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Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max review: by the numbers September 23, 2023

Apple didn’t choose the USB-C life, but boy are we glad it got here anyway. Continue reading…

McDonald's Italy is now serving up a Nutella burger – CNET

Fans of the chocolate-hazelnut spread have declared the sandwich the best thing since sliced bread. We can feel the cavities forming from here.
Source: CNet

​Orwell: The surveillance game that puts you in Big Brother's shoes – CNET

If you see something, say something. Or in the case of Orwell, upload it permanently to a state surveillance machine and marvel at your terrifying power.
Source: CNet

Man started wildfire to get more Facebook views, police say – CNET

Technically Incorrect: In Kentucky, an aspiring weatherman is arrested for arson after allegedly finding a criminal way to get more social media fame.
Source: CNet

DVR deal: Channel Master 1TB Black Friday discount is already available – CNET

This is a great deal for cord cutters.
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Donald Trump slams Times for 'inaccurate coverage' – CNET

Technically Incorrect: This time the president-elect’s Twitter target is the New York Times, while an ‘SNL’ comedian offers a little realism.
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On 'SNL,' a somber Hillary Clinton refuses to give up – CNET

Technically Incorrect: A non-humorous opening to the show has already racked up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views.
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Trump says he intends to be 'very restrained' on Twitter – CNET

The president-elect tells “60 Minutes” he intends to use the social network sparingly if at all.
Source: CNet

Hack reportedly exposes 412M FriendFinder Networks accounts – CNET

Breach included more than 339 million accounts from swinger site AdultFriendFinder, according to LeakedSource.
Source: CNet

What's new in iOS 10.2? – CNET

The best new features coming to your iPhone and iPad in December with Apple’s latest iOS update in December.
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