Admin Plus

Administrator’s Plus Student Information System PK-12 Student Information System for Public, Private, International and Faith-based Schools

Administrator’s Plus® is a remarkable student information software system that lets schools collect, manage and analyze whatever student information they choose to track. Due to seamless integration with both the GradeQuick teacher gradebook and the Edline school web portal, Administrator’s Plus offers a complete, secure online solution.

The modular design lets public and private schools of all sizes and grade levels, as well as entire school systems, build a system to meet their exact needs. Additionally, our School Office Suite® of software programs for various school offices (school nurse, admissions, library, cafeteria, etc.) creates an integrated, school-wide system for records management. One of the important advantages of a modular approach is that schools save money by selecting only those programs that meet their needs.

Why choose Administrator’s Plus?

Flexible and easy to use: Administrator’s Plus is packed with features that are easy to use. Right-click technology makes it simple for even a novice to perform any task, from entering a new student to printing report cards and more. Student data flows seamlessly between all modules, meaning that your staff needs to enter information only once. The flexible, modular design allows administrators to build a customized system that meets their school’s unique needs, without paying extra for things you don’t need.

Unmatched technical support: Although our software is easy to use, questions do arise. We make outstanding customer support a top priority. Rediker Software has developed a superb technical support team that we feel is the best in the industry. When our customers have questions, they quickly get answers.

On your network or over the web: You can choose to have Administrator’s Plus delivered over the web or run it on your network. Either way, you’ll get unmatched features and modules you won’t find in any other system. As an application with full Windows® functionality, not only is Administrator’s Plus easier and faster than other web-based products, but data entry is much more efficient.

Secure access over the web: Administrators, teachers, students and parents have secure access from school and home using the Web. Students can enter their course requests online. With APWeb Teacher, teachers can enter discipline, enter grades, take attendance, and more. Staff can access all the modules in Administrator’s Plus with APWeb Access. With APWeb Direct, a parent can securely review and update their child’s demographic information from home.

Fully integrated with Edline: Seamless integration with Edline maximizes communication between schools, families and the community, saving time and money while improving student performance. With Edline, schools can easily, affordably and securely put the information of their choice online.

Integrated gradebook: Administrator’s Plus is seamlessly integrated with GradeQuick, the powerful, teacher-friendly gradebook that helps schools with grades, assessments, attendance, lesson plans, standards, reporting and online communication. Teachers can send attendance to the office simply by clicking on student pictures in the class photo seating chart. GradeQuick integrates fully with Edline, including teacher web pages, online assessments and much more.

integrated e-mail & e-portfolios: E-Mail any report, including report cards, to parents or staff. Reports for students without an e-mail address are automatically printed. E-Portfolios provide digital storage for student and staff documents, including report cards, transcripts, parental letters and more. With one click, e-mail documents and simultaneously add them to e-portfolios. Our innovative online communication and digital storage solutions save schools time and money!

View all modules at once: View a student’s demographics, grades, schedule, discipline, attendance and billing data all at the same time. There is no need to switch from module to module.

Report writers: Tired of programs that limit you to a few “canned” reports? Administrator’s Plus has built-in report writers in each module. You can choose from hundreds of reports in the software, download additional reports from our website, or easily customize any reports for your specific needs. Even multi-language reporting is made easy! Report Samples.

Schedule builder: With 30 years of schedule building experience and features, our scheduling module lets you build virtually any kind of schedule with a single mouse click. You will be amazed at the even balance between sections in multi-section courses.

Pictures & ID cards: Integrated module for taking pictures and designing and printing picture ID cards.

Tardy student ID card swiping: Automatically print tardy slips for students as they enter school.

Skills-based / Standards-based report cards: It’s easy to create great-looking report cards with standards and skills, customized for your school.

AP Mobile Apps: Access student data, contacts, pictures, report cards, scheduling and discipline on iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Accounting for schools: You get real-time access to schoolwide financial information. Seamless integration between AP Accounting and Administrator’s Plus means student information automatically appears in the accounting program, eliminating duplicate data entry. We offer dual-currency reporting for international schools.

Excel® wizard: With one click, any and all data can be viewed in Excel. Pivot tables can be created in seconds, allowing you to analyze enrollment statistics and more. You can also create powerful, multi-module queries.

District Module: Access and report on all of the schools in your district from a central location. Remote schools’ data may be accessed live over a WAN or automatically uploaded to the district office each evening.

Offsite backup: Keep your data secure by automatically backing up your data to our servers each evening.

Any field lookup: Instantly look up students by any field with just one or two clicks.