What you need to know

Braxley Bands are Apple Watch bands that come in all the different colors and patterns you never knew you wanted.
Each band is made from ‘Relastic Fabric’ and is washable, comfortable, and stretchy.

Want a watch band that reminds you of a pina colada? You got it.

With the impending Apple Watch Series 7 release everyone is already planning which bands they’re going to wear when their new purchase arrives. Apple sells some of the best Apple Watch bands around, but they can be a bit … boring. That’s very much not the case with Braxley Bands.

Created from something called Relastic Fabric, I’m told the bands are stretchy and comfortable while also giving wearers a snug fit. Three different band sizes are offered to ensure that’s the case with a size guide provided so you can make sure you pick the one that’s best for you.

While the fit sounds great, where things get really interesting is the sheer number of colors and patterns on offer. Way, way more than any other band I’ve seen. Just look at them all!

Priced at $32 each these bands aren’t likely to break the bank and reviews appear to be stellar to say the least. What’s more, these bands have a superpower — they can plant trees!

Every watch band sold results in a tree being planted thanks to a partnership with Trees for the Future. It just keeps getting better!

If you’re picking up a new Apple Watch and don’t know which band to get, I suggest getting any old band and checking these folks out instead!