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Celebrating VIR FIDELIS June 16, 2022

Happy Golfing everyone.  Proud to be part of Farrell life. 

Celebrating VIR FIDELIS

Happy Golfing everyone.  Proud to be part of Farrell life. 

Happy Golfing everyone

MangoPi To Bring A SD-Card-Sized Linux Module

Today’s Diminutive Device is a small castellated System-On-Module (Twitter link, nitter proxy)from [MangoPi] called M-Core, with a quad-core A53 CPU and 1 GB of RAM. As such, it’s very capable of running Linux, and even sports an HDMI output! Taking a closer look at the devboard picture, we can spot traces for three USB 2.0 ports, what seems to be two SDIO interfaces for MicroSD or WiFi cards, and an Ethernet MagJack with its termination network. This is a decent set of interfaces, rivaling what we’d expect out of a Pi Zero!

More importantly, this module is as small as an SD card itself – or as an OLED display that we hobbyists sprinkle onto our projects. Having power of Linux in such a small footprint is certainly something to behold! The back of the module is mostly flat, save for a few decoupling capacitors on the other side of the CPU – it seems, an Allwinner H616. On top of it, we can see the CPU itself, a small buck regulator and a DDR3 RAM chip, as well as tightly-packed passives. There’s even an unpopulated footprint for a DFN8 QSPI flash chip – with a lightweight enough OS build, you could perhaps dedicate your MicroSD card to storage only.

The devboard for uses the “FlexyPins”-like connectivity technique we’ve covered recently, and [MangoPi] say they bought those pins on TaoBao. We can’t help but be a bit amused at the thought of putting HDMI through such connections, but it seems to work well enough! Castellated modules like these are relatively easy to work with, so it shouldn’t be hard to literally pop this module out of the devboard and figuratively pop it onto your PCB. Next step is, reportedly, porting Armbian to this board, likely solving quite a few software support hurdles.

MangoPi have been posting updates on their Twitter page over the last few weeks, and, as it comes with the format, a lot of questions are left unanswered. Why does the devboard only show a single linear regulator of the kind we typically expect to deliver 1 A at most? Will we get higher-RAM versions? What’s the price going to look like? Will this module ever get to market? We can only hope, but if it does indeed, we are sure to see a few projects with these, whether it’s smart glasses, smart displays, phones, handhelds or malicious wall chargers. As usual, community makes or breaks an SBC, and we shall watch this one closely.

We thank [WifiCable] and [DjBiohazard] for sharing this with us!

Six Ways to Make Your Meetings More Productive

Organizations must improve their ability to have productive meetings to become more successful. How can managers help bring meetings with a better outcome?

Meetings take up a lot of our time at work, but how much do they truly accomplish? According to Korn Ferry’s study, meetings rarely do what we set out to accomplish. Furthermore, more than two-thirds (67%) of employees report that spending too much time in meetings and on phone conversations prevented them from having an effective workday.

Organizations must improve their ability to have productive meetings to become more successful. This topic has been of much interest in the last few years. Are we getting better with our meetings and making them produce what we set out to create? So, what can leaders and managers do to help bring about better meeting results?

The Front Stage Meetings

1. Think of the meeting as the ‘front stage,’ and prepare for them by working hard on the ‘backstage.’ And don’t ignore the priorities.

“While many meetings are routine,” says Dr. Shameen Prashantham, professor of international business and strategy at China Europe International Business School and author of Gorillas Can Dance, “others feel there should still be an improvement to meetings on every level.”

2. Give yourself time to “check-in.”

We never start a meeting without ‘checking in,’ says Fiona Logan, CEO of Insights, a worldwide people development firm. Checking in with each person briefly enables participants to completely participate by discussing what’s on their minds, how they’re feeling, or what they want to gain from the meeting. Then the meeting becomes a time management situation.

Checking in, according to Logan, helps individuals understand and empathize with their colleagues, fostering connection and trust. It also allows them to change their mentality from before the meeting to where they need to be during the session.

“This promotes participant participation, which typically leads to a happy and effective meeting,” she explains. Logan also suggests scheduling 45-minute meetings instead of hour-long sessions since it keeps everyone engaged for the length of the discussion.

Productive Focus

3. Focus on results rather than updates even when considering your new software or scheduling apps.

Suppose executives evaluate the expense of bringing their colleagues together for the conference. Some believe that meetings must provide at least twice as much value as they used to. Prepare by thinking about outputs, not updates, the next time you chair a meeting and make it as output-oriented as possible so that everyone arrives at the table with their thinking hat on and not their dinner plans.

4. Distribute reports ahead of time.

“Don’t waste meeting time presenting papers,” urges Annelise Ly, an associate professor at the Norwegian School of Economics and a CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education member. Instead, ask your partners to read information ahead of time and go right into the topic when you meet. The direct approach keeps people interested and cuts down on meeting time.

5. Take command of the discussion. Know when time is being wasted.

“Deep discussion and disagreement in meetings is a critical trait for creating innovation and ensuring that teams will grow and prosper,” says David Liddle, CEO of TCM and author of Transformational Culture. However, he cautions that heated debate may quickly devolve into something harmful and dysfunctional.

Managers can no longer afford to sit back and let the argument evolve. Instead, a manager needs to lead by taking on the role of facilitator. Liddle contends that providing safe places where open, honest debate can take place, and variety of views can be put forth, leads to better team acceptance and fosters a tighter-knit group.

“Helping our people to disagree constructively,” says Liddle, “is the goal of healthy discussion.”

6. When gathering electronically, plan and speak in short spurts.

Everyone has had ‘Zoom fatigue,” says one prominent doctor of business, Dr. Amanda Nimon-Peters of Hult International Business School in the United Kingdom. Dr. Nimon-Peters is also the author of the forthcoming book Working With Influence. She continues, “That’s because, when we stupidly approach virtual meetings as if they were real meetings, they become tiresome and unpleasant.”

While our technology has advanced to allow for distant meetings, Nimon-Peters points out that our minds have not.
We suffer subconscious discomfort because of a perceived closeness that the simulated distance between video conference participants.

Successful online teams, according to Nimon-Peters, interact in bursts rather than in back-to-back, conference-length conversations. Participants must also plan ahead of time to make their time together as productive and interesting as possible.

Are all Meetings Poppycock?

Not at all. No meeting has to be futile or pointless. The key is to get to the main points of the meeting and get to it first. Be prepared ahead of time and never hesitate to redirect the conversation.

If things are not going as planned — don’t be afraid to close one door and open another — one that’s more productive. Don’t facilitate the time wasters, over-talkers, or indecisive ones. Instead, come with a plan, execute that plan — then leave on time.

Image Credit: Diva Plavalaguna; Pexels; Thank you!


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Three European food delivery stocks, Delivery Hero, Just Eat, and Deliveroo, lost a combined $23.7B, more than half their market value, in the first quarter (Henry Ren/Bloomberg)

Henry Ren / Bloomberg:
Three European food delivery stocks, Delivery Hero, Just Eat, and Deliveroo, lost a combined $23.7B, more than half their market value, in the first quarter  —  In a market gripped by concerns over rising interest rates and soaring inflation, investors are avoiding European food delivery companies …

Twitter explores letting two accounts co-author a tweet

An example of what a co-authored tweet could look (though, confusingly, in this example both accounts are the same). | Image: Alessandro Paluzzi / Twitter

Twitter has confirmed it’s “exploring” a new feature that would allow two account to co-author a single tweet, TechCrunch reports. App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi has been posting evidence of the feature’s development since at least December, but more recently discovered what appears to be an official dialog box from Twitter about how these tweet collaborations could work.

A co-author feature wouldn’t be a stretch for Twitter, given competitor Instagram has offered something similar since 2021. There are plenty of reasons why two accounts might want to have their names attached to a single post, ranging from brand partnerships, influencer campaigns, or even just sharing credit for a funny post.

ℹ️ You can only invite people who…

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‘CODA’ Oscar win drives 300% increase in viewings

New figures from Variety indicate ‘CODA’ hype is driving Apple TV+…

What you need to know

Apple TV+ movie CODA won an Oscar on Sunday.
It has seen a 300% increase in views since the win.
It has also driven new viewers on the platform up to 25%.

Apple TV+’s CODA Oscar win is already reaping dividends for the company, driving a massive increase in views of the movie and new viewers to the streaming platform.

According to Variety Apple saw an immediate increase in Apple TV+ engagement. A report says that Apple has seen its new viewer figures increase to 25%, suggesting that larger number of people than usual are tuning in to the burgeoning streaming platform for the first time. Understandably, lots of people are now watching CODA too, with the report stating that viewing of the film was up 300% on the week before.

The figures come from a source “close to the tech company”, so may not be internal figures from Apple. They also don’t give any context as to actual numbers, making it difficult to gauge wider meaning.

However, they do show that recognition at awards ceremonies, especially the Oscars, is an important tool in Apple’s arsenal when it comes to marketing Apple TV+ and its other Apple TV+ shows. If Apple can continue to create award-winning content it will expose the streaming service to larger numbers that otherwise might have been interested in joining.

Apple’s TV+ subscription costs just $5 a month, and is included in its Apple One bundles, but can also be accessed through a bunch of free trials and promotions that Apple has offered to try and draw viewers to the service.

The next big change in Apple TV+ will take place next week when Apple starts broadcasting Friday Night Baseball, with two live games shown every Friday that will be free for the next 12 weeks.

Exclusive content

Apple TV+

$5 per month at Apple

100% exclusive content for the price of a cup of coffee.

With TV+, you can watch well-produced, big-budget TV shows from famed directors, and starring award-winning actors and actresses across all your Apple devices and with up to six members of your Family Sharing group.

This Smart Litter Box Gives You the Scoop on Your Cat’s Health

Smart Pear’s self-cleaning Leo’s Loo Too also helps you keep your cat well for all nine lives.

Who’s Behind the Okta Hack?

This week we discuss Lapsus$, the group claiming to have pulled the recent hack on Okta.

How to Learn Chess Online—and Sharpen Your Game

You don’t even need an IRL board to play this classic game of wits and war.

Keep your iPhone 13 Pro battery charged up with these battery cases

While the iPhone 13 Pro does have excellent battery life, sometimes having extra juice on hand is necessary. If you get one of the best battery cases, you’ll be able to extend the power-on time of your iPhone by hours. It’s convenient if you’re away from an outlet while traveling and can give you peace of mind; here are the best battery cases for the iPhone 13 Pro.

Easy to install

Casely Power 2.0 for iPhone 13 Pro

Staff Pick

Offering an entire full charge to your iPhone 13 Pro, the Casely Power 2.0 is super easy to get on your iPhone and take off, thanks to its slip-on design. It also offers some protection, as the front screen has a 1.5mm lip to ensure you can lay your iPhone screen side down and a 3mm lip around the camera bump to ensure you don’t scratch up your lenses.

$75 at Amazon $75 at Casely

Colorful budget option

MAXBEAR Battery Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Offering a 7,000mAh battery, the MAXBEAR battery case is perfect for keeping you going when you need extra juice. The LED lights on the back make it easy to tell when the battery case needs to be charged, and its slim design will add a little less bulk than other battery cases. Plus, it comes in some really snazzy colorways.

From $33 at Amazon

Wireless charge with the case on

Alpatronix Battery Case for iPhone 13 Pro

While many battery cases require wired charging, the Alpatronix battery case will allow your phone to charge with any Qi wireless charger while it’s still in the case. Once the iPhone is fully charged, this smart battery case will then charge up its own internal battery using the same wireless charger. Plus, the Alpatronix sports a 6,000mAh battery which will fully charge up your phone and still have some leftover!

$48 at Amazon

Comes with screen protector

ZEROLEMON iPhone 13 Pro Battery Case

If you aren’t too concerned with how your iPhone looks, ZEROLEMON has a great battery case that comes in two battery sizes: 5,000mAh or 8,000mAh. Both sizes will fully charge your iPhone 13 Pro once, but the larger capacity version will almost give you enough juice for two full charges. Plus, it comes with a screen protector, which is an added bonus.

From $36 at Amazon

Apple Pay compatible

NEWDERY Battery Case for iPhone 13 Pro

NEWDERY’s battery case has a 4800mAh battery and supports Qi wireless charging, meaning you don’t have to plug in to charge up your phone or the case. It’s comprised of a soft rubber case with a hard shell plate to protect your iPhone from scrapes, scuffs, and drops. Even though it looks pretty thick, Apple Pay still works just fine.

From $36 at Amazon

A different solution

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

Maybe the answer to your battery woes isn’t a case at all. The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is a small, portable MagSafe battery pack that you can slap on the back of your iPhone 13 Pro when you need some power. We found that it was a more than suitable option to add extra battery power to your iPhone 13 Pro when we tested it out.

$88 at Amazon $99 at Apple $99 at Best Buy

Extra battery power can come in many forms

While a battery case is a convenient way of carrying around extra juice for your iPhone 13 Pro, the inclusion of MagSafe has made way for a new solution to your battery woes: portable MagSafe battery packs.

These portable packs are full of battery power, and they don’t force you to have a super bulky case on your iPhone at all times. It’s really the best of both worlds. You have access to extra power when you need it but don’t have the inconvenience of a large case on your iPhone.

I know we mentioned Apple’s own MagSafe Battery Pack in our list, but there are so many other options out there as well. We reviewed the Mophie Snap Plus Juice Pack Mini, which impressed us with its slim size and USB-C output. We even took a look at the Anker MagGo 622 Magnetic Battery which, on top of having a 5,000mAh battery, also has a built-in stand so you can prop up your iPhone anywhere you go.

The point is, if a battery case doesn’t fit your fancy, one of the best MagSafe portable batteries may be the alternate solution you’ve been searching for.

Some suggestions for battery cases

Of course, if you want an all-in-one solution, a battery case is the best way to go.

Our top pick is the Casely Power 2.0. Not only will it juice up your phone, but it has a nifty lip around the front of the iPhone and around the camera bump at the back, which means you can set down your iPhone on a table, bedstand, or any flat surface and know that your screen won’t be scratched up.

For budget-conscious folk, the MAXBEAR Battery Case offers a lot of extra juice with its 7,000mAh battery and some style with its two-tone colorways that really make the case pop.

If you don’t care about the extra bulk, the ZEROLEMON Battery Case has an 8,000mAH battery, which is massive and will provide a ton of power when you’re away from an outlet.

OnePlus 10 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S22: Which should you buy?

The OnePlus 10 Pro has taken a different launch approach from its predecessors. It arrived exclusively in China in January 2022, and now it’s ready to take on the rest of the world. That, of course, means going toe to toe with the best that Samsung has to offer. We’ve had plenty of praise for the changes in the Galaxy S22 series, so it will take a lot for OnePlus to capture the top slot. Now it’s time to see which device is right for your pocket in our battle of the OnePlus 10 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S22.

Our verdict: OnePlus 10 Pro review | Samsung Galaxy S22 review | Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus review

How to start a workout on the Apple Watch

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

If you’ve picked the Apple Watch as your primary health tracking device, you’ve made an excellent choice. It’s well regarded by us as one of the best smartwatches, running watches, and heart rate monitors you can buy. But if you just purchased an Apple Watch and haven’t quite figured out how to initiate a workout, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll explain how you can start a workout on the Apple Watch.


What’s new on Apple TV Plus in April 2022: Slow Horses, Live Baseball, and more

Credit: apple

What’s new on Apple TV Plus in April 2022? The streaming service launches its first live sports event with MLB Friday Night Baseball. It will also debut several new series, including three dramas, a children’s show, and a docuseries about one of the greatest basketball stars of all time.

You can sign up for Apple TV Plus at the link below.

A look at @depthsofwikipedia, a viral social media account created by 22-year-old Annie Rauwerda that shares bizarre, amusing, and surprising Wikipedia snippets (Anna P. Kambhampaty/New York Times)

Anna P. Kambhampaty / New York Times:
A look at @depthsofwikipedia, a viral social media account created by 22-year-old Annie Rauwerda that shares bizarre, amusing, and surprising Wikipedia snippets  —  On @depthsofwikipedia, Annie Rauwerda is compiling some of the crowdsourced site’s most bizarre pages.

iPhone SE (2022) video review: A small phone with some big tricks

“There’s a lot going on in the world, so for many people, a touch of the familiar is a welcome part of their day. The iPhone SE is just that.”

Apple’s iPhone SE (2022) has been around for a couple of weeks now, sporting a brand new A15 processor and 5G for those who want a great budget phone that won’t break the bank and offers the familiarity of Apple’s iOS ecosystem.

While you might well have read our written iPhone SE (2022) review by Christine Romero-Chan, you may not have caught our video edition from Tshaka Armstrong!

Watch as Tshaka breaks down the iPhone SE’s camera, does a battery life test, runs you through day-to-day usage of the phone, deep dives Deep Fusion and Smart HDR 4, and takes you through cool new features like Live Text. There’s even a look at gaming on the iPhone SE!

The verdict?

There’s a lot going on in the world, so for many people, a touch of the familiar is a welcome part of their day. The iPhone SE is just that. It keeps Touch ID, and many things iPhone users love like its small size while adding some new tricks.

While it does have a more dated design, the iPhone SE remains the best iPhone for those on a budget, especially folks who just want to pick up an iPhone and use it until it doesn’t work anymore. It definitely isn’t for serial upgrades or those who want Apple’s very best camera and display technology, or for those who have moved on from the world of Touch ID.

Bottom line: For what it’s worth, the iPhone SE (2022) is a fantastic value if you’re willing to make some sacrifices in features.

From $429 at Apple
From $429 at Amazon
From $429 at Mint Mobile

Poll: Do you use dual apps on your phone?

Credit: Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Dual app functionality has been around on smartphones for several years now, first appearing in Huawei and Xiaomi‘s Android skins back in 2016. It’s become a fixture on plenty of Android skins since then, being called Dual Apps, App Twin, Parallel Apps, Dual Messenger, or something different altogether.

In addition to Huawei and Xiaomi, the feature is available on phones from Samsung, OnePlus, and more brands. But do you use dual apps on your phone? Let us know by taking the poll below.

How to measure heart rate on your smartwatch

The Apple Watch has several heart-related health features. | Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Modern smartwatches have a wide array of heart-rate monitoring features. That includes passive all-day monitoring as well as spot checks for specific metrics. Some will even alert you if your heart rate suddenly spikes when it shouldn’t. The most advanced devices also have FDA-cleared electrocardiograms that may help detect atrial fibrillation.

These are impressive features considering that, just a decade ago, smartwatches were basically pedometers. In practice, heart rate monitoring can be a helpful tool for people hoping to understand more about their bodies or measure their fitness progress over time. For instance, some athletes prefer to train in heart rate zones — which is hard to do unless you can check it in real time. There have…

Continue reading…

Why Get CNN for Free When You Can Pay for CNN+

Plus: A conversation with Ted Turner, an army of hackers, and Russia’s killer drones.

Here’s how to to rearrange, force quit, and delete apps on your Apple TV

Learn how to customize your Apple TV Home screen, quit bothersome apps, delete apps and games you no longer need, and more.

The Apple TV offers a plethora of third-party apps and games via its App Store in addition to the Apple-made apps that come pre-installed. With hundreds of apps available, you’re going to want some way to organize them — and delete the ones that take up too much space.

Apple TV apps:

Rearrange apps on Apple TV
Force quit an app on Apple TV
View how much storage space an Apple TV app is using
Delete an app on Apple TV

Fortunately, it’s easy to do exactly that once you know how. Here’s how to rearrange, force quit, and delete apps on Apple TV.

How to rearrange apps on Apple TV

Getting your Apple TV Home screen just right can take a bit of time, but it beats searching through tons of icons to find the right app each and every time you want to open it.

Navigate to the icon of the app you want to move by swiping.

Press and hold the clickpad center (second-generation Siri Remote) or touch surface (first-generation Siri Remote) until the app starts to jiggle.

Drag the app icon to a new location on the screen.

You can also drag the icon and hover it over another app icon to create a folder.

When you’re happy with its new location, click the clickpad center or touchpad again to save your changes.

How to force quit an app on Apple TV

If an app has crashed, frozen, or otherwise started to act up, you can force quit it much like you would on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how.

Double-click the TV button.

In the app-switching view, navigate to the app you wish to quit by swiping left or right.

Swipe up on the clickpad or touchpad surface to quit the app by throwing it up off-screen.
Click the < or MENU to exit the app-switcher view.

Check how much storage space an Apple TV app is taking up

If you’re running low on Apple TV storage, you can easily check which apps are hogging all the space and offload those you no longer need. Just follow the below steps.

Open the Settings app.

Click on General.

Scroll down and click on Manage Storage.

Here you can view all the apps you currently have installed, sorted by most storage used to least storage used. You can also delete any app from this screen by clicking on the Trash icon.

How to delete an app on Apple TV

As well as using the aforementioned Trash icon, there’s an even more convenient way to delete an app right from your Apple TV Home screen.

Navigate to the icon of the app you want to delete by swiping.
Press and hold the clickpad center (second-generation Siri Remote) or touch surface (first-generation Siri Remote) until the app starts to jiggle.

Press the Play/Pause button.

Click Delete.
Click Delete once again to confirm.

Customize your experience

As you can see, there are some simple steps you can take to customize your Apple TV Home screen experience, quit a troublesome app, or delete apps and games you no longer need.

Better yet, with One Home Screen, you can have all of the Apple TVs in your house display the same apps and games automatically so you don’t have to make manual changes for the best Apple TV experience everywhere.

Updated March 2022: Updated for tvOS 15.

Not Saying Anything Is Still an Option

Social media all but demands people have hot takes. That doesn’t mean they need to share them.

Is There an Optimal Driving Speed that Saves Gas—and Money?

Gasoline prices are over $4 a gallon at the pump. If you want to save some cash on your commute, maybe you need to slow down.

Beats launches the ‘Cosmophones’ Studio3 Wireless headphones

What you need to know

Beats has launched its latest collaboration for its Studio3 Wireless headphones.
The company partnered with Kerwin Frost with a new design called “Cosmophones.”
The new design is available now at Kerwin’s Store and SSENSE.

Kerwin Frost has made his mark on Beats.

Beats has launched its latest collaboration with its Studio3 Wireless headphones.

The “Cosmophones” edition of the Studio3 Wireless headphones, which were designed by entertainer Kerwin Frost, are now available to purchase. If you haven’t seen the announcement video for the latest collaboration, you can check it out below:

It’s Kerwin Frost’s world and we’re just living in it 🌎🎧 Designed to reflect the entertainer’s out-of-this-world aesthetic, the ‘Cosmophones’ are here to blast your listening experience into another stratosphere.

The headphones feature a blue finish with colorful stars that are wrapped around the headphones. They also feature the planets of Saturn and Earth on the opposite earcup around the Beats logo.

To celebrate the launch of the new headphones, Frost will promote some music that inspired the design on his Apple Music radio show Kerwin Frost Radio on Sunday.

The Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones feature an over-the-ear design with active noise cancellation to block out external noise. It packs 22 hours of listening time that can be boosted to 40 hours if noise cancellation is turned off as well as the Fast Fuel technology, which provides 3 hours of playback on a 10-minute charge.

The headphones also feature Apple’s W1 chip which makes pairing with Apple devices the same, simple experience you get with the company’s self-branded AirPods. It also enables Siri, which can be activated by pressing on the Beats logo on the side of the headphones.

The “Cosmophones” Beats Studio3 wireless headphones are available now for purchase. The headphones are currently available at Kerwin’s Store and SSENSE.

Sources: the UK government has quietly approved the sale of Welsh semiconductor factory Newport Wafer Fab to the Dutch subsidiary of China’s Wingtech (Eleni Courea/Politico)

Eleni Courea / Politico:
Sources: the UK government has quietly approved the sale of Welsh semiconductor factory Newport Wafer Fab to the Dutch subsidiary of China’s Wingtech  —  LONDON — The U.K. government has quietly approved the controversial sale of a Welsh microchip factory to a Chinese-owned firm.

A dozen current and former employees at Undead Labs, the Xbox studio behind State of Decay 3, describe sexism, mismanagement, and a toxic workplace culture (Ethan Gach/Kotaku)

Ethan Gach / Kotaku:
A dozen current and former employees at Undead Labs, the Xbox studio behind State of Decay 3, describe sexism, mismanagement, and a toxic workplace culture  —  Staff say Undead Labs’ transition to Xbox studio was hampered by toxic workplace conditions and lack of direction

Kuo: Apple ‘actively testing’ 9-inch foldable device, predicts 2025 launch

“I predict Apple may launch its first foldable product in 2025 at the earliest, which may be a foldable iPad or a hybrid of iPad & iPhone.”

What you need to know

A new report claims Apple is “actively testing” a 9-inch foldable device.
Ming-Chi Kuo says the device is being tested “to verify key technologies” and may not be the final product spec.
He further predicts that Apple will release a foldable iPhone in 2025 “at the earliest.”

Apple is reportedly testing a 9-inch foldable device according to one supply chain insider, who predicts the device could launch in 2025 “at the earliest.”

In response to Friday reports that Apple is collaborating with LG on new foldable OLED displays, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a highly-renowned leaker of accurate information about Apple’s future plans, states that the company is “actively testing a 9-inch foldable device.

Taking to Twitter Kuo stated:

I think the priority order of sizes of Apple foldable product development is medium, large, & small. Apple is actively testing foldable OLED about 9″ (PPI between iPhone & iPad, adoption of TDDI). The test is to verify key technologies and may not be the final product spec.

Kuo notes the testing device is for the purpose of ensuring the technology works, so many not be the final product spec. Kuo further speculates that he thinks the order of priority for Apple’s foldable development schedule is “medium, large & small.” Kuo says the new device will adopt an integrated Touch and Display screen (TDDI).

He went on to say that it was clear he needed to revise a prediction he had made stating that Apple could launch a foldable in 2024, stating that 2025 now appears to be a more realistic goal:

I expected Apple to launch a foldable iPhone as soon as 2024 in my reports last year, but now it’s clear this prediction needs to be revised. I predict Apple may launch its first foldable product in 2025 at the earliest, which may be a foldable iPad or a hybrid of iPad & iPhone.

As noted, he now predicts that this device isn’t going to launch until 2025, and may be either a foldable iPad or a foldable iPad/iPhone hybrid.

We have heard multiple previous reports that Apple is working on folding devices, including a new iPhone. Ross Young stated in February that DSCC had also delayed its expectations of a foldable iPhone to 2025:

We delayed our expectations for Apple entering the foldable smartphone market by two years to 2025 after discussions with our supply chain contacts. The company does not appear to be in a hurry to enter the foldable smartphone market, and it may even take longer than that.

Apple is expected to replace its current best iPhone, the iPhone 13, with a new model later this year that will be decidedly not foldable, sporting a better processor and camera upgrades compared to the previous model.