Storage Management

Our Storage Management solutions will help you store, maintain, protect, and recover your business information, easily and cost-effectively.

Storage Management and hosting Benefits:

  • Optimal data placement
  • Best in class storage technology
  • Easy availability of data as data is organized based on its business value
  • Data integrity; local and remote data protection
  • Cost savings by matching data based on criticality to the right storage device; and no excess storage capacity
  • No upfront investment for storage equipment purchases
  • 24/7/365 global support
  • Add or reduce storage capacity based on data storage growth
  • Visibility into storage capacity, utilization, performance and resource configuration to optimize use and availability


  • Secured databases hosted at our data center
  • Automated storage management across range of storage tiers
  • Archiving, backups, and restores
  • Storage infrastructure management
  • Storage consolidation and virtualization