Server Management

Our Server management solutions is designed to keep your servers running at peak performance.

We support all leading operating systems on a variety of hardware platforms, maintain your servers in one of our enterprise-class data centers throughout the U.S.  And offer 24×7 monitoring at our Network Operations Centers.

Our server management approach:

Virtual Servers: Ideal for enterprises that need greater transparency and alignment in revenue vs. technology investment

Dedicated Servers: Ideal for enterprises with complex applications and databases, sensitive information, high-traffic online presence, or audit/regulatory concerns

A Hybrid Approach: An effective combination of dedicated and virtual server resources to help enterprises make the most out of their IT environment

Hosted infrastructure Benefits:

  • Enhanced server performance and uptime
  • Increased security
  • Quicker time-to-market with standardized server build
  • Secured server(s) hosted in our designated data center
  • Direct access to redundant, high-capacity connectivity
  • Provisioning, monitoring, and management of the associated network infrastructure
  • 24×7 monitoring of server hardware, Operating System, and customer URLs
  • Redundant power feed
  • Security patching and anti-virus management
  • Reduced total cost of ownership per server
  • Flexibility to scale server resources based upon business requirements


  • Incident management
  • system administration
  • technical support