Email Security

Your business cannot afford to have confidential communications end up in the wrong hands.

Safeguard vital business emails with robust virus protection, disaster recovery, security policy enforcement, and Spam filtering.

Experts estimate that over 75% of all exchanges occurring via email contain either proprietary or intellectual property that must be protected as a corporate asset.

The need for increased confidentiality is only one of the many reasons corporations must add protection to existing email communications.

Companies that work in health, finance, and government must also comply with specific industry regulations.

We have hosted over 3000 email accounts and provide them with the best security technology has to offer.

With our filtering and email management system we have provide our clients with the peace of mind when it comes to their online communications.

Existing security solutions—such as server-to-server level encryption, public key infrastructure (PKI), and password-protected files—have limitations.

They’re often expensive, complicated to integrate and deploy with existing systems and users. These solutions fail to provide the flexibility, sophistication, and ease-of-use that corporate users need to deploy email encryption throughout their enterprise.

To secure conversations over your most critical communications application, choose MSI Net Email for ease of use and effective policy-based protection that operates over a managed service platform.

MX Logic Email Protection system by MSI Net is a convenient solution that securely delivers your confidential business communications.

View some of the Functionality of the System:

  • Reports & Statistics Connection Volume Trends
  • SPAM Report Traffic & Bandwidth Stat
  • Content Threats Log Report
  • Connection Volume Trends for All Servers
  • and Much More…