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Surprise hit Apple Music Classical takes top spot in App Store rankings March 30, 2023

Apple Music has stormed to the top of the App Store charts in what might be the surprise of the year.

We celebrate our final episode (Tomorrow Daily 411 show notes) – CNET

It’s goodbye to the show, but we’re sticking around, and we’re excited about what’s next. But first, we enjoy a good episode full of great tech.
Source: CNet

Maybach concept boasts 738 electric horsepower and over 18 feet of luxury – Roadshow

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept car, shown at Monterey Car Week, combines design cues from historical aero coupes while propelling itself with a powerful electric drivetrain.
Source: CNet

Twitter stimulated by naked Donald Trump – CNET

Technically Incorrect: It takes just a few artistic statues and one tiny statement from the New York City Parks Department to propel the notion of a naked presidential candidate.
Source: CNet

Uber's proposed $100M settlement of class action driver lawsuit rejected – CNET

Judge calls the ride-hailing service’s offer to settle driver misclassification lawsuit unfair, inadequate and unreasonable.
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Aaron Paul on becoming a 'Final Fantasy' character – CNET

“I see how easily it is to get sucked in by these worlds they’ve created… it’s very story-driven and character-driven. I love it.”
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Is Pokemon Go 'a totalitarian system close to Nazism'? Ask the bishop – CNET

Technically Incorrect: An Italian bishop reportedly worries that Pokemon Go is turning people into the “walking dead.”
Source: CNet

​Jared Leto cast in 'Blade Runner' sequel, but as human or Replicant? – CNET

“Suicide Squad” actor Jared Leto joins Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Ana de Armas and Dave Bautista for the upcoming “Blade Runner” sequel.
Source: CNet

Amazon's Alexa Fund joins $35 million funding round for the makers of the Ecobee smart thermostat – CNET

The online mega-retailer joined a $35 million funding round for the makers of the Alexa-compatible Ecobee smart thermostat — a top rival of Nest.
Source: CNet

Google to start up startup incubator in San Francisco – CNET

CNET’s new San Francisco neighbors will focus on developers, startups and resources for emerging markets like India and Brazil.
Source: CNet

Self-driving Uber cars coming this month, report says – CNET

Uber riders in Pittsburgh may soon get a surprise when they request a ride.
Source: CNet

See Battlefield 1's new map in action, featuring horses, swords and a deadly train – CNET

Take a look at Sinai Desert, the map you’ll play in the beta later this month.
Source: CNet

US Cellular opens Samsung store-within-a-store – CNET

By the end of October, 57 of the carrier’s regional retail stores will showcase Samsung devices.
Source: CNet

Flaming 'blue whirl' could help clean oil spills, researchers hope – CNET

A spinning blue flame may hold the key to mopping oil from bodies of water with minimal pollution.
Source: CNet

Segway, eat your heart out. We try the Honda UNI-CUB – CNET

Walking is so last century. Humanity is evolving to put motorized wheels under our feet. First we had Segways, then hoverboards and now the UNI-CUB from Honda.
Source: CNet

Myth busted: Copper pennies didn't help our overheating laptop – CNET

Our handy-dandy thermal camera helped lay this myth to rest.
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50% off Vimtag VT-361 Pan&Tilt HD WiFi Video Security Camera with Night Vision – Deal Alert

This full-featured camera broadcasts over wifi, allowing you to view live from multiple mobile devices at once. Its footage records to micro SD where it is stored and accessible remotely as well. Remote pan/tilt/zoom, 2-way voice, motion-detection alert, and night vision capabilities are all onboard. This model averages 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 4,100 people (read reviews). Amazon indicates that its typical list price of $200 has been reduced 50% to $100.

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Source: Security shuts down for good next week – CNET

The 14-year-old website will close shop as Univision picks up’s sister sites.
Source: CNet

This global map shows where the internet lives – CNET

A crowdsource project maps every data center, internet exchange, connecting cable and switch that makes up the cloud.
Source: CNet

Volvo and Uber to deliver fully autonomous car this year – Roadshow

Better yet, when you call for an Uber and a self-driving car shows up, your ride is free.
Source: CNet

WhatsApp messages from a 'prison' island, thousands of miles away – CNET

Commentary: For Road Trip 2016, I tried to go beyond the wall of silence that hides refugees in Australian-funded detention camps in the Pacific. What I found is that even in the tech age, connecting with the disconnected is harder than you can imagine.
Source: CNet

Microsoft open sources PowerShell; brings it to Linux and Mac OS X

Microsoft is open-sourcing its PowerShell command line shell and bringing it to Linux and Mac OS X, as recently rumored.
Source: Microsoft

US prepares to hand over power of the internet's naming system – CNET

The US government will pass guardianship of the internet domain naming system to a private nonprofit in October.
Source: CNet

T-Mobile brings back unlimited data for all – CNET

T-Mobile is getting rid of lower tier data plans and offering new customers only unlimited data. But you’ll have to pay at least $70 to get in on the action.
Source: CNet

Facebook is working on a new video game service, but won't tell you what it is – CNET

The world’s largest social network is building a new service designed to help players connect with games and one another.
Source: CNet

Alexa, open Genesis: Amazon brings remote vehicle access into the house – Roadshow

A new Alexa skill will connect your Amazon devices to your Genesis G80 and G90, no phone app required.
Source: CNet