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In a letter to TikTok, Senators Blackburn and Blumenthal ask about executives who transferred from ByteDance to TikTok in the US despite “its independence” (Georgia Wells/Wall Street Journal) October 3, 2023

Georgia Wells / Wall Street Journal: In a letter to TikTok, Senators Blackburn and Blumenthal ask about executives who transferred from ByteDance to TikTok in the US despite “its independence”  —  In a letter to TikTok, Sens. Marsha Blackburn and Richard Blumenthal seek information about ties to parent company

Fitbit said to be buying smartwatch maker Pebble – CNET

Deal to acquire troubled Pebble said to be for a “small amount,” The Intercept reports.
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​Samsung works with Australian carriers to cut Note 7 network access – CNET

Samsung is desperate to get the faulty phones out of customers’ hands, and to do so it’s willing to make seemingly functional Note 7 devices useless.
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Coinbase ordered to turn over customers' records to IRS – CNET

Federal judge grants request for “John Doe” summons, demanding three years of customer records from the bitcoin exchange.
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12 funny things that we're fascinated by on Twitter – CNET

Social Studies: Today’s hashtag game from Twitter ended up having people contemplating what they find interesting. Some of the answers were serious, but there were also plenty of jokes.
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Reddit aims to 'heal' amid comment-editing scandal – CNET

The social-networking site is targeting a community of Donald Trump supporters as part of a crackdown on abusive behavior on the site.
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Beyonce gives YouTube another splash of 'Lemonade' – CNET

“All Night” is the latest song from Beyonce’s visual album to land as a standalone video on YouTube.
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iPhone 7 tops holiday wishlist – CNET

According to a new survey, the iPhone ranks as the most wanted gift of 2016.
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​Happy holiday shopping! Now here's your SSD price increase – CNET

With flash chip supplies tight, you won’t get as many gigabytes for your money when buying a new PC, analyst firms say.
Source: CNet, still kicking, open sources self-driving cars – Roadshow

The self-driving car startup has released its software platform and plans for a hardware module, the Comma Neo, freely to the public.
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7 reasons 'Rogue One' stands out in the Star Wars saga – CNET

Commentary: The upcoming Star Wars movie appears to have it all: a female lead, a diverse cast, Darth Vader, the Death Star origin story and a mysterious new robot.
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13 aerial shots on Instagram that will make you want a drone – CNET

Social Studies: Drones make it possible to take breath-taking shots. Here are some stunning views from drone photographers on Instagram.
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Netflix finds even more ways to waste our time (The 3:59, Ep. 146) – CNET

Plus we talk about Facebook’s arcade and a digital pill that can make flights easier.
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EPA to maintain 2025 emissions goals…for now – Roadshow

Something tells me that may change with the next administration, though.
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Google accounts hit with malware — a million and growing – CNET

Security firm Check Point says a Trojan horse campaign called Gooligan is striking 13,000 new Google accounts every day.
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Android malware steals access to more than 1 million Google accounts

A new Android malware has managed to steal access to more than 1 million Google accounts, and it continues to infect new devices, according to security firm Checkpoint.

“We believe that it is the largest Google account breach to date,” the security firm said in a blog post.

The malware, called Gooligan, has been preying on devices running older versions of Android, from 4.1 to 5.1, which are still used widely, especially in Asia.

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GoPro lays off 200 people, shutters its aspiring media arm – CNET

The action-camera maker, struggling with weak sales, makes cuts to save more than $650 million in costs next year.
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Apple still loves U2, expands work with Bono's AIDS charity – CNET

Ahead of World AIDS Day, the gadget giant is decorating 400 stores with Red signs and donating part of its sales to the nonprofit
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Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient minivan ever – Roadshow

Then again, it’s also the first plug-in hybrid minivan, so it’s sort of expected.
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Here's the best gift for people who suck at cooking – CNET

We tested out a smart frying pan to see if it could teach a kitchen newbie how to cook.
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Shamoon: Back from the dead and destructive as ever

Malware hit targets in Saudi Arabia and was configured to wipe disks on November 17.

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Shamoon (W32.Disttrack), the aggressive disk-wiping malware which was used in attacks against the Saudi energy sector in 2012, has made a surprise comeback and was used in a fresh wave of attacks against targets in Saudi Arabia.

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Microsoft anoints Windows 10 Anniversary Update as 'Current Branch for Business'

Microsoft has designated the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, initially released in early August, as ready for business users to deploy en masse.
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Say cheese! Awkward Trump-Romney pic is perfect meme fodder – CNET

Social Cues: Also trending on social media are rising oil prices and fake Twitter awards.
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Netflix finally lets you download to stream offline – CNET

An update to its mobile apps will let you watch without a connection, but not every film and show in its catalog is included.
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The biggest challenge to diversifying tech talent – CNET

As the effort ages amid slow, but steady, progress, it needs to find ways to keep its momentum.
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Fight jet lag with the 'digital pill' that tells cabin crew what you need – CNET

Fasten your seatbelt, return your tray table to its full upright position, and swallow a sensor-packed smart pill for a smoother flight.
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