School Logic



  • Streamlines all of your essential K-12 student information management processes, centralizing and integrating powerful data functions.
  • Eliminates duplicate student data entry and supports data-driven decision making by serving as a district-wide data warehouse.
  • Allows the system administrator to easily configure user/group security, including field level auditing.  Simply determine which user/group is allowed to access what data or features, and all non-accessible functions will be dropped from their menus. This not only provides secure access, but also increases operational efficiency by presenting only those tools a user is permitted access to.
  • Offers the most comprehensive and flexible reporting capabilities in a Student Management System (SMS) solution. Choose from hundreds of standard reports, or easily create custom reports to meet specific district needs, support government reporting, and data-driven decisions.  Reports can be scheduled and output to many file types including PDF, MS Office Excel and Word, CSV and HTML, or as charts and graphs.
  • Enables educators to make timely decisions that impact student performance, while creating a collaborative environment for parents, teachers and students to work together in preparing 21st century learners for a personalized learning  future.
  • Empowers schools and districts with the integrated tools needed to streamline student management, enable stakeholder collaboration, and individualize instruction.

Easy To Use

Discover unparalleled access to student information SchoolLogic’s powerful web-based feature set combines an intuitive user interface with robust functionality.  With real-time online access, SchoolLogic is available anywhere, anytime and on any device with a web browser such as a smartphone (iPhone/Blackberry) or tablet (iPad/Playbook).

Truly a next-generation innovation in student management systems, SchoolLogic is tightly integrated with TeacherLogic and HomeLogic to deliver a reliable, secure and flexible Student Management System product with comprehensive user-defined and government compliance reporting.

Key Functionality includes:  (See navigation to the left for more details on each)

  • Demographics
  • Attendance
  • Grades, Report Cards and Transcripts
  • School Scheduling
  • Master Board Builder
  • User Defined Reports
  • SPED – Special Education
  • SIF – Interoperability
  • Discipline and Suspensions
  • Test History and Achievement Test
  • Activity Manager and Correspondance
  • Health and Immunizations
  • Fees, Transportation and Tuition

SchoolLogic is The Logical Choice, proven, easy-to-use and affordable to implement.


Teacher Logic

Never before has it been so easy for teachers to access all their critical student data in one convenient place! Experience the power of TeacherLogic – the most user-friendly web-based Student Management Teacher Portal available today.

Maximize Teaching Time

By helping to automate administrative tasks, TeacherLogic removes time constraints, freeing up teachers to spend more time focusing on student success. Teachers and school admin staff can rest assured regarding the accuracy and processes related to the transfer of time sensitive student and school information.

Easy To Use

Discover unparalleled performance with TeacherLogic’s powerful web-based gradebook that combines an intuitive user interface with robust functionality.  With real-time online access, TeacherLogic is  available from both school and home, using a computer or any device with a web browser such as a smartphone (iPhone/Blackberry) or tablet (iPad/Playbook).   Unlike other web-based gradebooks, TeacherLogic performs like a locally installed application, utilizing mouse-over events, zoom in and zoom out, drag and drop, among many other unique capabilities.

Flexible Grading Options

Empowering greater flexibility, enter grades, multiple assignments, daily and period attendance, tasks, along with course comments by class or student.  Calculate final grades using a wide variety of weighting schemes. TeacherLogic allows districts to design report card templates to meet their specific needs. Districts may also choose from a library of traditional report card templates, including outcome-based versions.

A Data Warehouse of Information

Analyze comprehensive student data to objectively assess student performance. Educators and administrators can view data at the classroom, school or district level allowing identification of students falling below accepted performance levels and allowing for informed decisions regarding student interventions and or programs.

Powerful Reporting

Teachers can easily print or export a variety of reports to Excel or PDF using TeacherLogic’s powerful reporting services. Keep tabs on attendance records, registration lists, progress reports, student schedules, demographic summaries, and much more.

Engage Parents and Students

TeacherLogic integrates seamlessly with SchoolLogic and HomeLogic, engaging every stakeholder in the education process to improve student success.  Parents gain a view into the classroom, and students benefit from 24/7 access to instructional materials and assignments. Everyone stays informed and on-track viewing the same calendar with key events and dates


Home Logic

Enhance communication and increase parent involvement for greater student success with


Easy Online Access

Parent involvement is proven to be critical to the advancement of a student’s education.  HomeLogic makes it easy for parents to both pay fees and review information about their children’s progress in school with real time access to student information and a single log-on for multiple siblings.  The intuitive user interface encourages access anytime, anywhere internet connectivity is available, even on a smartphone (iPhone/Blackberry) or tablet (iPad/Playbook). Best of all, the simple self-registration process means no manual account set up is required school staff!

Improved Teacher-Parent Communication

Getting information home has never been easier. The newly introduced, automated Email Notification alert feature improves communication between parents and teachers. Schools can provide parents with secure access to their children’s grades, assignments, schedule, discipline, fees and attendance information.  HomeLogic also provides schools with the flexibility to configure what student information is available for viewing at any time.

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce your district’s carbon footprint by eliminating the need for hard copies, while simultaneously reducing printing and mailing costs and minimizing lost school-to-home communications. Middle and High School Students can also utilize online course selection to submit course requests, reducing the need to print/photocopy course catalogs and send them home.

HomeLogic integrates seamlessly with SchoolLogic and TeacherLogic. In conjunction with SchoolLogicand TeacherLogic, HomeLogic engages Parents and Students who are critical stakeholders in the education process to improve student success.


SchoolLogic has been designed by and for schools that desire a centralized online web-based student management system.  SchoolLogic provides teachers and administrators with immediate and easily accessible student information – all via the internet.

Precisely configured to suit your needs, SchoolLogic effectively manages your data, whether you have 25 or 250,000 students. Accelerate productivity in your schools by freeing your staff from tedious information processing, allowing them to focus more time on student success.

Our open database compliant system provides you with the ability to manage your school’s data on a wide variety of network solutions.  provides consistency in design and low cost of ownership.