Partner
HP offers consumers a wide range of products and services. We have worked with HP and we have managed to match the right products, services and solutions to customers’ specific needs. We held multiple contracts with the NYC DOE and agencies in regards to HP products and services, including printers, servers and storage products.


IPrism PartneriPrism is used in businesses, government agencies and schools. It enhances user productivity, reduces liability and optimizes network bandwidth usage. Internet access management solution of choice to help enforce an Internet Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) within an organization or educational institutions.


SNAP Health Center Partner

The SNAP Health Center Records suite is the most medically and technically advanced school nursing software on the market today.




Symantec Partner

Symantec is a world leader in providing security, storage and systems management solutions to our clients – used by both small and large scale businesses. They have been part of the MSI Net Threat Center since day one – Our solution allows us to secure and manage our client’s information against any security risks.


Intel Security Partner

Intel has joined McAfee in its ranks of products; in turn MSI partnered with McAfee in the online Email and security filtering & archiving. The world leader in providing E-security and systems management solutions to our clients – used by both small and large scale solutions. They have been part of the MSI Net E-Threat Center since day one – Our solution allows us to secure and manage our client’s information against any security risks.


GoogleGoogle has many services and solutions to enhance the user interface and manage devices, productivity and users. If you are on the Google platform and Google App solutions, you can count on MSI as a solution management and provider, we are a Google reseller provider.