Web & Content Filtering

 partnered with EdgeWave as a global provider of security solutions that protect against data loss, system threats, and Internet abuse.

Through its products and services, MSI Net custom designed Web Filtering Application to help companies, schools and government protect their bottom line by securing networks against major risks before they happen.

Manage your company’s Internet usage

iPrism® is the Internet access management solution of choice to help enforce an Internet Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) within an organization.

iPrism is a hardware appliance that filters and reports on inappropriate Internet access.

Winner of the coveted PC Magazine “Editors’ Choice” award, iPrism is a hardware appliance that monitors, filters and reports on inappropriate Internet access.

By using iPrism, businesses, government agencies and schools can enhance user productivity, reduce liability and optimize network bandwidth usage.

Decreases Legal Liability Risk

“70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs during the 9-to-5 workday.” –  SexTracker.

Avoid hostile environments by filtering pornography, prejudicial, and violent web sites.

Increases Employee Productivity

“Companies lose up to $3,000 per year per employee due to non-business related Internet activity.” – IDC Research.

Minimizes Network Bandwidth Drain

Protect precious bandwidth by limiting access to high bandwidth sites such as those offering downloadable MP3 files, as well as bandwidth-intensive services such as streaming media.

Offers the Best URL Database

Each of the millions of sites in the 60-category database is reviewed by humans, providing the most accurate database in the industry. Includes automatic daily database updates.

Testing and Compatibility

The following version of iPrism has been tested for interoperability with the listed product of Cisco Systems, Inc.

iPrism version 3.0 Compatible with Cisco PIX Firewall (PIX version 6.1(1).

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