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Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max review: by the numbers September 23, 2023

Apple didn’t choose the USB-C life, but boy are we glad it got here anyway. Continue reading…

Unpacking PAX Australia 2016: Girt by CNET podcast 93 – CNET

The girt team were down in Melbourne for Australia’s biggest gaming convention last weekend. Here’s what they thought of the fourth annual PAX Australia.
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Huawei's P9 passes 9 million in sales – CNET

Just after showing off the Mate 9, the Chinese electronics giant revealed just how well the P9 has done.
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Cat or a dog? The internet's having trouble deciding – CNET

This furry French-Canadian friend has a motto: He’s hairy, not scary. But can you tell his species at a glance?
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AT&T's zero rating practice raises 'serious concerns,' says FCC – CNET

Subscribe to both AT&T and DirecTV? Then you can stream DirecTV without it counting against your monthly data. The FCC says this might not be fair though.
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WikiLeaks' raucous Reddit AMA lands on Trump, Assange – CNET

Redditors grill the document-dump site on the new US president-elect, ties to Russia and founder Julian Assange’s whereabouts.
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Snowden on Trump: 'A dark moment' but not the end – CNET

Addressing a crowd in the Netherlands, the former NSA contractor urges people to get political and address surveillance with tech.
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A Fractured House – CNET

For once we’ve both seen a movie before it leaves theaters! That’s right, it’s a spoiler-free discussion of the trippy new Marvel film “Doctor Strange.” Plus, a little Star Wars news, and who’s your favorite fictional President?
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The top Black Friday deals you can get at Best Buy – CNET

​Best Buy has posted a 48-page catalog detailing its Black Friday deals. Here are some that caught our eye.
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​It's official, US citizens look to flee to Canada after Trump win – CNET

The Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship website crashed on US election night and that’s because… America.
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What does a Trump presidency mean for tech? – CNET

It’s unclear what a Donald Trump’s presidency means for tech. Some say it might not be as bad you think. Others say his potential influence on the industry is “alarming.”
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​Google won't build ad-blocking feature into Chrome – CNET

It’s better to reform misbehaving, power-sucking ads than to block them, the head of engineering for Google’s browser says.
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Awww. Lonely mutant snail finds love with matchmaker's help – CNET

A one-in-a-million snail with a strange shell makes a romantic connection with the help of a determined scientist.
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Trump wins and superheroes are in shock – CNET

Technically Incorrect: A parody mashup video shows how Thor, Iron Man and friends can’t believe what’s happened.
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Black Friday deals start today at Best Buy – CNET

No need to wait in line. The electronics retailer is already offering deals on tablets, headphones and more.
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Fitbit CEO says no one's offered to buy the company – CNET

Contrary to an SEC filing from a supposed hedge fund in China, Fitbit’s James Park says no one has asked to buy the company.
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LG wallpaper OLED TV may arrive in 2017, leak reveals – CNET

The 1mm thin flexible TV may be coming to the market in 65- and 77-inch sizes. The leak also lists sizes and model numbers for LG’s other 2017 OLED TVs.
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Watch deviant drones take on seagulls, R2-D2, pizza delivery – CNET

Imagine a sky filled with flaming superheros, pooping seagulls, flying pinatas and airborne R2-D2s. These oddball drones are very real.
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Jeep unveils Renegade Deserthawk, Altitude ahead of Los Angeles – Roadshow

Credit where it’s due, Deserthawk is an awesome name.
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Microsoft to revamp its documentation for security patches

With the old method of patching now completely gone—October’s patchocalypse eliminated individual patches from every Windows version—Microsoft has announced that the documentation to accompany those patches is in for a significant change. Most notable, Security Bulletins will disappear, replaced by a lengthy list of patches and tools for slicing and dicing those lists.

Security Bulletins go back to June 1998, when Microsoft first released MS98-001. That and all subsequent bulletins referred to specific patches described in Knowledge Base articles. The KB articles, in turn, have detailed descriptions of the patches and lists of files changed by each patch. The Security Bulletins serve as an overview of all the KB patches associated with a specific security problem. Some Security Bulletins list dozens of KB patches, each for a specific version of Windows.

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Peter Thiel to enter Trump inner circle as tech adviser – CNET

Although an informal arrangement for now, Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel will have the incoming president’s ear.
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Ford's EcoSport looks like a Fiesta that's been stung by a bee – Roadshow

Busting out ahead of the LA Auto Show, the subcompact crossover should be taking the fight to the likes of the Honda HR-V and Toyota C-HR.
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You can buy Snapchat Spectacles today (if you're lucky) – CNET

Snapchat’s glasses will be sold through “Snapbot” vending machines.
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Porsche to bring base Panamera, Panamera Executive to LA Auto Show – Roadshow

Why it didn’t introduce the base Panamera first, I’ll never know.
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Apple CEO urges workers to 'move forward together' post-election – CNET

Tim Cook tells his staff in a memo that, in spite of the “strong feelings” that follow the election, the only option is to keep on keeping on.
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A Batmobile gadget, or the latest police chase technology? – CNET

With hundreds of deadly police chases every year, officers are turning to these crafty alternatives.
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