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Artifact will let you generate images with AI for your posts October 4, 2023

Image: Artifact Just one week after adding the ability to post, Artifact announced on Wednesday that users can now use AI to generate cover art for their content. The company says the feature will add “eye-catching images” that’ll help users better tell their stories. Up until recently, Artifact was an AI-powered news app from Instagram’s […]

Lamborghini Huracan RWD Spyder can walk on water – Roadshow

Lamborghini has a new Huracan, and with this one, less is more.
Source: CNet

Apple's peach emoji looks like a butt again, world rejoices – CNET

iOS 10.2 originally took away the butt-shaped peach emoji — but Apple is now proving to be a company that cares.
Source: CNet

Uber execs are really nasty, says Lyft – CNET

Technically Incorrect: In a new ad campaign, Lyft paints Uber’s senior management as slick, unpleasant oafs.
Source: CNet

Space station caught eclipsing supermoon – CNET

The moon is as big and bright as the International Space Station is small and fast, but that didn’t stop one ambitious photographer from capturing both.
Source: CNet

Oreo heard you like Oreo, so they stuffed candy bars with Oreos – CNET

You can buy one variety of the chunky, chocolate-and-cream filled bars now. Two other treats are waiting till January, to lay waste to our New Year’s diets.
Source: CNet

Tech's gender pay gap wider than many US sectors, study finds – CNET

Twelve of the 16 most popular tech jobs had pay gaps above the adjusted national average, Glassdoor found.
Source: CNet

Ask Alexa for the value of pi (if you have time to kill) – CNET

Get comfortable. Amazon’s Alexa assistant gives a long-winded, not entirely literal answer when you request the value of pi.
Source: CNet

12 awesome drone-photography shots on Instagram – CNET

Social Studies: Instagram has great stuff beyond your regular feed if you know where to look. I hunted for drone photography and wasn’t disappointed.
Source: CNet

15 tweets to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the Xbox – CNET

Social Studies: Microsoft launched the Xbox on November 15, 2001, and the rest is console gaming history.
Source: CNet

Is the New MacBook Pro's Touch Bar revolutionary? (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast) – CNET

Bonus content! We talk to CNET’s Dan Ackerman, the author of CNET’s full review of the new MacBook Pro.
Source: CNet

Alaska Air flight uses trees for fuel – CNET

The airline makes a “new sustainable alternative jet fuel” from limbs, stumps and branches left over after a timber harvest in the Pacific Northwest.
Source: CNet

Google Translate just got a lot smarter – CNET

The search giant says it’s made a “leap” in giving you more natural translations.
Source: CNet

Google PhotoScan saves irreplaceable photos in four snaps – CNET

A new app linked to Google Photos turns your phone into a scanner, preserving print images digitally without removing them from an album or frame.
Source: CNet

Report: Backdoor access in the Blu R1 HD and other phones sent data to China

Some Blu smartphone owners got a hidden feature they weren’t quite expecting.

It turned out software from a Chinese company was transmitting all of their text messages and other data to China every 72 hours. The vulnerability was discovered by a Kryptowire, an American enterprise security firm.

According to a New York Times report it wasn’t clear if the information went beyond the recipient of Shanghai Adups Technology Company, but it impacted Blu R1 HD and other phones.

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Source: Security

Microsoft won't provide extended support for Office 2007 products beyond October 2017 deadline

IT administrators take note: Microsoft’s Office 2007/Exchange 2007 wave of client and server software is set to exit support in October 2017, and extended custom support agreements are going away.
Source: Microsoft

Don't click on this — it's a fake story! (The 3:59, Ep. 141) – CNET

We talk about the trend of bogus articles on Facebook and Google as well as Twitter trolls and Amazon counterfeits.
Source: CNet

Popular low-cost Android phones have been collecting user data without permission – CNET

Personal data from phones, including several models from Blu, may have transmitting personally identifiable data to a server in Shanghai.
Source: CNet

Volkswagen to buy back or fix beleaguered 3.0-liter diesels: Report – Roadshow

It’s likely to follow the same process as the 2.0-liter diesels, which fall under a similar settlement.
Source: CNet

Super Mario Run hits iOS on December 15 – CNET

The highly anticipated iPhone and iPad game will offer limited, free content. It will cost you $10 to unlock the full experience.
Source: CNet

Twitter finds new ways to put hate speech on mute – CNET

The social media gives its users more tools to combat abuse, bullying and harassment.
Source: CNet

Microsoft releases preview of its Azure cloud bot-as-a-service

Microsoft is making a preview available of its Azure cloud bot-as-a-service, which is built on top of Azure Functions serverless compute capability.
Source: Microsoft

Does the internet have a fake-news problem? – CNET

Facebook and Google, two of the world’s most powerful internet giants, have taken a hit over fake news. That could mean some soul-searching is in order.
Source: CNet

What to expect in 2017, according to Twitter – CNET

Social Cues: Trends on social media include the sexiest man alive and yet another viral challenge.
Source: CNet

NBA star Stephen Curry gets a little 'CoachUp' in funny video – CNET

Golden State Warriors star is offered coaching advice in humorous spot promoting online coaching site.
Source: CNet

Tinder gets transgender friendly with a massive update – CNET

The dating app used to only have two choices for genders. Its update now gives users more than 35 options.
Source: CNet