About Us

MSI Net & mCloudServ has been in the Communications, Networking, Intranet/Extranets field since 1987. MSI Net & mCloudServ has shown a steady increase in revenues over the past 37 years and has consistently maintained a profit throughout every quarter over these years.

MSI NET, Inc. & mCloudServ Offices
Our Offices : 7333 6th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11209 – Click for Map

MSI Net & mCloudServ has undertaken various projects where they have supervised/coordinated with managers, vendors and end-users. These include the setup of many trading rooms, with full support for Traders, Back and Front offices, K-12 schools, City Non-profit Agencies, and major Corporations. Benefits range from creating & structuring a project, thru implementation & progress reporting, including functional analysis, design, programming, testing, implementation, documentation and training.

MSI Net & mCloudServ has established a very strong technology backbone from Fiber Optic solutions to solve the growing need of technology and Internet connectivity.

The MSI Net & mCloudServ client list continues to grow, mostly through referrals from our existing clientele and contracts.