MSI Net has been involved in the E-Rate funds for schools & districts since year one of the program.

It is important to remember that E-Rate is only one part of the puzzle. Full understanding of and “how to” apply available capital aid and federal funds to various technology projects can reduce costs even further; proper documentation and clear precise funding applications are ALL critical and necessary to maximize each school technology dollar.

We will work with your budget concerns.

Architecting and deploying integrated educational communications in a world of Internet, Extranets, Intranets, mobile solution and wireless devices.


  • Internet Communication (Internet Service Provider)
  • Email and Email Defense Solutions
  • Internet access management solution
  • Cisco Firewall Solutions
  • Backup Internet Lines
  • Wiring – Network Cabling (Ethernet, Fiber and Fast Ethernet)
  • Mobile Communication (Cellular services)
  • Voice (Voice phone lines)
  • Wireless (LANs / WANs) and Wireless Internet Access
  • Video Conferencing and Distant Learning
  • Design / Implement all Installations and Configurations
  • Maintenance / Support on all Services and Installs – 24×7
  • Training on all products, services and support issues
  • Procure Eligible for funding Equipment, products and services

BEST OF ALL, in some cases, We can work within the USAC payment Schedule and guidelines while providing for these services.

In Addition To E-Rate Funding – MSI Can provide additional Services to fit your needs and Support, such as:

  • School Antivirus Solutions
  • Web Filtering
  • Maintenance / Support on all Services and Installs – 24×7
  • Support & maintain ALL equipment & Software located at school / district
  • Library Applications
  • Student Information Applications
  • Inventory Applications
  • Development Applications