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Calling Hawkins Power will give you 'Stranger Things' clues – CNET October 23, 2017

Fans of the Netflix series can call the fictional company Hawkins Power and Light to discover more clues of what may happen in the second season. Source: CNet

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Niantic CEO John Hanke's Twitter account hacked – CNET

The hacker has made posts requesting that Pokemon Go be released in Brazil, and directing users to check their account security.
Source: CNet

Draymond Green admits to posting NSFW self-portrait on Snapchat – CNET

Technically Incorrect: First, the Golden State Warriors star claims he was hacked. Then he comes clean.
Source: CNet

Uber said to make $500M investment in global mapping – CNET

Ambitious project could reduce Uber’s dependence on Google Maps and support driverless cars, reports Financial Times.
Source: CNet

Ex-Apple store employees reveal how customers try to fool them – CNET

Technically Incorrect: In an entertaining exposé, three former Apple store workers explain what customers fail to mention about their malfunctioning iPhones.
Source: CNet

Relive Comic-Con 2016 with impressive cosplay video – CNET

See talented cosplayers dressed as Doctor Strange, Wonder Woman, Xena the Warrior Princess, and more in this new video from Sneaky Zebra.
Source: CNet

Baguette vending machine bakes up French-style bread at anytime – CNET

Micro bakery Le Bread Xpress offers oven-baked baguettes on demand, with no trip to France needed. Sacré bleu!
Source: CNet

Watch a man skydive 25,000 feet without a parachute (and survive) – CNET

Technically Incorrect: Luke Aikins become the first ever human to leap from a plane high up and just dive right down.
Source: CNet

Microsoft is updating Windows 10 again, in its latest bid to win you back – CNET

The company is following through on its commitment to regularly refine its Windows 10 software. Now it needs to get you to care.
Source: CNet

Amazon's next noise-canceling headphones could turn off when someone yells your name – CNET

The online sales giant just patented designs for the first headphone that can save lives.
Source: CNet

'Stranger Things' re-created as an adventure video game – CNET

Game designer Jacob Janerka pays homage to the hit supernatural Netflix series with this point-and-click adventure game art.
Source: CNet