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CrowdStrike reports Q3 revenue up 35% YoY to $786M, vs. $777M est., ARR up 35% YoY to $3.15B, and net income of $26.7M, vs. a net loss of $55M a year ago (Emily Bary/MarketWatch) November 28, 2023

Emily Bary / MarketWatch: CrowdStrike reports Q3 revenue up 35% YoY to $786M, vs. $777M est., ARR up 35% YoY to $3.15B, and net income of $26.7M, vs. a net loss of $55M a year ago  —  CEO calls out ‘increased win rates and record pipeline’  —  CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. exceeded expectations with its latest […]

Barnes & Noble recalls shocking Nook 7 chargers – CNET

The casing on the tablet’s power adapter is faulty, posing an electrical shock risk.
Source: CNet

EEG cap allows completely paralysed patients to communicate – CNET

A non-invasive brain-computer interface has allowed a number of locked-in people to communicate with the outside world. They say they’re happy.
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Tom Brady wants his nickels back in 'Bad Lip Reading' video – CNET

Kick off your prep for Sunday’s Super Bowl with a look at what NFL players were saying — or singing — on the gridiron this season.
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Finally, a reason to dust off your… Famicom Disk System? – CNET

Nintendo’s Famicom Disk System was released in 1986 in Japan and hasn’t had anything developed for it in over 20 years. Until now.
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Ex-Twitter CEO apologizes (again) for site's online abuse – CNET

Dick Costolo says he’s sorry for not doing enough to curb social network’s bullying and trolling.
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Asteroid attack? Astronomers ponder fourth close pass of 2017 – CNET

Yet another space rock is set to give Earth a close shave. We ask a professional sky watcher if we should be freaking out just yet.
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No one needs bodyguards less than 'Aquaman' Jason Momoa – CNET

A amusing photo of the “Game of Thrones” and “Aquaman” star inspires a Khal Drogo-sized meme.
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Why 'Resident Evil' crushes every other video game movie – CNET

Star Milla Jovovich and writer/director Paul WS Anderson reveal the secrets to turning a video game monster mashup into a billion dollar franchise.
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​FAA: Keep your drone far, far away from the Super Bowl – CNET

The government doesn’t just want to avoid an errant drone falling on the crowd at the football championship. It’s grounding the aircraft for miles around.
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Oculus loses big, jury awards $500 million to ZeniMax – CNET

ZeniMax Media said Oculus VR infringed on its technology while developing its industry-leading goggles. A jury agreed.
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​Apple reportedly designing its own chip for Mac laptops – CNET

That could translate to a battery life boost and also mean the brains of your MacBook could start looking a lot more like the brains of your iPhone or iPad.
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No faking it, Facebook rakes it in – CNET

The social network crushes fourth-quarter earnings expectations even as it continues to grapple with fake news.
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Microsoft's latest Windows 10 Creators Update test build has lots of fixes for PC users

Microsoft pushes more bug fixes and fairly minor updates to Windows 10 Fast Ring Insiders with PC test build 15025.
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Beyonce's big baby announcement sends Twitter into a tizzy – CNET

The pop icon and husband Jay-Z shared some big news on Instagram Wednesday, and social media celebrated with a GIF-storm.
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Your e-books are about to get a big IQ boost – CNET

Get ready for video, hyperlinks and interactive quizzes, all neatly packed on your tablet or laptop, as web and e-book tech groups get on the same page.
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Tesla is now testing autonomous vehicles on public California roads – Roadshow

Unlike Uber, it appears Tesla followed all the rules before getting started.
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Jon Stewart trashes Trump, with a 'Star Wars' reference – CNET

Commentary: The comedian insists the president is exhausting the people by creating “savage, purposeful, vindictive chaos.” He worries Trump will go full Palpatine.
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'Powerless' mixes superheroes, startups and texts from Batman – CNET

DC comics get the comic treatment in this new superpowered workplace sitcom.
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GitLab database goes out after spam attack

Code-hosting site GitLab has suffered an outage after sustaining a “serious” incident on Tuesday with one of its databases that has required emergency maintenance.

The company today said it lost six hours of database data, including issues, merge requests, users, comments, and snippets, for and was in the process restoring data from a backup. Data was accidentally deleted, according to a Twitter message.

“Losing production data is unacceptable, and in a few days we’ll post the five whys of why this happened and a list of measures we will implement,” GitLab said in a bulletin this morning. repositories and self-hosted installations were unaffected.

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Nintendo taps Super Bowl to drum up Switch hype – CNET

Nintendo’s leaving nothing to chance with its commercial, which features a new song by Imagine Dragons.
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Facebook video could be coming to a television near you – CNET

The social-media company might be working on an app that would bring video right to your living room.
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Stunning image of the Cat's Paw Nebula isn't fuzzy at all – CNET

One of the largest images ever released by the European Southern Observatory lets you explore the Cat’s Paw and Lobster nebulae in detail.
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Inside CNET: This *is* the app you were looking for – CNET

Our Tech Today app is now on Android. Download or do not download. There is no try.
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Trump Draws parody account mocks president's art skills – CNET

The president may want to think twice about showing off signed paperwork, thanks to a new account on Twitter that Photoshops in child-like drawings.
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Black History Month gets a warm welcome on Twitter – CNET

Social Cues: Also trending on social media is Lauryn Hill no-showing a concert.
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