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TikTok plans to spend €12B over 10 years in Europe, including on three data centers and a security audit, as the company begins work on its Norway data center (Paul Sawers/TechCrunch) November 30, 2023

Paul Sawers / TechCrunch: TikTok plans to spend €12B over 10 years in Europe, including on three data centers and a security audit, as the company begins work on its Norway data center  —  TikTok says it will spend €12 billion as part of an ongoing push to ingratiate itself with European regulators …

Retro 'Stranger Things' news report on Barb's disappearance – CNET

This archival newsreel from 5 WIYZ TV anchor Brenda Wood asks for viewer help in finding poor missing Barb and that mysterious grocery store waffle bandit.
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Here's what happens when Obama gives up his Twitter account – CNET

The White House has a digital transition plan for @POTUS’ social media accounts when he leaves office.
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Two women just changed pro wrestling forever – CNET

Commentary: Sasha Banks and Charlotte were the main event of a WWE pay-per-view — something no one thought could happen just a few years ago.
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Microsoft not happy with Google disclosing major Windows bug – CNET

Web giant says no fix or advisory has been issued even though it reported the flaw 10 days ago.
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Obama administration launches semiconductor study group – CNET

Group of industry veterans will focus on ways to strengthen the US industry, especially for nation’s economic and security interests.
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Google clashes with Microsoft over Windows flaw disclosure

Google and Microsoft are butting heads over the disclosure of vulnerabilities. On Monday, Google revealed a critical flaw in Windows after it gave Microsoft a ten-day window to warn the public about it.

Google posted about the zero-day vulnerability on its security blog, saying Microsoft had yet to publish a fix or issue an advisory about the software flaw.

“This vulnerability is particularly serious because we know it is being actively exploited,” Google said. It lets hackers exploit a bug in the Windows kernel, via a win32k.sys system call, to bypass the security sandbox.

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Discriminated against by an Uber driver? Study says you're not alone – CNET

Black passengers using ride-hailing apps reportedly have longer wait times and more canceled rides than white passengers.
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Why your Facebook friends are checking in at Standing Rock – CNET

Messages on the social network appear to be part of an effort to confuse law enforcement officials.
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Apple leads in tumbling market for tablets – CNET

The tech giant still saw a decline in shipments, mirroring lower demand for tablets worldwide, says research firm IDC.
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Watch the moon shadow the sun with an eclipse seen from space – CNET

Get on board with the Solar Dynamics Observatory for a close look at a spectacular partial solar eclipse.
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'The Walking Dead' nails how a 'zombie virus' could spread – CNET

For some fun, researchers at Argonne National Laboratory run a computer model to see how quickly Chicago residents would join the legions of undead.
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No typo here: Hashtag #HillaryForPrision is trending on Twitter – CNET

Supporters of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump apparently create a misspelled hashtag to possibly avoid censorship by the social network.
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Peter Thiel's Trump endorsement streams on YouTube – CNET

The Facebook board member and venture capitalist defends his political endorsement in an interview at the National Press Club.
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GIF this: Giphy now valued at $600 million – CNET

Popular search engine reportedly raises an additional $72 million in funding after recently announcing its GIFs are seen by more than 100 million people daily.
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What's scarier than death? 'Life,' maybe – CNET

The film doesn’t exactly look like anything new, but first contact and getting killed in space is always a bundle of joy.
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The Fisker EMotion promises 400 miles of EV range, mid-2017 arrival – Roadshow

The name is clever in a dad-joke sort of way.
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Stand down: Samsung's new speaker isn't an Echo competitor – CNET

Samsung announces a new line of speakers, chargers, headphones, and LED lights. But there’s no voice-activated assistant, as expected.
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Little girl poses as superhero for school picture – CNET

A 3-year-old girl, allowed to pick out her own clothes, dons a Supergirl costume and holds her Superman doll for the annual ritual.
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Doctor Strange meets his doggie double – CNET

Benedict Cumberbatch introduces Doctor Strange Pug and other dogs dressed as Marvel superheroes.
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Modders, rejoice: It's legal to tweak your car's software now – Roadshow

The DMCA exemptions were announced in 2015, but they took a whole year to go into effect.
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Microsoft to release version 2 of its Open Compute Project server design

Microsoft’s Project Olympus is its updated datacenter server design that the company will contribute as open source to the Open Compute Project.
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Aston Martin's preowned program is fancier than most new car purchases – Roadshow

The new scheme, called Timeless, covers everything from the “mundane” to the truly exotic.
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Trump claims Google, Facebook, Twitter hid Clinton email news – CNET

Technically Incorrect: In an assertion not linked to evidence, the Republican nominee suggests that social media companies are in on a fix against him.
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Facebook tried to buy Snow, an Asian version of Snapchat – CNET

Mark Zuckerberg reportedly tried to acquire the messaging app this summer.
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Microsoft VR headset details to be revealed at December event – CNET

You caught a glimpse of the headsets during the Windows 10 event in New York last week. You’ll find out more in a matter of weeks.
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